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  Festival of knowledge

By:Lucas Norman

This is the festival of knowledge. This festival is to celebrate all of the knowledge they have gained and to celebrate all the univerities and inventions that we have made over the years. we will celebrate all the ways we have evolved and how we created our own literature.




Handi kheer: $1.00


Bessan laddu: $2.00


Zeera rice: $1.00


Smoothies: $5.00


Water: $2.00


We are also selling these clay, painted animal souvenirs

Last but not least we are selling these art jewelry peices for you to have

For sale at our fesival we have some ancient coins used as currency.

Metalwork- this workshop will allow you to see how they made everything with metal and you may be lucky enough to bring home a peice of jewelry or something cool.



Painting- this painting workshop will allow you to get a painting of you or anything, but watch out for those prices.


Sculpture- this scuplture workshop will allow you to get a sculpture of anything on the list of items that the sculpter has put out.



Trade- well you should know what this is. this is where all of our souvenirs will be and you can find them all over the festival


Battle of the mathmaticians- this game will be a contest to see who can solve a math problem first and the math problems are extremely complicated to show how far we have come in math.


Musicals/plays- we will have many musicals and plays at our festival to show our great literature skills.


Bottle toss/horse race- in these games you will have to throw a ring on to a bottle and also you can choose to play a race the horses game with your friends.



Prizes- the prizes for winning the games will range from a plush to free food you can even get some souvenirs.