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...the only University of its kind... Swank's Pocket Playbook, a play by play guide to the SwankLIFE! OUR MISSION To bring together all of those who have a desire to live a healthful, spirited and positive mindset. To learn the most coveted dance in the world. To bring people to a safe environment, free of judgement, with the common goal of becoming healthier through burning calories and invigorating the spirit... all while learning to appreciate and share an amazing partner dance, fusing West Coast Swing and Fitness!! Promoting the SwankLIFE!! OUR VISION We are one company, one team with one purpose; to provide a superior dance-fitness program that embraces people around the globe!

  W E L C O M E


to expose one of the greatest partner dances in the world, West Coast Swing; to make it easy to learn; to make fitness more than just burning calories; give them something amazing without them even realizing it.. turn this into something much bigger… 



We are one company, one team with one purpose ~ to provide a superior dance-fitness program that embraces people around the globe and “gifts” them the miracle of partner dancing!

Hi You,

My name is Kellese Key, the creator of Swank Dance Fitness, and I am thrilled to welcome you to our Swank Family!!!

The dances inspiring Swank are called West Coast Swing and Carolina Shag.  In 1997, the fusion was labeled SWAG [SWing + shAG] and quickly become the International Favorite!!! Notorious for being the “Most Addictive” partner dance out there and yet, also has a reputation for being one of the hardest to master.. NOT WITH SWANK!!!


We will take you back to the fundamentals and give you a friendly  “reminder”.. “refresher”..  of when we were kids....  Using repetition as our friend, I’ve created a format to be used as a workout.  Finally, a fun way to stay in shape while learning the best partner dance on earth!  Guys have their own part!!  Girls can be girls!!  

Now stand in front of each other and watch the magic unfold!!!!


There are no words to express my joy and gratitude that you are here today learning this new fusion!  I truly believe that Swank Dance Fitness provides a FUN means to staying in shape, while "gifting" to others the incredible hobby of West Coast Swing.  Please accept my most enthusiastic welcome to the Greatest Dance Fitness Program ever!



   9:00a  Pre-Registered Sign-In

   9:15a  Introduction / Mission / Vision 

               Entree SwankOUT [60 minutes]

  10:30a Welcome to SU

               About our Founder

               What is Swank?

               The Swank Keys

               The Workout / The Formulas

  11:30a  Learn The Moves  

    1:30p  BREAK

    2:30p  SwankSHOP vs SwankOUT

                SwankDANCE vs SwankFIT

                The Music / Swankilations

                The Elements

                Swankography Tips

    3:30p  SwankDANCE-

                 Build a Swank Combo 


                 Build a 1-2 element combo for

                 a SwankOUT 

              "The Art of the Call"         

    6:00p  Building Swank Classes

    6:30p  Q&A


    New CREW to Create Individual Combos



  10:00a  What it means to be SWANK CREW

                CREW Benefits

                The CREW & The Assist

                Traveling Crew & The Assist

                Member Zone / Member Beneifits

                Earning Potential

                Earning your SU Degree / Criteria

                Swank Gives Back

                Your CREW KIT

                Swank Gear

                Swank DO's & DON'Ts

                IMPORTANT Partnering Message

                Swank YOUth

                Where is Swank headed? 



  11:00a  Review for Swank Exam - Q&A             

  11:30a  Crew Pictures / Crew Practice Time..

  12:30p  30 minute LUNCH

    1:00p  QUALIFIER (brings snacks)

                 Swank Combo Recording

                 with On The Spot Grading and

                 Private Critique / LIVE Testimonies

                                                                                                           2017 1st edition

Welcome to Swank University



Welcome and Congratulations on your brilliant decision to start living the SwankLIFE.  You truly can create the life you've always dreamed of, and you won't do it alone.  We've created a fail-proof program designed to get you Swanking quickly for yourself, and then promptly sharing the gift of Swank with others.  You're on your way to a fun and healthy life, leading to the financial freedoms you've always wanted!


Obviously, the first step is earning your Swank Degree, which you're already on your way to achieving!

Next, there are two ways to participate in Swank: 


    1.  The Swank DVD's for those who prefer to learn on their own, in the privacy of their own home or,   


    2.   Swank CLASSES [Fitness & Dance] for the social butterfly who chosses to mingle and meet new friends!



Kellese Key's resume is one millions can only dream about achieving!  She has danced all of her life, starting at the age of 2 with extensive training in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Clogging and Theatre.  Coming into the Swing Dance Scene in 1991, she quickly moved up the ranks, winning her first US Open title within 3 years.  Shortly after her first US Open title, she was honored with the Feather Award for Best Showcase Dancer, an award voted on by her peers and the general dance population.  In 1998, Kellese gave the Classic Division a go with her then husband, Brent Key.  They won, making Kellese Key the first female to ever win a title in both the Showcase and the Classic divisions at the prestigous US Open!

There is not enough paper to list all of Kellese's accomplishments but her highlights include:

10 Time US Open Champion
7 Time USA Grand National Champion
World Swing Dance Champion
2007 Impact Couple of the Year
Dallas Dance Hall of Fame

Kellese's passion for life and dance continues to infect dancers all across the globe!  Today, Kellese still actively competes, teaches, judges and performs all over the world and now begins her latest venture with Swank Dance Fitness, in an effort to combine fitnerss with the excitement of partner dancing!  She dedicates her journey to her parents!



                             WHAT IS SWANK?


[Kellese Key's way of teaching West Coast Swing]

                                                                                 "One Triple Step at a time..."


Swank starts off as an individual cardio dance-fitness workout, working it's way into a partner cardio dance workout, to ultimately come together as West Coast Swing!


Swank gives you the opportunity to do the workout on your own first... allowing you to gain confidence with the moves and with yourself!


When you feel ready, you simply STAND IN FRONT OF A PARTNER, of the opposite role and watch the "gift" unfold!!


Swank’s goal is to expose West Coast Swing, one of the world’s favored partner dances!


promote pairs...

for future potential partner dancing!
create different routines...

often... keeping it fresh and new!
wear swank gear...

along with dog tags...

showcase your license with pride!
offer class options...

keep it exciting... keep them coming back!




The Highest of Standards. 

Protecting our Brand is #1.
Swank has the right to revoke any license deemed necessary with or without warning!


Step 1 - ICE
ICE represents “Isolation”. In the DVD, you learn 26 basic body movements, isolating one at a time from your head to your feet. These ICE components are then “plugged into” the workout. You can switch all of the components around.. choose your favorite and “plug them in”!! The objective of ICE is to teach you body isolation, muscle memory and provide you with a foundation for all future movement.


Step 2 - RHYTHM
This set teaches you the basic rhythm foundation for West Coast Swing and Carolina Shag. In the DVD, you learn 14 different moves that will have you well on your way to dancing/burning those calories “one triple step at a time”! The objective of RHYTHM is to get you comfortable with “triple steps” of all variations. This will help Swank create an effortless transition into partner dancing!


Step 3 - BASICS
In this set, you are taught a modification of the Basics of West Coast Swing; Sugar Push, Tuck Turn, Side Pass, Basket and Whip through our Swank Formula. This portion does not have to be danced with a partner.. hence our catch phrase “Partner Desired, Not Required” ... however, this is the section of Swank that creates the partner dance unintentionally.  The objective of the Swank Basics is to have everyone “Getting Fit Together” while learning to “Partner Dance Together”.



~Walk the Basic out, taking 8 counts.

~Replace 3,4 with a 3&4, walk out the rest, taking 8 counts.

~Keep 3&4 and replace 5,6 with 5&6, add ICE for 7,8.




SwankSHOPS are geared towards “teaching” Swank and the formula... for the ultimate goal of being able to get through a combo and, if you have a partner, you will be West Coast Swing dancing in an hour!!  SwankSHOPS are classes, either locally or at events.


SwankOUTS are straight workouts

There are 3 different Options for your SwankOUT:

  10 min Swank DESSERT

  30 min Swank APPETIZER

  60 min Swank ENTREE


SwankOUTS can have:

Solo workouts; where everyone stands facing the mirror and does their own workout [traditional] 

Mixed workouts; everyone faces the mirror first and then repeat the workout facing each other, instead of the mirror [the Swankest way]

If no partner, you repeat again “Solo”... doubling your effort, intensifying your workout [secretly learning to partner dance].


SwankSHOP vs SwankOUT

SwankDANCE vs SwankFIT



Swank meets Fitness


Fitness is very different from Dance in their work ethic styles.  The members of a fitness center have different intentions when going to the gym.  Therefore, Swank intends to keep the adrenaline pumping in the Fitness Arena!


SwankFIT will use SwankSHOPS (workshops) in the fitness centers and schools to educate the members.  "Do a demo" Once educated, Swank will have "Solo" cardio classes, “His” and “Her” workouts and “Mixed” workouts running like all other fitness classes.


SwankDANCE will use a "1 Song Combo" and other Class styles in the Dance Studios.  This keeps the focus on the hidden "gift" of partner dancing!


SwankFIT focuses on the SKILL within the song.

SwankDANCE focuses on the Formula to create the miracle of West Coast Swing in the end.



The Music



Swank Dance Fitness has a "Formula" to their music...
A SwankOUT can be done to just about any genre of music... and we pride ourselves on this!!
Custom mixes are referred to as "Swankilations"






1-Song Combo

a combo using the formula, geared to reveal "West Coast Swing" in the end

Dessert or Late Night

a workout geared for practice - light cardio fun [10 minutes]


a workout geared for practice - medium cardio fun [30 minutes]


 a  workout geared for practice - a strong cardio [60 minutes]


SwankOUTs are designed to get faster as they go... The speed generally starts around 95-100 bpms and can get to a maximum speed of about 135 bpms before we then start slowing it down for a final cool down.



First, ask yourself, is this for SwankDANCE or SwankFIT?

If SwankDANCE,

Let the song tell you where the Elements go.  The Elements are:



If SwankFIT,

First, ask yourself, how long will the workout be?  [Dessert-10, Appetiser-30, Entree-60] Then, select the order that you would like the skill set to go in.

If a Dessert, the Elements are:


>Cool Down


If an Appetiser, the Elements could be:                  








>Cool Down


If an Entree, the Elements are the same, you just pick your favorite songs and decide which song is going to focus on "what skill"...




Each routine must provide ICE for teaching Body Isolation.  ICE is the foundation of movement.    “ICE are the simple movements required to shine”


Each routine must provide a RHYTHM section.  “The Rhythm is the cardio dance/workout”.  You can add your own style and moves as long as you keep them in the slot.  Forward and backward movement.


Each routine must provide one or more of the BASIC Partner Moves (depends on length of workout).   “The Basics not only provide a cardio workout, they also provide the gift of partner dancing”


Our O Crew mentors will  “pop in” occasionally to support and offer any assistance needed.  Never hesitate to contact The Crew for feedback or help.  We are a TEAM and Support each other 100%!

ROUTINE CRITERIA - The Elements cont'd


When choreographing your workouts, focus on the following:


  • Use music that inspires the masses.. change it up for everyone! 
  • Break the moves down to their most “basic” form... Walk the move out in “half time”, taking 2 beats for each 1 step.
  • Choreograph in “32 beat” Increments;  (4 counts of 8), unless Blues then 6 counts of 8)    
  • Make “His” & “Her” versions.. keep it exciting.  Have them do different “ICE”! 
  • Interpret the music.  We are a SLAVE to the music always!  
  • Add arms to increase heart rate! 
  • Go deeper into the movement to intensify the workout!
  • Combo the ICE, you have 2 beats for 7 and 8.  Ex: use shoulder for 7 and use head for 8 or pop your knee for 7 and use your chest for 8, etc..
  • Match SwankOUT to your supporters... Ex:  If you have a youthful class, use Top 40 or newer music to a Swank Entree or for a slightly more mature audience, maybe try Motown or Rhythm and Blues to a Swank Appetizer...


BuiLD a 


Swank Combo!



Swank FIT





Build one element of



 a SwankOUT!!!

Calling the moves with enough time for the students to follow is an “Art”.  It takes practice...


First, you must establish who will be the “leading partner”, known as the "pilot” (the partner responsible for starting the calls)  “The pilot” will describe the moves coming and set the pair of teachers up quickly.. Before a phrase starts.. (in the 3rd 8 count)

The “assisting partner”, known as the "co-pilot” (responsible for leading the other gender) 


When the Pilot calls out “a foot”, (ex: right, left, right, right, left.. whichever..)

The Co-Pilot needs to immediately follow with the opposing foot for that gender they are leading.


When the Pilot calls out “a direction” in which they are going, the Co-Pilot needs to immediately follow with the opposing direction.. etc...


You are a Team.. You are both leading separate groups TOGETHER.. You both need to be clear for your followers!


Take “2 sets” of 32 beat phrases to go through each move.  This lets the people know what you are doing.  (Ex: walk out the “rhythm of the basic” in place for 64 beats then add the walking forward/back for the next 64 beats..etc)

"The Art of the Call"

First, Swank has a Attitude...

"giving, loving, caring, inspiring, encouraging, positive, fun and healthy attitude"...

 Lead your students with that mentality.. 


Swank encourages you to start your classes off as DONATION ONLY!!  Let them know that you trust them to take care of the class and you, the instructors!  If this does not work in your area, then you determine the cost that will make you and Swank both successful!


We want all of the classes to follow our Theory and Formula but, we also want to let the instructors use their own Flavor!!  Swank is all about EVERYONE'S FLAVOR!!!  Here are some Swanky Ideas:



Teach Swank one section at a time.


week 1 - ICE class

week 2 - RHYTHM class

week 3 - SUGAR PUSH class

week 4 - TUCK TURN class

week 5 - SIDE PASS class

week 6 - PIVOT class

week 7 - BASKET class

week 8 - WHIP class

week 9 - REVIEW class

week 10 - Full SwankOUT using your series material.






a definite Favorite!!!

Put all of Swanks pieces into your favorite song.  Have them go home with something tangible. 


week 1 - use Sugar Push with a Side Pass

week 2 - use Tuck Turn with a Side Pass

week 3 - use Side Pass with a Basket

week 4 - use Sugar Push with a Whip



Pick your favorite song

Choose 3-4 pieces of ICE

Choose 3-4 pieces of RHYTHM

Choose 1-2 of the BASICS


Swank is unique in that we have His and Her versions...


Create “HIS Class” and “HIS workout”
Create “HER Class” and “HER workout” 


These are a lot of Fun and help to build confidence before working out with the opposite gender.


Swank offers Solo workouts/classes, and Swank also offers Mixed workouts/classes...

(solo = one gender/position [follower or leader]  /  mixed = mixed gender/position)


In a Solo workout, you are in a workout primarily with your same gender or students that are just in that class to learn that part for fun and for a challenge...   


In a Mixed workout, you are in a workout with mixed gender and you start the workout Solo to then repeat the entire workout with a partner in front of you.. letting the "gift" of Partner Dance unfold!










These are FUN.  You have your friends and family Invite their friends and family and coworkers, etc.. to their place.  You show up and have a SWANK PARTY (MIXER)!!!  

Do a  "One Song Combo" with them so they can witness the "gift" of West Coast Swing!!


Mixers are up to 3 hours in length.

Required for a MIXER:

  • SwankMIXER Presi (for Ipad or Laptop)
  • One Song Combo choreographed and ready
  • SwankTHREADZ for sale
  • Swank DVD's for sale
  • Swank Brochures
  • SU Brochures
  • FREE CLASS Passes

Partners are Desired, Not Required!

We always encourage partners but not push.. we want them to properly see the true Swank Brand when we can!


For Hosting a SwankMIXER, please send an email to

The HOST of a SwankMIXER receives a FREE Swank Tshirt and a FREE CLASS Pass for each person who attends your SwankMIXER!

The SwankMIXER



In a Dance Studio...
In a Fitness Center...
At a Dance Event...
In a School...
At your Work Place...
At your Church...
All of the Above and More!!!



Original Crew aka  “THE O. CREW” 

By Invitation Only!  THE O. CREW are responsible for Certifying and Mentoring our New Crew! 


THE O CREW are also Instructors/Teachers 



THE CREW are our amazing Swank Instructors that have proudly earned their degree at Swank U. 


Swanks Philosophy is WIN - WIN

WIN-WIN sees life as a cooperative arena, not a competitive one.

WIN-WIN means agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial.

a person or organization that approaches conflicts with a WIN-WIN attitude, possesses three vital traits:


Integrity - Sticking with your true feelings, values and commitments

Maturity - Expressing your ideas and feelings with courage and consideration for the ideas and feelings of others

Abundance - Believeing there is Plenty For Everyone!



~ 4 Year Swank Crew "Dog Tag" License

~ Exclusive Entry into our CrewZONE

~ Exclusive Entry to our DropBox, where we SHARE our music and Swankilations

~ Exclusive Entry into our FB Crew Chat Zone; great information shared in here...

~ Name and Photo on Swank website / Marketing

~ Class listing on Swank website / Marketing

~ Use of Swank Logo and Brand (within licensing terms and agreement) / CrewZONE

~ Access to Personalized Marketing Material (ie: Business Bandz, Brochures, Posters, Pictures, Flyers, QR Code, Free Class Cards, SwankOUT Cards, Banners..etc...) / CrewZONE

~ Access to Swank U market'g strategies, ideas, instruct'l materials & bus. support / CrewZONE

~ Exclusive Official Swankilations by the One and Only, DJ CeeZee aka "MsL8Nite"

~ Access to Community Support and Forum

~ 100% Mentorship from your O. Crew Mentor(s) and our entire Swank Family

~ 20% Discount on all Swank merchandise

~ 20% Discount on all Exclusive Official Swank Crew merchandise

~ 50% Discount on future Swank trainings

~ Exclusive MASTER CLASS Videos from our Swank Mentor(s) on hot new moves from the dance circuit; breakdown of swank modifications, progressions and regressions; tips for class interaction and cueing; additonal styling (to be provided in a regiment acceptable to the mentor(s) schedule and no less than once a quarter)


~ Swank CONTESTS are COMING...





For some areas, it can be a real challenge to get a second instructor for your classes...

For this challenge, SWANK has created “the Assist”

Here is how it works:


The Assist can be anyone The Crew chooses.. keeping in mind, the Crew Qualities we strive for.


The Crew choosing “The Assist”, pays for “The Assist” out of their own money.  This is NOT the responsibility of Swank.


The Assist can make NO MORE than $20 per class they assist and, can only be an assist for a maximum of 6 months.


The Assist” are only allowed to stand in front of the class with The Crew teaching to help be a visual for the class.. for the students to follow... They are NOT allowed to teach for Swank.  They must earn their Degree to teach!


Being an assist gives them the opportunity to learn before they ever get their Degree.  It’s an advantage for both involved!


Should “The Crew” be traveling or unavailable to teach an already scheduled class, “The Assist” may lead that scheduled class on  “The Crew’s” behalf, however, they are not allowed to teach any new material.


You want to encourage them to earn their own Degree... this is a Great Opportunity for them & You!


"For Members Only Zone"

For Only $4 a Month:

~ Access to our Exclusive Official Swankeography Videos  

~ Access to Swank Blogs by Swank Crew Member, Emily Dye

~ 10% Discount on all Swank merchandise





Studio Kellese, LLC dba Swank Dance Fitness [Swank] is not responsible for any fees associated with your business.

(ie: studio/floor fees, etc..)



1 hr class, $7 per person, [$25 studio fee] - this can vary


2 hours a week ... 40 people ... $560  [$50] fee

=  $510 gross profit per week

=  $2,040 gross profit per month

(Degree is paid for with great profit in 1 week)


4 hours a week ... 40 people ... $1,120  [$100] fee

=  $1,020 gross profit per week

=  $4,080 gross profit per month


How About...

2 hours a week... 100 people

(b/c they have so much fun...) .... $1,400  [$50] studio fee


(50 people brought ONE friend)  BYOB!!!!!


=  $1,350 gross profit per week

=  $5,400 gross profit per month




$474.00/per person is the cost for Swanks Level 1 Course

(this equates to $118.50 per year)


Cost is based on a 4 Year License with the option to renew at the end of your term for 1/2 price.



Earning your Degree...

Complete a Swank University Course 

Completing the Seminar does not earn your Degree (license).  You must pass both the written exam and the dance/workout qualifier.


Pass the Written Exam with a 74% or higher

The written exam is a series of 35 questions all covered in the course and in this Playbook. 


“Choreograph, Lead and Properly Call” a Swank Basic move inside of a 1-Song Combo or, "Choreograph, Lead and Properly Call" a SwankFIT.  You must follow the Basic formula of the workout as well as the formula for calling.  


The O Crew will grade the following:

  • Your understanding of Swank Dance Fitness
  • Personality during workout (energy level)
  • Leadership - How well you “lead & call” the moves
  • Teamwork/Partnership with Leading Partner
  • Overall Workout Experience


Should you not pass the Finals...

please set a time with your O Crew mentor for re-testing.  Although this incurs a $75 fee, It could be worth the practice!!  This is a good thing... this is a commitment and an investment!  You will Earn your Degree and be Proud of it!   


Should you not pass the re-testing, you will need to PRE-register for the next Seminar.  This seminar will be offered at half price.  If you do not pass your second seminar, you must wait 1 year to try again at full price!

CRITERIA for Earning your Degree...

Swank has created the “Donation Only Experience”.  This experience allows everyone the opportunity to TRY Swank without the burden of expense!


Upon earning your degree, Swank REQUIRES our New CREW to Promote their 1st Swank Class as a “Donation Only” GRAND OPENING!


This is a great way to build attendance and a long lasting Community!

This also provides a Rewarding Experience for the New CREW Member.


Having a “Donation Only” GRAND OPENING models the behavior of our Brand!


Should your community love this experience and your classes are receiving acceptable profits, you may continue this way!  This is up to you!  


Once you have earned your Swank Degree, you are your own business!  We only require the highest standards with regards to quality!


Swank believes in Giving Back...

For $474.00 you get:


The brilliant blend of Fitness & Partner Dancing!

14+ hours of intense physical & mental training!

4 Year Swank License.

FREE Swankilations through our CrewZone!

FREE  "Shared"  Swankeography w/All Crew!

Swank GEAR -uniform, add’l @ crew cost.

Swank Dog Tags (1 set), add’l @ crew cost.

Swank [actual] License for display at Fitness Ctrs.

Immediate Access into the Official Swank CrewZONE!






 Swank You!


Licensee hereby agrees to wear only approved Swank GEAR (uniform) and apparel and to follow all Swank GEAR guidelines during the performance or display of the Work.


Licensee further agrees to purchase the approved Swank GEAR and apparel from Licensor exclusively.  Licensee will not purchase said gear and apparel or any variations or derivations thereof from any other vendor whether said vendor is a company or an individual.


The “uniformity” is “Brand Display” along with letting everyone know that you have your Swank Degree and are capable of teaching the Swank material.


If you see anyone teaching Swank that is not wearing our Swank GEAR, please simply gather the location information along with the name of the instructor, in a friendly manner, and send an email to:   We want them to JOIN US!


“Heck, if they already have classes running, we just need to have them join our Crew”


TOP:  Electric Blue “Swank CREW T-shirt” (provided)

swank gear

Simple Definition of swank

  • to behave in a way that is intended to impress people

  • full of life or energy




  • Promote sales of Swank DVDs
  • Promote sales of Swank THREADZ 
  • Link your website to 
  • Promote & Distribute all marketing items for Swank  (provided by Swank)
  • Use the official artwork found on the website under “CREW PAGE” for your promotional material
  • Post videos of Swank but only up to a minute and a half.





  • Sell competing products during Swank events, classes, etc..
  • Share material w/o consent 
  • Use any inappropriate content or behavior (bad language, nudity, gestures dance or not, etc...)
  • Post your students images or videos w/o a signed release
  • Replicate the program
  • Turn away business/opportunity; we want everyone for Swank

We do not cover Partnering in this Swank U Seminar.  This is an entirely separate seminar that will come later... until then, please speak with your O. Crew Mentor.  Each of them are trained West Coast Swing Instructors and can provide you with class or private lesson information. 




“This is a Great Community for Children & Families!! They meet other kids from all

around the world!”

Swank is Joining Hands with our Schools!!!


With the Help of our Future,

Swank has created “Swank YOUth”!

A program built around Love, Camaraderie,

Leadership, Partnership, Family Values, Health,

Hard Work, Teamwork, Community Support and so much more!


If interested in sharing Swank with your school,

please let us know at


Where is Swank headed?

Swank is eager to attract the unknown!


Our Mission is to Expose West Coast Swing

and the amazing Community that surrounds it!!


Our motivation will start with:

Schools “SwankYOUth”


Fitness Centers “SwankFIT”

Private Spas

Dance Studios “SwankDANCE”

Churches and Family...


We will not stop until the words “West Coast

Swing” are as common as the word Yoga!







• Properly Call and Perform

A “1 Song Combo” containing 1 Basic Move, OR A SWANK-FIT to one of the songs you selected for todays seminar

(3 minute min, 4 minute maximum)

• Complete the written exam containing

35 questions; all covered in your

Pocket Playbook



Thank you again for your interest in

Swank Dance Fitness!

We are excited to have you

join our Team!

~your Crew



Swank - imposingly fashionable or elegant;grand. Ostentatious; pretentious, smartness in style or

bearing elegance; swagger; Swank also refers to guys as Swank

Swankey - girls that are Swank

SU - Swank University

SwankLIFE - the lifestyle we choose to live; a healthy, fun, positive life! Reaching for the good and being grateful for everything we have! Meeting people around the globe all having at least one

thing in common... Swank Dance Fitness!

Swank YOUth - Swank’s Youth Program

Swank THREADZ - Swank apparel

Swank GEAR - Swank uniforms

Swank O-ZONE - Swank territories

Swankilations - custom made music-mixes

SwankOUT - a workout

SwankSHOP - a class or workshop

Swankeography - choreography

Swankographer - guy choreographer

Swankeyographer - girl choreographer

Swankster - someone who Swanks

SwankDANCE - the Dance side of things

SwankFIT - the Fitness side of things

Swank-u-teer - Swank volunteer

Swankilicious - deliciously Swank

Swankoutine - Swank routine

The O CREW - The “Original Crew”

The CREW - Licensed Crew (all of us) 

The Assist - crew assistants; in

training to be the next CREW!

Swank Prezi - Swank presentation

PDNR - Partner Desired, Not Required

Swank Off - go away

Swankatude - having an attitude

Swank You - thank you

Swank It - do Swank

Swank U - Swank University


Office  469.744.7440

Office Hrs  9:00a-5:00p Mon-Fri CST

















Swank often communicates company news and

information electronically. Be sure to edit your email filters to allow vital Swank messages to be received and not filtered out as junk.

Swank through Studio Kellese, LLC reserves the right to change, modify and alter any prices, discounts, commission schedules, and any other matters included in the CREW PLAYBOOK from time to time. The Crew will be notified in writing, of any of the aforementioned changes, according to the then current CREW LICENSE AGREEMENT.

All dollar amounts shown are in US currency.

This CREW PLAYBOOK provides examples of the

earning potential of Swank Instructors. These

examples are in no way a promise or guarantee of any one Crews income. Actual earnings will vary based on individual effort, sales, and status level achieved. For additions or revisions subsequent to March 2017, please send an email to, or refer to the CREW



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