Kendyll Potter and a New Beginning is a Harry Potter fan fiction created by Kendyll Hall. It includes my best friends that love Harry Potter as characters.

 Kendyll Potter

and a New



By: Kendyll Hall and Laci O'Quinn

Chapter 1


The Beginnning

  At number 4 Privet Drive, Kendyll Potter sat in her room with her nose stuck in a book. She lived with her cousins Vanessa and Dudley, and their son Jake. Her parents were always away doing work. Her cousins treated her as if she weren't even human, she was some kind of pest. It was ten o'clock. Two hours until her eleventh birthday. 

   Checking her watch constantly, she watched as an hour passed by. She watched as something unusual went on outside her bedroom window.

    A bus stopped outside her house, and a boy of about 14 stepped out. He looked as if he were staring right at her, calling her name.

     She opened her window to see what he was saying.

     "Kendyll Potter," the boy yelled. "Come here!"

     She raced out the door toward the bus. When she got out the door, an unfashioable (in Laci's opinion) young man came walking toward her.



  That is when  Kendyll realized it was the famous Thomas the train Conductor (Laci came up with that).Her father had told her all about his adventures but, one of her favorites happens to be the night bus. Kendyll then got to the mystical bus. The bus then went flying over the road going to  9 3/4 train stop where she was suposeuio to meet her father and mother.Along with her brothers, sister, aunt,uncle, and her dear cousins rose and Anna. It was a long bumpy road but when she got there it felt amazing.Kendyll paste back and forth. She accdently bumped into someone untill you could hear the sound of her fathers deep heoric voice say sorry love. Then kendyll over looked at her hands and said no no its all right i should of looked where i will going. Kendyll then looked up and her being the weird person she is said oh hey dad i fought you forgot about me so i was just wondering auround like a crazy person like when dumbledore died. Stated kendyll. Her father