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4 Year Anniversary Booklet (gift)

Celebrating 4 Years of Love, Laughter and all out Crazy Times ...

with lots of Cuddles


 Here's to US


13 November 2016

Like the greatest of love stories...

Let's start with the day we met..

or the way we met 


 6 January 2012

In the days  that followed..


There was lots of texting, cute messages and sweeping off of one's feet ...

           The charm turned on all the way up

We had it so good, neither of us wanted it to end



We learnt to accept each other's differences ...




And we felt in love...





But the road got bumpy..

                              .. love got complicated ..

... and our relationship ended.

22 February 2012

But it was not how our story was to end


7 Months Later



Stunned to see that your profile picture's still the same

 Hey. How are you Talia?


Jason Dodgen - 20 September 2011


Hey Jason, stunned to see a message from you.

I'm okay though, rather sick but getting better.

How are you?


Talia Dennehy - 20 September 2011


Took us a while, but we managed to find each other again and we've pretty much been inseperable ever since. So every year we celebrate our Anniversary on the 13th of November.


These are a few of our most memorable moments .....



Love is..

You + Me   = Us 

 It's been 4 Years of beautiful love and friendship,

the acceptance of differences and the building of character, growing and changing together


It hasn't been easy but it is our beautiful love story