All claims have supporting evidence and emails to show I emailed Andrew Coronis himself as well as the head office management asking for help and to forward my concerns to the owner. NOTHING, NO MANAGER WOULD TAKE MY CALL.

          3 hours after the order was passed, after 3 months of searching I finally found the owner's contact information and called to find out it is not the landlord and our gut feeling was correct, Sarah Heke manifested lies to pit us against the landlord, to get us out quick and quiet destroying our home and losing thousands we spend cleaning up her mess to making it a safe place we could call home. Not to mention what the landlord stands to lose if in the future he was not to find out, let alone his lose of a tenant with perfect payments and rental history always adding value to all properties vacated, after Senior manager Sarah Heke from Forest Lake Coronis had it courts order improvements I made be take down.  







To RTA Investigations


Sarah Heke - Senior Manager





Travis Gary Hetherington
56 Shelduck Place, Calamvale, QLD, 4116
Travis@madperfectionist.com.au | 0481 334 340

September 8, 2016

RTA Investigations
Level 23, 179 Turbot Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

To The Magistrate,

My partner and I inspected the Shelduck property while the tenant still lived in it. We were the last people through, it was over cast and the place was dark because it was closed up, as we left we noticed 2 dogs were let inside the house, this was a concern for us after just having our first child. We believed the basic health and safety laws would be followed after animals had lived inside.

We put in an application as the property’s owner was a large investor and we needed stable accommodation which this provided. We were approved and requested to come in and sign the lease early.

We said we would honour their request but had a few conditions.

We needed 2 weeks to put in notice at our current property (this would leave the Shelduck property empty for approx. 5 days)
We noticed animals were allowed to live inside the Shelduck property that receipts be provided to us, to show the proper cleaning and treatment required by law be professionally done. (12 months later and after several requests this has never been provided to us).
That improvements we made to the home be taken into account instead of raising the rent.
The next day I received a phone call to say our conditions were accepted and we come in and sign the lease early. So, we did! We signed the lease to start on the 19th June 2015 and handed in our 2 weeks’ notice to leave the property we were in at the time.



Following is the lease we signed for the previous 12 months to skip the lease go to page 15 using the toolbar above 

Following is Coronis tenancy information booklet.

to skip this go to page 28 using the toolbar above 

The following Coronis tenancy information booklet I was given upon signing the lease seems to conflict with the RTA's tenancy information booklet on repairs and maintenance, I have found this out after receiving help from QLD tenancy’s over the last month. I have never received the RTA’s tenancy information booklet.






On the 17th June 3 days prior to picking up the keys to the Shelduck property and the start of our new lease my partner and I went around to the property to see our new home from the outside and were disgusted at what we saw just from the outside of the property and took the 6 photos below into Coronis Forest Lake to show the current health and safety risks.

 I also asked on this day for the receipts for the required carpet cleaning they had done, especially that the house had animals living in it. We were told this would be taken care of before our entry to the property. 



19th of June 2015,

We had picked up the keys from Coronis Forest, also asked about the reciepts for the required animal treatment and carpet cleaning but Sarah Heke wasn't avaliable, we were also told the mould around the windows, window frames, carpet and vertical blinds were stains.


Upon entry,

The carpets were so dirty and had an unbreathable wet dog stench that they needed to be cleaned over 3 times over 3 consecutive weekends. This had to be done before we could move any of our belongings in. I took my receipts and videos of just how dirty the carpets were into Coronis. They were not interested at all, and denied reimbursement.



I couldn't believe the condition of the property and the health and safety risks that the mould, restricted entry/exit and dirty carpets from the lack of maintained cleanliness plus dogs living inside the house. Coronis management forest lake had left this house in this condition knowingly for me and my family to move into. They also knew we had a new born at the time. With our many, many requests to have this urgent work cleaned and fixed denied, was a breach of our agreement and the health and safety laws in place from the day we entered the property.

With no place to go after handing in our notice for our last place, 3 days were given and 7 requests by phone and in person at Coronis Forest Lake real estate, notifying them of the immediate dangers, health and safety risks that were imposed on my family. After no action was taken and requests refused or not honoured, I had to pay for the work to be done and did what I could with the resources I had available to remove or clean the hazards and health risks that me and my family faced. 

It was 3 weeks after we received the keys to the property before we could move everything in from the garage. As I have stated previously, it took 3 weekends to fully clean the carpets 3 times before the smell of dirty wet dogs subsided enough, so the place was liveable.

After the trouble and being denied any help from the day we entered the property I took 650 photos of every inch of the property and submitted it with the condition report, the photos were copied to CD and also on USB. I had also uploaded the same photo's date stamped by google to the google drive at the same time.


Below is the link to the Condition Report that I submitted on the 22nd of June 2015 at 4:40pm, This report was at first refused and followed with some unethical actions by Coronis forest lake.



The 24th of June 2015 I received a call by the senior property manager Sarah, where she stated the condition report submitted would not be signed off by her unless I removed my submissions from the report that stated the carpet was dirty and filled the house with a horrid smell of dirty wet dogs! I was really shocked and frustrated when Sarah had also Refused to meet at the shelduck property so we could show our concerns, instead I had to make video recordings and take over 650 photo's to take into the office, and to keep as proof.


The 3rd Of July 2015 I received in the post an illegally obtained condition report, that Coronis forest lake somehow fooled my partner into signing between the 22th of June 2015 to 1st of July 2015 on one of her visits to Coronis to make a request in person. This was in my absence.


The Link to The Illegal Condition Report That Was Sent Via Australia Post

The moment I opened the document, before consulting my partner, I rang Sarah accusing her of forging the document, demanding why they had attempted to create another condition report after we had already submitted a report in the time required.


A few days after this call and taking in recorded video footage (videos are posted below) and receipts, we received the original condition report we submitted that was signed by Sarah. These cameras allow me to login to and view the property from my mobile with a 350-degree pan horizontally and a 180-degree pan vertically, they also have motion detection that notified my mobile of movement, which was a temporary guard I had for having some sort of security for my partner and son while I was at work in the unsecured property.


I installed cameras in the first week because the property could not be secured.


The cameras can be left as an improvement to the property if you would like?


The fence was installed after 6 months and 2 inspections.  We had requested on several occasions that the then fence and property's only gate that didn’t work, be fixed, so we could secure the property. On both of the occasions we had property inspections we waited and watched the property inspector unable to operate the gate and have to walk back through the house, on both these occasions we were told they would put in a work order to have someone come repair the gate. No one ever came.

On the 21st of April we were supposed to have an inspection, I needed to be at the property to let them in and supply a key for the new colour bond gate. I called the Coronis Forest Lake office at 9:05am and asked to speak with whom ever be conducting the inspection on our property, They weren't available and a mobile number was provided so I could call the person conducting the inspections, I called 3 times and left a voice mail, I also texted to inform Coronis of the new fence below is a link to the screen shot of the text message ( which is a part of the lease agreement, a condition Coronis added I agree to be informed by electronically via email, text etc.)


 The Next page is a screen shot of the text I sent to the Coronis property inspector's mobile which was provided on that day by Coronis reception.

My phone records follow that document to support my claims, 

The following my phone records will be a the rental ledger from 2015 showing the rental arrears messages are incorrect with the rents date paid never exceeding the Due Date, in all my rental history. 

It wasnt till June when the owner found out about the fence and I have confirmed off the owner he was told, by Sarah Heke that they could not do inspections because I have put up a fence and will not provide the key.

For the first 6 months we were constantly sent the previous tenants water bill which we had to call the office twice to have fixed. Just recently following a notice to leave, we received our water bill, for the last 12 months in 1 envelope. I haven't checked yet but my partner tells me we are still being billed for the previous tenant water usage.

I have an extremely sound rental history and every property I have vacated has been left in a much better condition than it was given. I'd like to keep my rent record sound. I have photos of the state of the property on entry. In the event Coronis were to issue a valid ‘notice to leave’, I can return the property into the mould filled, dog riddle filth and hazardous mess it was illegally left for my family and I to deal with.


Breach Notice form 


Notice to remedy breach, Dates incorrect, We are in advance in rent.  



I was told by QLD Tenacies that the breach is invalid and Coronis would have to re-issue for a warrant to be severhould have been dismissed and ordered to have notice reissued correctly.



The links below take you to all the supporting documents in 1 easy to manage folder. 

The different drives all contain the same documents, I uploaded everything to multiple drives for your conveniences