Holocaust Project

Sheryl Peng



Ms. Longo

Chapter 1: Characters

Chapter 2: Plot

Chapter 3: Setting

Chapter 4: Opinion

Cambodian Holocaust

     The Cambodian Genocide started in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge (The Communist Party of Kampuchea) overthrew the Lon Nol government and took over the capital of Phnom Penh. This political group belived in Maoist and Marxist- Leninist theories and wanted to turn Cambodia into a "communist argrarian utopia". They were lead by Pol Pot, who changed the country's name to Democratic Kampuchea when he came to power. As soon as the Khmer Rouge took over the government, they began rounding citizens up into labor camps. They mainly targeted teachers, monks, doctors, journalists, artists, the wealthy, and essentially anyone who had an education. However, no one, including member of the poilitcal party, was safe from the brutalities.


     Over the 4 years that the Khmer Rouge controlled Cambodia, about 2 million people were slaughtered. They used starvation, "killing camps", manual labor, and "children soldiers" to execute the citizens. Using "children soldiers" was effective because they listened to orders and and were even forced to shoot their own family.

Chapter 5: Genocide

Compare and contrast holocaust with genocide of choice.