Assessment Criteria Objective Issues raised by Evaluation Committee Weighting Score
Compatibility with Local Development Strategy Do the project proposals meet the criteria set out in the LAG business plan for the relevant measure?  



Innovation Is the product innovative in its nature and does it displace existing enterprises?  



Promoter Experience Does the promoter have the training/skills, track record or experience to deliver?  



Financial Viability Are the project costs justifiable (reasonableness of costs) and is funding available to co-fund the project?  



Sustainability Is the project viable and will the service continue to be delivered?  


Requirement Does the proposal target a specific need or address a specific gap in the market?  



Total     100  


Date:   Time:  
Project Title:   Project Ref. No.  

N.B.  Projects must receive a minimum score of 65% prior to being recommended for approval.

  • Has the potential level of deadweight been assessed for this project?  YES/NO
  • Would the project proceed without LEADER funding? YES/NO

 Recommendations of the Evaluation Committee:


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Appendix 11

Sample Evaluation Committee Scoring Record