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4th November 2016
Over the past few weeks we have seen a marked increase in students arriving late to
the session. As we are moving in to the final stages of rehearsal we need every
student to arrive on time.
As stated in the PQA Terms and Conditions of Membership - In order to avoid
disturbing classes, you and your child are requested to arrive in good time. Entrance
to classes may be barred to anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late.
We have always been very accommodating and we understand that sometimes
traffic issues do crop up, but we do need to advise that from this weekend onwards
November 2016) we will be implementing this and will not allow anyone into
class after 15 minutes has passed.
Our Red Group students who use public transport will need to be made aware of
this and plan their journey’s accordingly to avoid late arrival.
We do also require weekly attendance at our sessions as we cannot spend time
each week going over the previous sessions’ work to bring students up to speed.
Rehearsals are going well, but we do have a schedule to adhere to and we cannot
afford to slip behind.
We will no longer have the Absence Diary sitting out as we assume that those who
will be absent in the run up to Christmas will already have advised us. Roles in the
show have been assigned taking advance absence into consideration, and if a
student has continued absence we are given no option but to recast their part or
remove them from numbers within the show. We appreciate your understanding on
this matter.
We have advised for many weeks that students must be ‘OFF BOOK’ by Saturday
November 2016. This means that all lines must be learned by this date as it’s
much easier for students to work on Scenes without script in hand.
This also applies to all song lyrics. All the songs for the show, with and without
guide vocals are on a Dropbox folder that has been sent to each email address
supplied on our registers. There is also a copy of the script and other helpful
information in this folder.
To remind parents and students, on Saturday 12
November 2016 we will be
bringing both groups together and the session time for both AM and PM is 10.00am
1.00pm. To advise our PM students, registration opens at 9.45am and assembly
begins at 9.55am, so please arrive between 9.45am and 9.55am.
Please note Poppets class time remains the same 10.00am 11.30am on this
At PQA Edinburgh we have in place ‘The Traffic Light System’ to deal with
disruptive behaviour. Every student begins the session on GREEN.
If a student is disruptive or rude in class they are placed on AMBER. If their
behaviour continues to disrupt the class they are then moved to RED, removed from
the class and Leonna or Simon will discuss the situation with the student. We will
also advise the parent of the issue that occurred during the session.
We will also use the traffic light system for those who do not come to PQA with a
positive and respectful attitude to both the teachers and fellow students. Our
teachers are professionals and they are at PQA to pass on their considerable
knowledge, not to have to repeat instruction to students who are having little asides
amongst themselves.
As everyone is aware, we are collecting a £5.00 costume payment for each student
to help with the costs of costuming the show. Earlier this week Leonna and Simon
made a visit to ‘Northern Costume Hire’ in Lancashire to see all the costumes they
have and they are wonderful. Leonna is still working her way around the students to
get costume measurements and as soon as these are done we can send the list of
requirements to the costumiers.
If you haven’t already handed in your £5.00 for your child or children, then we would
be grateful if you could do this over the next few weeks. This payment is also
required for Poppets as they feature in the show too!
To advise, those that handed money over last week may have to check the
payment sheet tomorrow, as excel crashed and we lost some data! Apologies,
but if you let us know then we will tick your name off the list.
We will require both Academies for the following dates and times:
Saturday 12
November 2016: 10.00am 1.00pm
Saturday 17
December 2016: 10.00am 4.00pm
Saturday 14
January 2017: 10.00am 5.00pm
Poppets time for pick up TBC, start time as normal 10.00am
On Saturday 21
January (SHOW DAY!!) We have the theatre hired from 10.00am.
PQA Edinburgh staff will have the ‘Get In’ first, and then all students will be called
for the Technical Rehearsal and Final Dress before the show begins at 7.00pm. We
estimate this will be around lunchtime, but will confirm timings soon.
Please remember, at PQA Edinburgh we really care about the experience your child
has each Saturday and we view everyone as part of our PQA Family! We always do
our very best to deliver a first class Performing Arts session, but we can only do this
with your help. We need all our students to arrive on time, be ready to work hard
with a positive attitude and have fun.
Thank you!
Leonna and Simon