This booklet is about a watershed, the Chesapeake Bay. This also includes an interesting animal, the ghost crab. See? Learning can be fun! Read these once-menacing papers to a easy-read, AWESOME project. Please enjoy! copyright by owner Kay Paris made in VA, 2016 5th grade


                               What is a watershed???

   A watershed is basically a dent in the ground that divides two areas

where water can go through to drain to a main local water source.


                       Why are watersheds so imporant?

   watersheds are so important because they let water go through areas where they can either become clouds to produce rain or dain out into the sea.


                       How do humans impact watersheds?

   Humans impact watersheds by using water and it easily goes to drainage ‘rivers’ that lead to the most convenient water sources, the ocean/sea.


                            The chesapeake bay watershed's characteristics include the following:

         Is the largest part on the atlantic coastline

         Is about 193 miles /311 kilometers long

         Is located in the lower course of the Susquehanna



What states are included in the Chesapeake Bay watershed?

    Delaware, Maryland, New york, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Va, entire district of Columbia


What major rivers are included in the Chesapeake Bay watershed?

Susquehanna, Potomac, Rappahanock, and the York rivers all flow into the Chesapeake bay watershed.








                             Fun Fact

This may seem strange, but ghost crabs can be as small

as a pinky finger to as big as four chess pieces ontop of

each other! (Now for a crab, that's pretty big!)


Want to know about the Chesapeake Bay watershed? Read the information to the top left corner.

              What exactly is a watershed? let's find out!




Where do Atlantic ghost crabs live?

  Ghost crabs live  in burrows on the coastline. In the wWinter, though, they hibernate. Just like bears do, only Ghostcrabs are prey, so they must watch out!

Where can they be found on the Chesapeake Bay?

Ghost crabs can be found on the lower beaches of the Chesapeake Bay.

What does the Ghost crab's diet consist of? How does it ward off predators?

Ghost crabs are omnivores, which mens they eat meat and vegatation. They eat insects, clams, mole crabs,(filter feeders), eggs and newly hatched loggerhead turtles. Also fresh Vegatation and detritus consist of a daily snack.


About Ghost Crabs

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