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This is my cover letter for a Literacy Coach position

To whom it may concern I am writing in regards to the position available at your school for a Literacy Coach I have recently achieved my Reading Specialist where along with having worked in a variety of schools and under several administrators I have developed a firm belief that improving the literacy achievement of every student in your school is achievable by creating a school culture that believes in every student s ability to read and write A staff s strong belief in the ability of every child to learn to read and write is vital to your success I have an extensive background of working with children of all abilities Due to having my Special Education Specialist I have developed a deep understanding of a variety of learning difficulties and practiced effective literacy strategies that have supported children with disabilities to improve their literacy skills Having been a mentor for many years I have had the opportunity to work with many personality types and have worked hard at building trust and rapport with each mentee personally By allowing them to set personal goals and working collaboratively with them to achieve their goals I have seen them turn into reflective practitioners who seek to learn from their colleagues and share their own growth journey While working with your staff I would aim to develop collaborative learning groups through professional conversations and guide them to identify their own areas for professional growth in regards to literacy development By providing them with research based workshops on and modelling of effective literacy strategies training them in effective literacy assessments providing them with excellent professional resources and student mentor texts and b uilding a school culture where everyone is a learner I believe that together we can create an effective sound literacy program that reaches all learners and sees every student reading and writing Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to discussing my qualifications and experience with you further Charlotte Harrison
To      whom      it      may      concern,      I      am      writing      in      regards      to      the      positio...