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Energy Healing
A Bright Future
Connections of the Heart
True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
Volume 1, Issue 6
Aug - Sept 2009
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Volume 1, Issue 6
Publisher & Managing Editor: Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Pre-production Editor: Mary Gillis
Editor: Tom Masters
Editor-at-Large: Edd Uluschak
Editorial Assistants: Tiffany Abram, Tessa Engst
Advertising Sales: Michelle Staples, Carolyn James
Key accounts & Circulation: Lara Engst
Layout & Design: Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Photographs & Images:
Ben Abram -
Sean Fenzl -
Stephanie Rae Hull -
Jon Fitzpatrick -
Sabina Pettitt, Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Edd Uluschak - award winning Cartoonist
Cover photo taken by Jon Fitzpatrick of Nutristart
Contributing Writers:
Barbara Adelborg, Rea Ciera, Cheryl Dawn, Dr. Sterling Desmond
Heather K Elrix, Michael Gintowt, Dr. Lee Know, Janet Laidlaw,
Jacquie Large, Erin Lawson, Stephanie McColl, Patti Morton,
Ahrina K Nielsen, Sabina Pettitt, Maricel Piercey, Vince Pollitt, Carol Spencer,
James Henry Spencer, Michelle Staples, Edd Uluschak and Shannon Wills
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True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
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A Bright Future 46
Being Grounded 18
Connections of the Heart 26
Energy -
Moving Beyond 3D Reality 32
Shena Meadowcroft -
Artist - Intuitive - Writer 40
Aboriginal Spirit 43
The Garden
Animal Whispers 44
When the Wild Speaks
Astrology 55
Children and Spirit 22
Dylans’ Story
Crystals 9
Directory of Businesses & Events 60
Healthy Body - Healthy Spirit 36
Overall Anti-Aging Supplement
Hypnotherapy 17
Powerful Self
Metaphysics 4
Crystal Skulls Revisited
Natures Essence 15
Sand Dollar Essence
Numerology 50
Number Two
Phenomena 48
UFOs - Not so Simple
Reader Response 12
Searching for Serenity 20
Serenity and the Art of Simplicity
Spirit 25
Everday Miracles
Spirit of the Dance 30
Dancing with Spirit
Worthwhile Reading 58
From the Publisher
Places in Time
On a recent visit to Two Words Spiritual Centre in
Nanaimo, BC, I had the pleasure of tea with a woman by the
name of Gerri. Gerri loves creating beautiful objects and was
telling me of all the different crafts she had done over the
years, many of them no longer created today.
“Especially during my hippie dippie years,” she said,
“when macramé was big. I loved creating wall hangings.”
When Gerri mentioned macramé my mind was
immediately taken back to the years I spent living in Inuvik,
NWT. An aunt of mine was totally engrossed by macramé and
it caught on with those of us around her. For a moment it was
as if I could feel myself tying the knots, positioning the cord,
slipping on a bead, tying another knot… What came with this
memory was a real sense of peace and tranquility.
“I know what you mean,” I said to Gerri, “macramé
was a soothing craft.”
“Yes, it was,” replied Gerri. “In fact it was during
those years that my spirituality really opened. As I would tie
the knots and create, it was as if I could feel past lives going
by. As if I had done similar work before. After all, so many of
the crafts we make are take-offs from creations of the past.”
Often our days are too busy to take the time to create
as we used to. So where are those moments that allow our
mind to be still, softly focused on the task at hand – those
moments so ripe for tapping into our intuition?
Working in the yard, cooking a meal, washing the
floor…if we slow things down and allow ourselves to take
pleasure in the moment, these simple tasks can take us to
special places in time.
Keep well,
Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Cert no. SW-COC-002226
This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart.
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Page 4 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
©Clivia –
lease accept these words as an
invitation to your soul. It is with
great pleasure and much excitement that I
have this opportunity to explore in greater
depth the mystery of the crystal skulls.
This is a passion of mine and my inten-
tion is to ignite a spark (or a flame) of
interest for you as well. The journey
begins now.
Back in the time of Atlantis there
arrived on the earth thirteen great crystal
skulls. As in the fictional tale, “Lord of
the Rings,” there was one skull to rule
them all, the Amethyst skull. It is said
that this skull has retreated into another
dimension, that it has vibrated out of
existence from us, as we are not yet
energetically ready for the responsibility
encompassed in the power of all thirteen
being found activated and used to their
full potential.
Their origins are a mystery but
there are two popular theories: that they
were generated by the Atlanteans (who
had superior technology) or that they
came from other planets. These beings
Crystal Skulls
by Ahrina K Nielsen
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 5
Crystal Skulls
also have technology superior to ours, since they
could travel through space. I lean toward the
friendly visitors from other planets theory.
The Atlanteans had numerous uses for the
They generated power for the healing
chambers. These chambers combined the
healing properties of crystals, sacred
geometry and colour combinations to
induce healing states and clear unwanted or
unneeded old energy patterns, which can
produce illness.
They were used as the “super computers”
of the time, recording devices to keep infor-
mation from being lost for future genera-
tions. Unlimited ‘gigabytes’ of storage is
available in these crystal skulls.
They were communication portals to the
star systems. Imagine having a direct line to
highly evolved beings light years away. You
could receive tutoring on any subject, for
example: agriculture, technology, spiritual-
And, of course, the skulls were used for
ceremonial purposes.
of or relating to a
reality beyond
what is perceptible
to the senses;
These are just a few of the uses that I have discov-
ered. I am sure that there are many more uses that
will come to light.
As previously stated, I believe that these
skulls hold information. I have written earlier of my
experience with the ancient skull Sha Na Ra and
how music emanated from the mysterious head.
This proves that they are or can be storing devices.
They have the ability to store information and
release it at a later date. What do you think is
trapped within them? Is there ancient wisdom
crying to be released? Could we contact life forms
from other planets with these: the Pleiadians
perhaps? How do we unlock the secrets of the
skulls? Why have they been dormant for so long
and are only now coming to the forefront of our
collective consciousness? Let’s look at where they
went after Atlantis.
During the upheaval at Atlantis many
beings escaped, fleeing to other countries and
continents across the world (Egypt, Mexico, Central
America…) with them came the crystal skulls. They
were saved from the destruction at Atlantis. These
new colonies were formed and the skulls were still
used, but more for a ceremonial purpose, as they
were split up, depleting their power (and the
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Next Issue - Sept 28
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Carolyn James
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True Blue Spirit Magazine
Tap into the growing population who are
searching for meaning in a busy world.
Our readers have a desire for spiritual
growth as well as physical well being.
We delve into ancient wisdom
for modern-day solutions - with a
balance of articles on nature,
health, philosophies and practices.
Lara Engst
Key Accounts and Distribution
1-877-700-2760 Ext. 3
The ORGANYC line
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amethyst had left the building, so to speak). Turmoil
occurred throughout the centuries and the skulls
were hidden from invaders and the like. Some have
been uncovered and some have not.
The time is soon upon us for all thirteen to
be present on earth again and activated to their full
potential. The sooner we are ready for this, the
sooner it will happen. It is important for the Light-
workers to understand that when the balance has
shifted and we have raised the vibration of the
planet this will happen. This information is being
channelled all over the planet. The time has come!
I trust that I have piqued your curiosity. For
further reading, there is an interesting book by
Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas entitled
“The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Unlocking the
Secrets of the Past, Present and Future.” Better yet,
if you have the opportunity to meet a real ancient
crystal skull, go have your own experience. See
what information is given to you and then please
write to me describing your personal experience!
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 7
AHRINA K NIELSEN started her
metaphysical journey 21 years
ago when she discovered Stuart
Wilde and Carlos Castaneda. She
began pursuing her clairvoyant
and mediumship development
four years ago and has been
working professionally since
2006. Having completed the Jazz
program at Vancouver Island
University, she writes and
performs her own music.
Photo on left is
the crystal skull
Sha Na Ra
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essential fatty acids
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Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 9
hile wondering what to write about
moonstone, the word that came to mind
to describe this crystal was “mystery”. Moon-
stone, with its luminous glow and flashes of
spectral light will always cause wonder and awe
in the beholder. It has a long standing as THE
stone to represent the goddess and the feminine
aspect and has the same sense of mystery as the
moon, with its cycles and comings and goings in
our night sky.
Moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral
with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 and is found in many
countries including India, Madagascar, Brazil and
Myanmar, with the best specimens coming from
Sri Lanka. The most popular type of moonstone is
rainbow moonstone, but there are others such as
peach, cat’s eye, grey and white. Moonstone was
named for its resemblance to the moon and its
strong connections to feminine cycles. It was
considered a “dream” stone and used for proph-
esying by mystics of the eastern world. This
crystal was also one of the gems used for sacred
adornment in jewellery around the world. Moon-
stone has been used by some cultures as a fertility
stone and was sewn into women’s garments to not
only help to get pregnant but to assist during the
On a physical level, moonstone is good for
digestion; it helps in nutrient absorption; it can
guard against water retention; it balances
hormones and it is really helpful during child-
birth. It is said to strengthen hair, skin and
eyesight and help circulation. This is a wonderful
crystal for dealing with hormonal issues as well:
for girls just entering their teens to women
becoming mothers, right down to those entering
by Erin Lawson and Jacquie Large
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Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 11
menopause. There are some books though that warn
against wearing moonstone during menstrual cycles
as it sometimes intensifies already heightened
There is no other stone better for boosting
intuition than moonstone. It has traditionally been
called the stone of the High Priestess, as this crystal
really seems to take us beyond the everyday world
and out into that space where we can intuitively see
what’s really going on. It can also balance out
extreme emotions and bring calmness which then
helps to see the truth of the matter.
It is useful for men to use, as it enhances
non-linear thinking and helps to raise awareness of
their own intuitive natures. Obviously moonstone is
wonderful for anyone doing psychic readings and
wishing to aid those abilities. It can take you
beyond “the veil” and into the deeper mysteries of
life but without getting too ungrounded. Moonstone
resonates strongly with the third eye and crown
chakras. It is also the perfect crystal for helping
during past life regression as it helps to reveal links
to the past that we carry over into this life.
As this is a balancing stone as well, it
teaches us to seek that balance in our physical and
emotional world, to see the mystery in the mun-
dane. One of moonstone’s greatest gifts is to help us
see and honour the cycles in our lives, to understand
and accept the timing of our lessons and to learn
patience while we are waiting for the right time to
act upon them.
This is a stone that asks us to trust the
mystery and to value the wait.
ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 13 years
focusing mainly on tarot. Since starting at Wishes eight
years ago, she has learned much about crystals and the
other tools that fill the store. She shares her love of crystals
with Jacquie and the other staff at Wishes. Erin lives in
Duncan with her husband and three children.
JACQUIE LARGE has been the owner of Wishes for 17
years and has watched as the metaphysical world has
evolved with so many exciting changes. She has
studied crystals extensively and happily shares her
knowledge with her customers! Jacquie lives in
Duncan with her partner and daughter.
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Page 12 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Reader Response
I feel great energy...
I am writing to communicate to you how happy I
am that your magazine exists; it truly addresses
all points of being a metaphysician, the articles
are simply and beautifully written and I feel great
energy emanating from True Blue Spirit. I have
enjoyed 3 issues so far… and kudos for including
the topic of UFOs and “abductions” in your
Michela S.
Victoria, BC
A message from reader Marlene K...
When presented with an amber ball and crystal
bible for our anniversary a year ago, the
presenter could not have known what was going
to happen to me. Although only recently
diagnosed, the doctors said I could have had the
cancer for years…perhaps it was intuition on the
part of my bestower, see what I have put below:
Magazine Volume 1 Issue 4 April-May 2009
Amber brings happiness - I have never been
happier even though I am supposed to be ill.
• Assists immunity to infection - the cancer
treatment lowers my immune system and
makes it easy for me to catch infections.
• Increases strength - since I had the amber ball I
put it in the bedroom window resting on a
bracelet and every morning I put my hands over
it and think "strong". Strange really as I think I
must have transferred this word from a set of
gold jewellery with snakes which was
purchased over a number of years for
anniversary/birthdays when we visited Corfu. I
asked what the signicance of the snake was
and was told that it was a symbol of strength so
when I put it on I believed I was strong.
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall states -
Changes negative to positive forces - promotes
positive mental state
• Amongst its healing attributes it resonates with
the throat, stomach and liver - all associated
with my particular cancer.
Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3 Feb-March 2009
Amethyst can aid the immune system and is a
blood cleanser - again my immune system will
be low and the cancer has travelled though the
blood to the liver.
• It calms - I am so calm I am practically vertical -
nothing seems to faze me.
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall states -
Strengthens and cleanses the immune system
• Blood cleanser
• Reduces bruising and injuries (I will be suscep-
tible to this and am told be very careful)
• Heals diseases of the digestive tract
• Stimulates the throat
Well, you can see why I was so spooked by this.
All I can say is that it has made me more
interested in this type of healing.
Marlene K.
Burton on Trent
Staordshire, England
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 12.pdf 1 01/07/2009 7:49:20 PM
Volume 1 , Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit -Page 13
Reader Response
A spirit driven gift...
I'd like to congratulate you on a ne-looking and
informative magazine! I especially like that it is "a
spirit driven gift of the heart," just my kind of
venture, indeed.
Jessica N.
Lake Cowichan, BC
So excited about your vision...
To everyone at True Blue Spirit, what a wonderful
magazine. I picked up Issue 4 and could not put it
down until I had read it all the way through. I am
so excited about your vision and you are right on
target, this is what people have been asking for
and now you have answered their prayers. Thank
you so much.
Elizabeth Ann C.
Sunshine Coast, BC
Not too far from home...
I would just like to commend you on your new
magazine.....I am not sure how long it has been
out. We just received our rst copies at the Whole
Food Market in Penticton… Very interesting
articles on a lot of subjects I am most interested
in and they are not too far from home. Thank
Sheila S.
Penticton, BC
High level of spiritual awakeness...
The rst time I opened it (True Blue Spirit) and just
looked at the presentation I was blown away, the
colour and the energy is beautiful. But what truly
captured me were the amazing articles, the
pictures and the way everything was written. It is
obvious to me that you are dealing with a very
high level of spiritual awakeness with the entire
magazine. It is the best quality magazine I have
Not only were the articles extremely interesting
and topics of importance to the world, but I felt
after reading each one that I knew the authors
personally because of the way they were written,
from the heart and from the spirit.
Amahra J.
Vancouver, BC
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 13.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:07:43 PM
Ahrina K Nielsen
Intuitive Energy Work
Angel & Oracle Cards
Energy & Sound Healing
Workshop Facilitator
(250) 816-2434
Available to investigate your
psychic and unusual experiences.
Many paranormal experiences cause
fear or anxiety. As a trained psychic
and clairvoyant, I can explore and explain
the events that are happening.
Confidentiality and discretion assured.
Carol Spencer
Specializing in growth,
spirituality, inspiration &
global awareness based
books, music, jewellery,
tarot, art & gifts.
Only 90 minutes from downtown Vancouver
Heather Miller
RE/MAX Top 20 Realty
Heather K. Elrix
Chemainus, BC
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 14.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:09:34 PM
Natures Essence
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 15
n a warm sunny day in the summer of
1985 the first sea essence was born. My
husband Michael and I were walking on a sandy
beach and we both felt a sand dollar tugging at
the edges of our consciousness. It's very hard to
describe these experiences because I think we
don't yet have vocabulary for this kind of
knowingness. Nonetheless we somehow both
‘knew’ that we were being called by this sea
creature to make it into an essence. And we even
knew who we would be giving it to when it was
done. The only thing we didn't know was how to
make a sea essence. However, almost as clearly
as knowing that we were to make an essence we
also received the notions of how to complete the
This day marked the introduction of a
whole new range of frequencies in the pharma-
copoeia of vibrational medicine.
The gift of this first sea essence, Sand
Dollar, is to assist us in seeing ourselves and our
patterns with greater clarity. Everyone is unique.
Every disease is unique, and each person will
respond in a different manner, both to their
symptoms and possible therapies.
It is never appropriate for the therapist
to ask someone with a life-threatening disease
what they are getting out of it. This can easily
result in feelings of major guilt which will
exacerbate the symptoms. Some people have
Sand Dollar Essence
by Sabina Pettitt
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 15.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:10:17 PM
Natures Essence
Page 16 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
never even considered the possibility that they
might create their own reality, so to burden
them with that notion when they are probably
already experiencing intense fear about the
physical diagnosis they have just received is
not very likely to be therapeutic.
Sand Dollar dendraster excentricus – for
discovering the underlying energy patterns
which are creating the discomfort in our lives;
for disrupting the mirage and coming to our
Meridian – lung
Chakra – throat
Through the lung channel we take in not only
oxygen to nourish our cells but also the life
force, prana, or qi. The life force is the very
fabric from which we create integration and
harmony between all the aspects of ourselves
– physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Via the throat chakra we are able to express
ourselves and offer our own unique gifts to the
world. The Sand Dollar essence assists us in
identifying and removing the blocks to our
own unique expression of perfect health and
well being.
Indeed when we gave this first sea essence
to our friend it created a shift in an endless cycle of
recurrences of her disease. From within her own
body/mind she received the information that she
needed to create an energetic shift in the pattern in
which she was enmeshed.
For us it began a most remarkable and
delightful interaction with beings of the sea which
led us from our own coastal waters in the Pacific
Northwest, to swim with dolphins and sea turtles in
Hawaii, and even to the Philippines to make the first
essence from Sea Horse. All the while we were
discovering the healing gifts of these amazing plants
and creatures who make their homes in our oceans.
doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, an author
and the co-creator of Pacific Essences®.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 16.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:11:08 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 17
BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and
she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley, where
she has resided for over 30 years. Barbara is trained in
several hypnosis techniques, and is currently producing
her third hypnosis CD.
reating a shift from powerless to powerful,
from the powerless child self to the power-
ful adult self, alters the course of your life. It will
change you from powerless child self to powerful
adult self.
Have you ever felt confused or scared about
a situation that you reacted to in a child self way,
causing you stress and anxiety, creating doubt in
yourself? This choice keeps you stuck in the same
old patterns of behaving. You can identify this part
of your thinking and use it to make different
A technique to assist with that shift from
powerless to powerful is as follows:
Find a comfortable chair, close your eyes
and simply let go of yesterday, tomorrow, this
morning and this afternoon. Remember, this is for
you! Create within your mind a safe and protected
space, this can be real or imagined. Within this
space feel the very essence of the safety and secu-
rity within every cell in the body, and relax the
body completely.
Now bring to mind a situation in your life
when you felt very competent, remembering how
the body felt, the posture of the body, the very
thoughts within yourself. Allow your whole being
to fully experience it, breathing this focus into
every cell within your body.
Next, with this sense of competence within
yourself, within this safe place, feeling safe and
protected, invite a powerful figure (Higher Power,
universal energy, a literary figure or a person for
whom you have a great deal of respect). Feel their
presence and their power, and absorb this powerful
Breathe this feeling into every cell within
your body, mind and spirit. Be aware and notice
what this feels like, how it feels in the body. Know
this self is always available for you because this is
Yes, you can call upon this anytime because
this is the empowered adult self.
When you may feel hurt, upset or emotion-
ally uncomfortable, this is acting from the power-
less child self. Remember you have a choice to shift
into that empowered adult self.
This technique can be useful in helping you
to get through any situation.
Powerful Self
by Barbara Adelborg, CMH, HT
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 17.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:12:02 PM
What can we do to find the answers to our
questions, to feel joy, peace and manifest our
dreams? It truly starts with awareness, being present,
grounded, having gratitude and the intent to change
our life. The Universe gave us will and an imagina-
tion which only we can activate. These are powerful
gifts that assist us to manifest our journey here on
Mother Earth.
Having awareness of where we are with
ourselves, how we are feeling and reacting shows us
where we are in our journey. Letting go of criticism,
judgment, anger, feelings of abandonment, the
sooner we let go of our pain the faster we evolve
into an enlightened being. By asking ourselves if we
are in the right place—job, career or relationship—
all of the answers can be found when we are present
and still. Go within; feel the stillness and all our
answers will come. Trust. The answer may not come
in the form we expect. It can be our thoughts,
dreams, another person’s conversation, radio, TV, an
advertisement. Be aware and be present.
Our intention to remain present may be hard
at first but practice delivers progress. Be present in
whatever we are doing in the moment, without
judgment. No thinking of what we should have done
or what we should be doing; stop planning for
tomorrow or thinking of something to say back to
someone when they haven’t even finished their
sentence. Just be in the moment while you cook,
walk, visit someone or drive down the road. Feel
what it is like to be present. When we practice being
in the now, beauty in life starts to present itself to us
in every moment. This will bring us balance, peace
and the feeling of being more grounded.
There are many ways to stay grounded. This
is a must on a daily basis to assist us in adjusting to
the universal energies. If we are feeling scattered,
dizzy, headachy, and uncertain most likely we are
If we do not have time to meditate, below is
a quick way to ground. Repeat the “I Am” mantra
below three times. Try this standing up. Why? We
will feel unwanted energies leave our body, as we
become lighter and more grounded. Ask Mother
Earth to take the energy and transform it into love.
She loves to help. Give her gratitude. In our culture
when we do a healing, ceremony or pick up some-
thing from Mother Earth we give tobacco or corn-
meal as an offering of gratitude.
Being Grounded
by Cheryl Dawn
Page 18 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
I am the Universal Divine Light
I am Love
I am Soul
I am Divine Will
I am Trust
I am Faith
I am Grace
I am Spirit
I am one with the Universe
I am
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 18 Revised.pdf 1 06/07/2009 12:04:52 PM
6 Day Vision Quest Retreats
Featuring a delicious Raw Food Diet
In the heart of 125 acres of Wilderness
Open to Group Bookings
Personal Empowerment Shamanic Retreat
Experience personal growth while working with
Shamanic tools and other gifts to open
up your heart and add to your healing practice
August 15 - 20, 2009
Awakening - Who am I - Vision Quest Retreat
Yoga, meditation & healing Ceremonies
September 2009
A Sacred Cleanse of the Body-Mind-Spirit
6 Day Vision Quest that will change your life
May 2010
Classes Oered
• Reiki/Shamanic Drumming
for healing and balancing
the Physical and Light Bodies. Drum Journeys.
• Shamanic Teachings, with Medicine Wheel, nding your
power animal and healing with rattles, feathers and cedar
• Crystal Chakra Balancing & Deep Emotional
Release work
• Getting in touch with your Angels, Spirit Guides,
Higher Self
• Reiki level 1, 2, 3 & Master/Teachers Certicate -
7 day Reiki training
• Karuna Reiki® Masters/Teachers Certicate
(must be a
Reiki Master for at least 6 months)
Cheryl Dawn is a Native Healer-Spiritual Teacher
in Cross Cultural Shamanic Energy Work & Usui Reiki
The Mantra on the left is also
for connecting us to our inner Light, our
Source. Gratitude is important, as is
working with our imagination to mani-
fest our dreams and rid our past trauma.
Visualize the out come of what it is we
desire, this is key. If we cannot feel,
sense, or see the outcome, it may take
longer to manifest, sometimes years.
For trauma, replace our old vision with
what we would have wanted our past
experience to be, in time the unwanted
image will no longer affect us in a
negative way. The mind does not know
the difference between reality and
Meditation with breath work
Sit quietly and concentrate on your
breath, pay attention to it, filling your
entire abdomen area, expanding your
belly out, then lungs, neck and head
area. As you exhale your abdomen
automatically comes back towards the
spine. Breathe in, breathe out, as
thoughts come in, go back to the breath
in and feel it as it expands the belly out,
then exhale as the belly comes back to
the spine area. Keep this deep breathing
up for 5 – 20 minutes. When ending the
meditation visualize roots from your feet
going deep down into Mother Earth for
one minute. Breath is our medicine
when working with it to its fullest.
Cheryl Dawn
Native Healer and
Spiritual Teacher
A Journey with
your Spirit
Cheryl Dawn 250 652 5849 Victoria, BC
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 19 Revised.pdf 1 06/07/2009 12:03:56 PM
Page 20 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Searching for Serenity
erenity and simplicity are obvious soul-
mates. My own tale is often the sweet subtle
blend of chaos meets absolute mayhem. Over the
years, I have found it undeniably easy to complicate
every little thing.
Simplicity has to do with discovering and
embracing the natural rhythms of life. In preparing for
this article, I discovered that the nature of simplicity
is ironically not so simple. In fact, not only do we
clutter our personal spaces but, with equal passion,
we confound our relationships, schedules, spiritual
practices and our own mental processes.
I offer below my own list of reminders that
help me to keep it simple, serene and real. Genuine
lasting contentment only arises from a state of natural
Keep and respect only what you truly value.
Our possessions and relationships come and go with
relentless unpredictability. Hold onto them lightly.
Grasping too tightly only complicates our minds,
creating wondrous levels of stress.
Regularly ponder the difference between your
needs and desires. When desires arise, consider them
and then let them drop away. This practice becomes
easier over time. Anything that might complicate the
serenity of a simpler lifestyle will become increas-
ingly less appealing.
Surround yourself with individuals who value
and nurture your soul, avoiding those who seem to
thrive on your energy without giving anything in
Don’t complicate your life with intrigue and
deception. If your relationships, romantic and
platonic, can’t withstand the truth…maybe a reassess-
ment is in order.
Spiritual expression doesn’t have to be grand
or dominating. Be simple and humble with your
When our minds tend towards becoming
clever madhouses…there is little room for serenity.
The revered spiritualist Osho maintained that simplic-
ity was found by moving from the head to the heart.
Clarity does not come from a clouded hectic mind…it
resides in a tranquil pond. So allow time for internal
silence and stillness. This is the true beginning and
ending of all spiritual practice.
To deeply embrace life, sometimes you have
to drop your words. If you are focused on analyzing
everything, then you are not completely experiencing
the wonder of your journey. Don’t always complicate
experiences by the need to classify them.
Living in simplicity, possibilities abound.
©Stephen Blose –
by Vince Pollitt
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 20.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:36:05 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 21
Searching for Serenity
Dwelling in complexity, there is little room left
for flexibility. The beginners mind has many
options, while the expert’s mind has very few.
Be open.
Understanding your motivation for
various activities is important to not feeling
overwhelmed and it can help to simplify one’s
days. Revisit this notion often, reassessing the
currency of your priorities.
Stop swimming upstream. Let go and
trust. Stop fighting with every little choice and
enjoy the ride. It’s so much simpler to flow
around life’s obstacles than through them. When
you take the time to review those priorities very
closely, they often simply disappear.
A fortune cookie once recommended I
eat only 80% of what I think I can eat. While
that advice should have come before the meal,
our life plate should be treated with the same
respect. Be aware of what you can handle and
know that this will fluctuate for any number of
reasons. Saying no is a useful skill.
In the words of Mother Teresa: “We can
accomplish something extraordinary by doing
something ordinary, with love, one day at a
time.” How simple.
partner Robyn live on
Vancouver Island where
Vince has spent the last 12
years at play in the health
industry. Vince combines
almost 3 decades of Zen
training and spiritual studies
with passions for music,
painting and writing. He
currently offers wellness and
leadership workshops at a
community and organiza-
tional level. As a spiritual
coach, he specializes in Reiki
based pranic healing with
instruction in breathing,
meditation, visualization,
and centering exercises.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 21.pdf 1 01/07/2009 6:36:38 PM
Children and Spirit
hen my ex-husband Kenny’s
mother became ill only weeks
after her husband had passed, my daughter
called to tell me that Momma wanted to
come home but there was no one there to
look after her. I volunteered to do that for
her, as this woman had taken me under her
wing and under her roof when I was a
teenager. I flew down to Florida a few
days later but, by the time I got there,
Momma was barely conscious.
I sat with her for the next ten days
until she finally passed over into spirit. I
had stopped by to see how my ex-husband
was doing. His wife Kirsten said she was
glad to see me and asked if I could have a
word with her son Dylan.
I am well known in the family for
having “unusual” things happen around
me, and she thought that Dylan needed to
talk to me.
She called him into the room and
said, “Go ahead, Son. You can tell Patti
what you are upset about.”
Dylan was ten years old and a
very sensitive boy. He stammered a little
and said, “Wwwwell...uh...I always took
the trash out to the road for Grandma. I
thought that even if Grandma and Grand-
pop aren't here anymore, the trash is still
here, so I should take it out to the road. I
did that and on my way back up the
driveway...” his voice broke and tears
welled up in his eyes.
“It's okay Dylan,” I said. “Who
did you see, Grandma or Grandpop?”
He looked surprised that I could have
guessed and he blurted out, “Both of them,
Dylans Story
Page 22 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
©Sam Shapiro –
by Patti Morton
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 22.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:14:44 PM
The Children and Spirit column is a forum for
sharing our childrens experiences, to learn
and grow from them, and yank out a few
roots of doubt along the way. To share your
child’s story please e-mail
Volume1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 23
PATTI MORTON’S life experiences have
provided her with proof of life after life. Being a
member of ASHA (Association of Spiritual
Healers of Alberta), and reading cards for
Spiritual Guidance she likes to consider herself
as “seeking answers” and following a path of
©Barbara Helgason –
Dylans Story
Children and Spirit
Patti...I saw both of them. Grandpop was
sitting in his rocking chair on the porch
and Grandma was standing behind him
with her hand on his shoulder, smiling...”
He burst into tears, “and then they were
“Oh Dylan,” I said, “don't be
afraid. What a wonderful gift they have
given you! They were letting you know
that they are happy and together and that
everything is all good where they are on
the other side. You don't have to worry.
They aren't going to ‘haunt’ you. They
were just thanking you for helping out and
you will probably not see them again. Or
if you do, it will not be for a very long
time. But how wonderful for you that they
stopped by and let you see them.”
Dylan dried his eyes and smiled,
seemingly happy with that answer. It has
been a few years now since Momma and
Pop crossed over, and to the best of my
knowledge Dylan has not had contact with
them again.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 23.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:15:48 PM
Counselling Services
Offering an integrative,
transpersonal approach to
achieve balance of body,
mind and spirit
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TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 24.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:16:37 PM
s individuals we so often ignore and
avoid our intuitive nature, the same
nature the animal kingdom lives by.
Recently I recalled an incident involving
my father and myself. I had been living abroad
and was returning home unannounced. Before
leaving, I had arranged with a friend to pick up
myself and my son at the airport. My father knew
nothing about this. On the day of my arrival,
while my friend was waiting to meet us, my
father was trying to contact him, phoning my
friend’s home and then his place of work. Some-
how my father knew I was coming home and he
wanted to know exactly when I was arriving.
I have heard many stories of information
being given in dreams that have changed
A native of Salt Spring Island, CAROL SPENCER
established the Continuous Light Sanctuary in 1999.
Continuous Light is a society dedicated to spiritualism,
where gatherings are held to share the philosophy and
gifts of spirit. Carol teaches meditation, healing,
clairvoyance and psychic awareness.
Everyday Miracles
people’s lives, or stories of individuals changing
their travel plans at the last minute and missing
traffic accidents. There is no doubt in my mind
that there are positive forces, call them what you
will, that surround us. I choose to call them God.
by Carol Spencer
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 25
©mch67 –
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 25.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:17:39 PM
by Janet Laidlaw
his time last year, I believed I was in a
secure relationship. I thought I had a stable
family life; that my husband valued and cherished
me and was willing to work out kinks along the way.
I thought I knew the road ahead. But reality is a
perception. Literally overnight the illusion of my
world disintegrated.
Last December, I went to a counselling
session with my husband, knowing something was
seriously wrong. He told me I had changed, then that
“people don’t change”. Later he said his feelings had
changed. Because he had so rarely expressed discon-
tentment, I thought our work as a couple had just
begun. Before the session, I was given a form asking
for the names of immediate family. Apprehensively,
I asked my husband what I should write. He named
me, himself and his daughter. By the end of that
session, to my bewilderment, he made it clear that he
no longer wanted me as member of this family.
Within a week, he and his daughter had left the
home I knew as “ours” and I remained there in a
state of shock and disbelief.
Then it began to snow and snow and snow.
In the following months of isolation and survival of
the elements, my reality shifted. I questioned every-
thing that was and everything that is. If I felt so
strongly that I was loved and secure, how could this
happen? What were the feelings I experienced if
they were not based in reality?
The same week that my husband and his
daughter left, one of the family dogs was euthanized.
This had been my husband’s dog and, given the
situation, I did not accompany him to the euthanasia.
The death of all life as I knew it hung forebodingly
in the air. It was surreal: it simply could not be
happening. But after they left, I knew it was real
Page 26 - True Bluse Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
because the house was upturned and silent. Except
for the conspicuously empty dog beds covered with
17 year old Rosie’s fur, the living room was vacant.
©doug Olson –
Connections of the Heart
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 26.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:18:32 PM
As luck would have it, I was scheduled for a
home business audit three days after Rosie’s depar-
ture and two days after my perceived family left the
house. It is the one part of all of this that actually
makes me want to laugh; auditors have impeccable
timing! If nothing else, perhaps my
(cont’d page 29)
Reality is merely
an illusion,
albeit a very
persistent one.
Albert Einstein
Connections of the Heart
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 27
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 27.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:19:19 PM
As luck would have it, I was scheduled for a
home business audit three days after Rosie’s depar-
ture and two days after my perceived family left the
house. It is the one part of all of this that actually
makes me want to laugh; auditors have impeccable
timing! If nothing else, perhaps my
(cont’d page 29)
Reality is merely
an illusion,
albeit a very
persistent one.
Albert Einstein
Connections of the Heart
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 27
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 27.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:19:19 PM
Available at -
Finlandia Natural Pharmacy - Jeanie’s Vitamins - Lifestyle Markets - Nutraways
Lynns Vitamin Gallery - Natures Fare - The Vitamin Shop - The Vitamin House
and other quality Natural Health stores in your area
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 28.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:20:05 PM
JANET LAIDLAW is a is a video
writer/producer focused on spiritual and
psychic development. She has been
trained in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
and at Arthur Findlay College in the UK, a
school of spiritualism and psychic sciences.
Janet’s preoccupations include animals,
psychic and intuitive art, and developing
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 29
situation gave the auditor some empathy for me. The
audit was smooth and trouble free.
I live in a rural area where the streets aren’t
often ploughed. My life for those months was as
much about physical survival and obtaining supplies
as it was about emotional survival.
Instead of becoming depressed, I simply
knew I had to find more strength within than I had
ever known before and I began to have a vivid
dream life.
Within those dreams, which I believe are
messages from God, I found much guidance and the
will to carry on. The dreams showed me that things
had changed long before I was aware of the truth.
They also reassured me that I wasn’t, had never
been, and never would be alone. Spirit surrounded
me in those long winter months, as I trudged through
the deep snow, dogs underfoot, feeling small and
useless in the throes of a seemingly endless winter.
But all winters come to an end, and spring slowly
brings light to the darkness of the season.
My reality had been an illusion. What I
perceived to be real simply was not. So why did I
experience feelings of love and security, believing
that I was part of a forever family? Gradually I
realized that those feelings did not come from the
external world. They came from within.
Our beliefs about others are simply our own
projections. What I believed, was proven to be false,
but what I felt was very real. My feelings came from
something grander than me; a soul connection.
Though the human experience may sometimes feel
lonely, we truly are never alone. I can give Spirit—
the universal source of all love and security—the
same power I projected onto those who I regarded as
my family. From this belief, that I am safe and
loved, I empower myself to create my new reality.
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent
one.” Albert Einstein
©Knut Ekanger –
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 29.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:21:00 PM
Spirit of the Dance
Dancing with Spirit
by Michelle Staples
Page 30 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
he past few months my world has
been filled with music. Everywhere I
move a different beat carries me forward, the
rhythm of the wind, the heat of the early
summer sun, the current of the river, the
laughter of my loved ones. Each with its own
divine song to sing, encouraging, inspiring and
leading me into a dance of new discovery.
Recently I spent eight days on
Gabriola Island, dancing with some of my
beautiful sisters, remembering the dances we
came here to share with each other. One by
one we were invited to open into our potential,
to shine our light as bright as we could, each a
mirror to the other, reflecting our fears,
strengths, joy and love, offering insights into
the darkest and brightest corners of our beings
as we danced our spirit dance.
On my return, I joined my son at his
school. He led me to the swings, side by side
we pumped our legs in delight, the fields in
the playground rising and falling with our
rhythm we let go flying through the air,
dancing with the birds, falling to the earth,
welcomed by the ground we brushed ourselves
off. Off into the forest where tufts of pollen,
joyfully drifting through the trees, caught in
the rays of the afternoon sun as they moved,
shifting, bouncing, falling to their own gentle
dance with the breeze.
From there, home to the man I love,
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 30.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:21:53 PM
Spirit of the Dance
Dancing with Spirit
integrating the delightful dance that weaves
together the sacred relationship between the
divine masculine and feminine. Supporting
each other, we move through the layers that
open us to deepen our love, trust, acceptance
and joy.
Then out for an evening with a group
of women, laughter flowing in the air as we
pose for pictures, eat Mexican food and ice
cream before witnessing the powerful veils of
a performer surrendering herself to spirit, to be
danced into an endless whirling dervish of
spinning colours.
Days followed, out in the world filled
with the stories of everyday life, work, grocer-
ies, gardening, cleaning, cooking, paying bills,
being annoyed, talking to friends, watching
movies, answering emails, remembering to
take out the garbage, forgetting the one thing I
needed to make the secret sauce. More days of
waking up, going to bed, loving coffee, being
in love, sunrises, sunsets, holding babies,
running late, celebrating birthdays, mourning
death, smelling flowers, watching grass grow,
mowing the lawn, planting, weeding, rain,
wind and lightning.
I pause, resting in the shade of our
apple tree after seemingly endless weeks of
motion, a simple truth unveiled into the eyes
of a tired yet beating heart. All of this, every
detail of this journey I am on, every moment I
am here, is an invitation from spirit to
discover my own dance, to open and remem-
ber my own songs so I can dance and sing
them back into the world.
MICHELLE STAPLES helps people speak and
discover their own stories. She writes for various
publications, compiles papers on community, social
and economic development, and helps develop
documentary and educational films. As the Youth
Program Director for the Cowichan Aboriginal Film
Festival, Michelle works with youth of all cultures,
supporting them to speak their voice and tell their
own story. She continues her dance studies, training
to become a facilitator of Khundalini Dance
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 31
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 31.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:22:56 PM
magine for a moment, having the ability to tap
into and experience an unfamiliar world
within our own, containing forces of unimaginable
potential. It can be difficult trying to wrap our
conscious reality around the possibility that this world
would even exist, let alone imagining what it would be
like. In actuality, a world such as this does indeed
exist. Given advances made in the realm of quantum
physics, science is coming up with plenty of proof that
our physical reality is not quite what we think it is.
Our perceptions of what we see and experi-
ence around us (barring a few exceptions) are limited
to our five senses. We tend to discount those experi-
ences we perceive as mystical (not to be taken
seriously!) but somehow seem to affect us with
profound significance. Having become so entrenched
in our beliefs, created through societal conditioning
within this three dimensional reality, there's not much
room left for what appears to be a slip into some kind
of sublime esoteric world. However, it's precisely this
type of experience which often gives meaning to the
confusion most of us struggle through daily.
With recent discoveries made in quantum
physics, together with results now being achieved in
lab trials throughout North America, the proof of an
extraordinary invisible medium is “in the pudding.”
The possible reality of a previously undetectable
energy field could piece together the complex puzzle
of our universe once and for all, and have a significant
impact on the allopathic medical community.
Several studies published in both scientific
and medical journals describe the results of effectively
harnessing this energy within controlled medical
by Maricel Piercey
Energy -
Moving Beyond 3D Reality
Page 32 - True Blue Spirit - Page 21 - Volume 1, Issue 6
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 32.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:23:43 PM
environments. One such study conducted by cardiolo-
gist Dr. Randolph Byrd at San Francisco General
Hospital in 1988, lasted over a ten month period and
consisted of 393 cardiac patients split into two groups.
With the help of a number of volunteers from
across the country, Dr. Byrd’s test group was provided
with normal cardiac treatment along with receiving
thoughts of healing energy (or prayer) sent by the
volunteers while the control group received only
traditional health care for their condition. At the end of
the ten month study, Dr. Byrd had achieved recognition
as a pioneer in providing evidence proving the positive
effects of distant healing in a clinical trial. Substanti-
ated results in his test group showed significant
improvement over the control group in virtually every
area over the course of the recovery period. The
implications of these findings are profound in a world
of traditional medicine steeped in scientific dogma.
The North American public appears ready and
willing, open to the idea of potential benefits derived
from non-traditional health treatment offered by either
complementary or alternative medicine as reported in a
recent Reuters article of Dec. 10, 2008: “About four in
ten U.S. adults and one in nine children are turning to
unconventional medical approaches for chronic pain
and other health problems, health officials said
This trend is difficult to deny even for the
loudest critics. Affordable, non-invasive, little or no
side-effects, strikingly effective health treatment...who
would have thought? I can just imagine the ancient
adepts and native communities world-wide rolling their
eyes right about now...what with our new discovery
and all! Honestly, how embarrassing!
Energy -
Moving Beyond 3D Reality
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 33
©rgbspace –
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 33.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:24:33 PM
Page 34 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Like fish in water, we also live within a
medium which is invisible to us. Thanks to
advances made in equipment able to take ever
more sensitive measurements, modern-day scien-
tists are now able to detect a previously unknown
(to our so-called “civilized” world anyway),
invisible field, apart from the well-known electro-
magnetic field we've been aware of for quite some
time. This is the energy field which many
alternative/complementary modalities rely upon to
initiate healings that at times border on the miracu-
lous. I am happy to report, these “fringe science”
methods are being taken note of and even receiving
positive feedback from some of those walking the
halls of traditional medicine.
In my opinion, armed with this docu-
mented proof, a further query begs to be addressed,
namely, does this somehow tie into the placebo
effect? If so, the opposite of placebo, commonly
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 34.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:26:08 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 35
referred to as the nocebo effect, must also be taken
into consideration. In the case of placebo, the
patient, having unknowingly been administered an
ordinary sugar pill, believing it to be actual medi-
cation for an underlying condition, has, in thou-
sands of reported cases, appeared to experience
either dramatic relief or a complete cessation in
their accompanying symptoms. Are they also
tapping into this mystical field of energy by the
very act of believing they have been given the
‘real’ medication?
Once again, based on our theory that
profound healing can be achieved based solely on
our beliefs, the nocebo effect would in fact, create
the opposite result, again based on belief. If we are
ill and believe we cannot attain a desired state of
health whether or not we are under the care of a
mainstream physician, we won't. This is generally
the end result considering the majority of humanity
is not quite at the point where we are consciously
aware of the underlying universal principle that our
beliefs do, in fact, create our reality.
Thankfully, we are making progress.
Mainstream physicians such as well-known
endocrinologist Deepak Chopra and Dr. Larry
Dossey M.D. and many others continue to publish
the results from their own clinical
studies concerning this powerful
source of energy. Bravely paving the
way, these pioneers are opening the
door and legitimizing the work of
complementary and/or alternative
health practitioners who for years have
been stigmatized and ridiculed for
practicing an art-form of healing used
and written about for centuries.
It is my belief that the outlook
in all areas of complementary medi-
cine appear positive and, as such, we
can anticipate a future in health care
that will benefit from the blending of
all traditions.
MARICEL PIERCEY QTP, CHt. is a certified
Practitioner of Quantum Touch® Energy Healing
and owner of The Guided Soul” on Vancouver
Island. Maricel, in working with her clients,
emphasizes their own innate abilities to initiate
profound healing on all levels.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 35.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:27:02 PM
Page 36 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Healthy Body - Healthy Spirit
hen I was first asked to write this article, I
thought that I could start with scary stats on
how many people have died from cardiovascular
disease. That always seems to work in getting
people’s attention. However, fear-mongering and
focusing on the negative can, in many circum-
stances, perpetuate the problem and become a
self-fulfilling prophecy.
Instead, I decided to just focus on the
positive, the breakthrough natural ingredient that
even many cardiologists are calling a wonder
drug—even though it’s a natural health product
available without a prescription. The compound is
called ubiquinol. It’s the active antioxidant form of
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that your body can readily
use. In fact, it’s the only form of CoQ10 humans can
actually use.
Note to those taking regular CoQ10 (aka
ubiquinone). Our bodies must first convert CoQ10
into ubiquinol prior to its use, and this conversion
decreases with age and various health conditions.
Produced naturally within the body, ubiqui-
nol is CoQ10 that has been converted into a
substance necessary for use in cellular energy
production. In addition to its critical role in energy
production, it is one of the most powerful known
fat-soluble antioxidants available, protecting the
body’s cells from damage caused by oxida-
tive stress and free radicals.
Who needs ubiquinol?
Our bodies produce this powerful
antioxidant everyday when we are
young. But we can’t sustain our
natural production forever, which
is why supplementation is important
for healthy aging.
The body’s ability to
produce CoQ10 declines
with age, as does the ability
to convert it into ubiquinol.
Ubiquinol levels have been
shown to be suppressed in
older individuals and those with
Overall Anti-Aging Supplement
by Dr. Lee Know
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 36.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:27:57 PM
DR. LEE KNOW is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, a
published academic, and the recipient of several awards.
He has previously held positions as a Medical Advisor,
Scientific Evaluator, and Director of R&D for major organi-
zations, and has been an integral member of various
Medical and/or Scientific Advisory Boards.
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 37
Healthy Body - Healthy Spirit
cardiovascular, neurological, liver- and diabetes-
related conditions.
However, in comparison to regular CoQ10,
this ‘pre-converted’ form is easily assimilated and
utilized by the body. Research shows that ubiquinol
is much more effective than ubiquinone at raising
CoQ10 blood levels. Ubiquinol is also more absorb-
able than CoQ10, which means that optimal levels
of CoQ10 can be restored quickly and efficiently,
especially in those who are over 40 or are affected
by certain age-related conditions.
Some of the benefits noticed from taking
ubiquinol are:
Anti-fatigue: a study to compare the anti-
fatigue effects of the ubiquinol and
ubiquinone forms of CoQ10 showed that
aged rats receiving regular CoQ10 had
a 60% increase in running time while the
group receiving ubiquinol had a 150% increase
in running time.
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF): This is the
condition where dramatic improvements have been
seen the most. The cardiologists I mentioned earlier
called ubiquinol a “major breakthrough” after seeing
CHF patients return to health.
Diabetes: Type 2 diabetics suffer from elevated
oxidative stress, which depletes both ubiquinol and
CoQ10 levels. In studies, diabetics had approxi-
mately 75% less ubiquinol than the non-diabetic
control group. Another study showed that supple-
menting with CoQ10 had no effect, which indicates
the importance of taking the active ubiquinol form
Migraine prevention: Health Canada has approved
the use of ubiquinol in migraine prevention.
A decrease in frequency and severity can be
expected after a minimum of three
months of daily supplementation.
Statin drugs for cholesterol: Ubiquinol
is essential for anyone taking a statin
drug. Why? Statin drugs work to
lower your cholesterol via the same
pathway your body uses to produce
CoQ10. CoQ10 deficiency resulting
from these drugs is one of the main
factors in why statins are notorious for their frequent
and serious side effects.
While ubiquinol is typically seen as a ‘heart
health’ product, its use is now spreading and becom-
ing more of an overall anti-aging supplement,
backed-up by considerable scientific evidence.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 37.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:28:51 PM
“Oregano, the spice? No , this is not the Oregano
found in your kitchen cupboard. There are over 40
varieties of Oregano but only a few species contain
high levels of Carvacrol, the medicinal compound
behind Oreganos infection-fighting reputation.
These plants are native to the Mediterranean and
Middle East, and include names like Origanum
Onites, O.Vulgare and O.Minutiflorum. Together,
they are generally refer
red to as “Wild Mediterranean
Oregano. The essential oil of Mediterranean Oregano
is extracted for its medicinal strength and many uses.
Since its introduction to health food stores in the mid-’90s,
Oil of Oregano has become known as an eective cold and
u remedy. Yet it does so much more! It combats all types
of infection - viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds and parasites -
which collectively cause hundreds of vario
us health concerns.
Whatever the condition, if the underlying cause is an infection,
Oil of Oregano is the natural answer. An increasing number
of physicians recommend it as a safe an eective alternative to
antibiotics and antifungal drugs.
Oil of Oregano has other medicinal compounds
that make it a useful product for the spring and
summer months. Whether youre a backcountry
enthusiast or a stay-at-home mom,
Oil of Oregano is
a medicine chest in a bottle”. When applied topically,
Oil of Oregano disinfects and speeds healing of damaged
tissue. Use it on wounds, cuts, blisters, splinters and
sores. Oil of Oregano treats inflammation and pain
too. Use it on sore muscles and joints, first-aid injuries,
tendonitis, campfire burns, bruises, skin irritations and
rashes. Apply to insect and animal bites to disinfect, reduce
ling, speed healing and reduce itching. It is ideal for skin
reactions to “swimmer’s itch”, stinging nettle and poison ivy.
Oil of Oreganos many medicinal actions also make it helpful
for upset stomach, gas, nausea, cramping and other digestive
complaints. It can be used to prevent or treat food poisoning, or
illness caused by water-borne pathogens. The list goes on…
Oil of Oregano is a perfect traveler’s companion and
a must for
every first-aid kit. For more information, visit your local health
food store and speak with a trusted health product advisor.
Discover for yourself how amazing this product is!
A Medicine Chest in a Bottle
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 38.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:29:44 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 39
Living Soup
Place 1 tbsp of olive oil, 2 stalks of celery
and 2 cups of water in your blender and blend well
Then add:
1 clove garlic, 3 tomatoes, ½ lemon juiced,
½ tsp sea salt, ½ tsp sage or cumin
Then add:
1 small red pepper, cored and cut in chunks,
1 small handful of parsley or dill,
Pulse your blender to slightly chop.
In a food processor or with a grater, grate 1 parsnip
and 2 carrots. Place in the bottom of serving bowl
then pour contents of blender over the top.
Garnish with ½ cubed avocado and 1 chopped green onion.
*May warm slightly if desired.
Serves 4
Kale Salad
1 head Kale
½ cup red pepper diced
½ cup tomato diced
1 cup avocado, peeled and pitted
1 ½ tablespoons olive oil
1 ½ tablespoons lemon juice
½ teaspoon sea salt
¼ teaspoon cayenne, or to taste
Cut kale into bite size pieces
In mixing bowl toss all ingredients together,
massaging until kale and avocado becomes creamy.
Serve immediately
Serves 6
Healthy Body - Healthy Spirit
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 39.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:30:36 PM
Page 40 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
or Shena Meadowcroft, the directions
life skills have taken her are as varied as the
many countries in which she has resided. Having
lived in Belgium, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.,
she chose to make Canada her home.
Shena had the desire to create beautiful art
from a young age. It wasn’t until maturity that Shena
allowed that desire to blossom.
“One brother was the artist, one the musi-
cian, I was the dancer, and my sister was the brains;
there was only room for one painter in the family,”
she says. “I remember going to Ireland with my
brother. He painted landscapes and I painted mud,
but when I went home I created those landscapes
from fabric and collages.”
She was fortunate enough to embrace her
intuitive abilities early on. This led to her becoming
an intuitive consultant where she worked predomi-
nantly with psychometry. Before working with any
client Shena always puts out these special thoughts,
• Thank you for these gifts
• Please take care of me while I am using them
• Take my ego completely out of here
• Never let me say anything that will harm
Shena Meadowcroft
Artist - Intuitive - Writer
by Dorothy Jeanne Engst
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 40.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:31:35 PM
A Taurus with her moon in Pisces, Shena
has the trait of getting the job done, yet her
creativity is always niggling at the back of her
mind. The perfect outlet for both of these qualities
was her teaching of intuitive art. Allowing
students to let their art evolve intuitively, it was
continually amazing to see faces and symbols
surface in random swathes of paint. It was a
healing process. Healing, creativity, intuition all
come from the same part of the brain.
After years of being inundated with her
intuitive work, Shena’s body told her to take time
for herself. She moved to Gabriola Island to rest.
It was time for her to use her creativity to heal
herself. She decided to make a healing doll. It was
beautiful. This led to making hundreds of dolls,
“Spirit Dancers” and “Wild Things” she called
them. Many came with a special written thought
that had come to Shena while she was creating it.
As each one was purchased, the new owner
seemed directed to it as if by a homing signal.
One summer in particular, a fourteen year
old girl purchased one of the “Wild Things” when
she was drawn to it at the Saturday Market. The
girl never let it out of her sight, carrying it around
her home in Vancouver all the time. Her parents
started to be a little worried; after all wasn’t she
getting rather old to be so attached to a doll? One
day the girl started to unravel the leg of the doll to
see how it was made. Her eyes lit up with joy!
Shena makes all her dolls out of recycled
products. This particular doll had been made from
a favourite dress the girl’s mother had once
owned! Mum’s “Gabriola” dress had been handed
in to the Gabriola Island Recycling Organization
earlier that summer while they vacationed at their
Shena has moved on from dolls to creat-
ing beautiful cards, watercolours and collages. At
times she has tried to focus on only one thing: art,
writing or the intuitive…while letting the others
go. But what she has discovered without a doubt is
that they all need to work together.
As Shena re-establishes her full time work
as an intuitive, she documents it in her blogs and
stories and expresses it in her art through greeting
cards, journals and artworks layered with paint
and fabrics—a reflection of the many layers that
make up her own person.
Shena is pictured with one of
her Wild Things”. Visit her at
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 41
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 41.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:32:43 PM
Multimedia Video
Sail into your Intuitive
Intuitive Cruises
Board a 41 foot sailing yacht
in Ladysmith, BC and spend the
day sailing around the gulf islands.
With water being a conductor, allow
the journey to provide the perfect
opportunity to enhance your intuitive.
For information & booking email -
2009 Schedule
Day Cruises
August - 2, 5, 12, 15, 18, 21, 23
Two Day Retreats
August - 8th & 9th or 27th & 28th
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 42.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:33:30 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 43
©Sharpshot –
Aboriginal Spirit
egardless of size, whether a single potted
plant or a plantation, it is a place where
magic is constantly occurring and the more that
we are aware of this magic and the more we
participate in it, the more benefit we will receive
from our garden.
If our plants wither and die or thrive in the
luxury of our love, it will indicate their response
to the energy they are receiving. A few simple
suggestions are—always talk lovingly and touch
the plant or plants if possible. They are living and
thrive on affection and attention. Also strive to
become aware of the tiny people that gather in the
garden, as they nurture each growing thing, they
appreciate our help.
The single most important ingredient for a
luxuriant garden is love. There are endless ways to
demonstrate this love. A simple but effective
practice that was given to me is:
1. Have a circular container of water in
the center of the garden, whether a small dish or
an elaborate fountain.
2. Place energized stones in a circle
around the water, to give the tiny people a pleas-
ant place to gather.
3. Have friends come with a small stone
that they have imbued with loving energy and
have them place it in the circle around the water.
These stones will be a permanent reminder of that
person’s awareness and approval of the tiny
people that tend and care for your garden.
Using this and other similar methods of
tender loving care in your garden will return to
you ten-fold.
The Garden
by James Henry Spencer
JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary
Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe. Known affectionately by his
friends in the spiritual community as Wisdom James”,
he has found a place of peace and harmony and
strives to share that with anyone in his energy field. “I
have an inner joy that continually overflows to those
around me and a constant need to share these
beautiful gifts that I have been blessed with. It is my
desire to imbue the gift of peace, love and harmony
into your life.”
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 43.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:34:26 PM
Page 44 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Animal Whispers
an you talk to wild animals, some people
ask me. My reply is, “Of course I can and
so can you!” Communication with an animal
being, wild, domestic, lost or passed over, is
relatively the same. However there are a few subtle
differences connecting with wild animals, as they
require a great deal of respect and gratitude.
Most wild animals are more than willing to
communicate and cooperate, helping us to learn
and grow spiritually in our connection to all living
things. They will generally come through to you
and share with you in different ways, as each
individual animal will have a different personality
by Stephanie McColl
just as we do. Over the years I have been blessed
with many encounters with a variety of species and I
am always left with tremendous feelings of awe,
wonder and gratitude.
A few years ago I took myself on a much
needed camping trip to Sidney Island, not far from
Victoria, for a week. A growing herd of Fallow deer
live on the island and I always look forward to
seeing them and connecting with them when I visit.
On my first day there I encountered a small herd
near the camp site and observed them grazing in the
morning sun. I slowly made my way toward them,
not wanting to scare them off, when I spotted an
When the Wild Speaks
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 44.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:47:05 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 45
Animal Whispers
unusually coloured doe in some distant trees. I was
immediately struck by her beauty and yet some-
thing felt amiss. I sent her a mental message that I
intended her no harm and would stay where I was. I
instantly felt feelings of fear and sadness coming
from her so strongly I wanted to burst into tears. I
gently probed and asked her why she was feeling so
sad and fearful. I received images of her and other
deer running through the woods and hearing a loud
bang. She then sent me the message that her baby
had died at the hands of humans. I at first found this
hard to believe as there is no hunting on Sidney
Later that night the Warden came by to
collect my camping fee and in the ensuing conver-
sation he told me that indeed a First Nations band
were allowed to come and cull the deer as they had
no natural predators and the herd is growing beyond
the island’s capacity. I was shocked not only by this
news but by the validation I had just received. The
doe's experience came flooding back and I now
knew the full extent of her fear and sadness. She
was grieving the loss of her baby and fearful that
she or her kin may be next. Each time I saw her
during that week I apologized to her on behalf of us
humans and sent her messages of love, forgiveness
and gratitude. To my amazement each morning she
would appear and stay a little longer in the field and
every day that week I would receive gifts of antlers,
bones, fur and messages of gratitude from the herd
which I previously had never received. On my final
day camping I told her I would look for her each
time I came to the island to see that she was safe. In
the following years I have often been graced to see
her in the same spot when I visit the Island.
Each time you encounter a wild animal be
grateful for the messages and gifts that you may
receive, for every encounter is indeed precious.
STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and
reiki master who has been working with animals since
an early age. When she isn’t working her magic on
animals, she focuses her energies towards helping
people live natural and healthy lives. You’ll find her
managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney, B.C.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 45.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:47:54 PM
any people presently view their world as
bleak and feel consistently stressed about
their financial and emotional lives. They do not feel
bright about the future. Every day we have the
choice to look at our circumstances and view our
world accordingly. A progressive life is one that
requires us to be more courageous, more conscious
and less fearful.
If we want to have a bright future we can
begin by learning to live progressively. Each of us
has a decision to make every day of our lives, in
small or big ways, about how we will face a particu-
lar circumstance or situation. That choice is to let go
of old patterns in our personality that bind us to the
past and prevent us from consciously embracing the
future. We can become more conscious by exploring
and embracing facets of our personality that we have
not previously used. We can let go of outmoded
patterns that no longer represent who we are or who
we want to be in this life, in order to allow ourselves
to evolve into a person who is different, new and
In this evolution we can become capable of
viewing ourselves and the world as new, each and
every day. A bright future is one that is filled with
enthusiasm, with vitality, with possibility—and it is
all within our grasp.
In this chaotic world, filled with all kinds of
drama, it is difficult to stop, listen and have the
courage to examine what we are doing and why we
are living life a particular way. By listening and
observing ourselves we can step out of our drama
and explore new ways of expressing ourselves. By
living differently we can become progressive or
conscious in creating bright new days for ourselves
and in turn influence those around with our renewed
Lavone is one of those people who created
herself a bright future.
A Bright Future
Page 46 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
by Dr. Sterling Desmond & Rea Ciera
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 46.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:48:52 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 47
At 66, she had been suffering
from multiple sclerosis and not
able to do the things she used to
do, like gardening or driving. She
had difficulty walking and her
eyesight was affected by the disease.
Lavone decided she needed to
make a change at a core level. She
sought help for her symptoms but
ultimately her short recovery, a few weeks
only, was due to the new choices she started
She decided at an energetic level that the
description of herself that included her personality
suffering from disease, no longer applied to who she
really was. She decided that the suffering served no
purpose in her. She started embracing new facets of
herself and let go of the non-progressive personality
traits. Now Lavone makes new choices every day
based on an intuitive, progression response. As a
result, her health continues to improve and so does
her garden!
If you think about the many facets of your
own personality, do you think of yourself as being
limited in some areas? Most people do, but when
these personality traits are examined, often it is
found that those descriptions originated from outside
sources and were adopted
subsequently as personal
It is time to look outside
yourself and embrace a wider
view of your self. That means
embracing everyone around you,
thereby seeing what you may want
to maintain and what you may want to
let go of in order to create a bright
future tomorrow.
involved with intuitive practices since childhood. Dr.
Desmond has 15 years experience in Advanced Energy
Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture,
Aromatherapy and Counselling.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 47.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:49:41 PM
ast issue, we began a discussion of the
modern day taboo surrounding serious
discussion of UFOs. First among several reasons for
this attitude has been the policy of the United States
government’s Central Intelligence Agency of
creating a relentless program of ridicule and
dismissal, an attempt to discredit any attempt at
serious enquiry in this field.
Second, the idea that there may in fact be
intelligent species visiting Earth is profoundly
threatening to many people. If it were to be revealed
that, indeed, contact has been made, that the
government has irrefutable evidence and informa-
tion verifying the reality of aliens, even if there was
no actual threat, the news would be received by
many with confusion, dismay and denial.
Scientists with strongly held views about
what is and is not possible would be seriously
challenged to adjust their theories. Then there are
the rigid, negative and defensive thinkers who
would automatically assume all sorts of dire possi-
bilities, such as invasion, and the equally numerous
emotionalists who would assume that Space Broth-
ers have come to save us, or to start a new religion.
In the 1950s, the Brookings Institute, a high
level Washington think tank, specifically addressed
the possible repercussions of contact with an
intelligent alien species. They recommended that
any knowledge of alien presence be withheld from
the public, to avoid panic, confusion, and possible
collapse of the economy.
Third, some people seem incapable of
hearing, or registering, serious information about
extraterrestrial intelligence. This may be because
Page 48 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
UFOs - Not so Simple
Part Two
©chrisharvey –
by Michael Gintowt, MA
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 48.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:50:30 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 49
psychology, and formal training in
hypnosis, behavioural neurobiology, and
clinical psychology. His interest in the
paranormal can be traced to when he
was 14 years old, and corresponded with
Dr. J.B. Rhine, the pioneering parapsy-
chologist. For decades, he has been
involved with the divinatory arts,
shamanic practices, and martial arts. He
lives on Vancouver Island with his wife.
©tibolux –
trial Hypothesis that UFOs are spaceships that come
from other planets, he tends to favour the hypoth-
esis that they belong to another order of reality, and
are somehow involved in the guiding or manipulat-
ing of human evolution.
In this respect, he is closer to the theories of
Carl Jung, the psychologist who suggested that
UFOs are a manifestation of the Collective Uncon-
scious, in response to humanity's need for guidance
during troubled times. Others suggest that the Earth
itself has a consciousness that somehow generates
UFOs as part of an over-arching evolutionary
process that prods humanity forward by confronting
us with inexplicable phenomena.
The study of unidentified flying objects is
complex and fraught with difficulties on the
personal, societal and political level. It remains a
fascinating field filled with seemingly endless
the information is too threatening to their world-
view, or that their world-view simply cannot
accommodate such information, so it does not
Another proposal, made by Dr. Timothy
Leary, is that a person needs to be sufficiently
evolved at a genetic level in order to register, let
alone seriously think, about extraterrestrial intelli-
gence. This idea is based upon the hypothesis that
humanity originally came from the stars, and that
we are destined to evolve to the point where we
complete the cycle by returning to the stars.
Whatever the reason, many people have
trouble accepting the notion that intelligent aliens
may be visiting us. Sceptics ask why they would
travel so far to see us, yet remain hidden, or they
admit that they must exist, but that it would be
impossible to travel the vast distances that separate
the stars.
Dr. Jacques Vallee (a research scientist
responsible for developing ARPANET, the precur-
sor to the Internet) pointed out that there are far too
many sightings required for simple alien surveil-
lance or research. He also studied the strange,
paranormal, and bizarre nature of many reports, and
concluded that UFOs are real, physical objects, that
they are usually accompanied by paranormal
phenomena such as telepathy, and that they have
been happening for many hundreds if not thousands
of years. Although he still entertains the Extraterres-
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 49.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:51:29 PM
oday’s article is all about the Ruling
Number 2.
This is the symbol of duality and other-ness.
When the autonomous-self (#1) is ready, it is
propelled from within towards other human
beings, community and/or causes we deem more
important and of greater value than ‘self alone.’
Attributes of Ruling Number 2
This number is situated at the entrance to the
spiritual realm and is often felt and recognized by
the effect of a strongly intuitive and sensitive
nature. Intuition will always guide us to the heart;
when this opens we are led to the innate well of
wisdom tucked safely within the core of our soul.
Thus, we effectively connect with the energies of
the divine within ourselves and others. Lessons in
‘listening’ to our inner voice, and the value of
loving, sharing and giving are what the number 2
symbol offers.
Page 50 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Life Purpose
There is a dual purpose involved here:
to embrace and to understand the
value of service. These special
persons are often the
unrecognized heroes
who benefit the
whole of mankind.
Their deep
and dedication
Number Two
by Shannon Wills
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 50.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:52:23 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 51
Numerology is the study of the
signicance of numbers and names,
valuable tools in helping us
understand our purpose in life. This is a
series of articles about the Ruling or Life
Path Numbers and how they
inuence our growth and
to someone or something beyond themselves is
their offering and they teach us the value of service
that goes beyond our personal and often egotistical
All great leaders need the dedication, loyalty and
support of others who work selflessly on their
behalf, that all may prosper and benefit. Without the
ruling number 2, there would be no success stories
for the visible heroes who come to guide and lead
society in whatever ways their gifts are urging
them. Writers, musicians, politicians, charities, and
artists have always been in need of the champions
who support their cause; those champions are
number 2 people.
Greatest Challenge
It may take some time for number 2 people to
realize that many errors in judgment can and do
occur when rationality is used in place of intuition.
Oftentimes a man may succumb to the societal
expectation that all men must be #1 and anything
less means failure. Nothing could be further from
the truth. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is a
good example of the Number 2 person.
Healthy Outlook
We all need to understand that each soul here has a
significant part to play. As on a giant stage, we
choose a different role each time and eventually we
experience them all. The important thing to remem-
ber is to do our very best each time, as everything
we do has a far reaching effect and changes the
‘stage’ future generations act on. When we feel a
sense of joy from the life we live, we can be proud
and know we are doing our parts well.
SHANNON WILLS has been a
Metaphysical student for over 40
years. Several years as a
professional channeler assisted
her progress in understanding
spiritual energy. As a Reiki Master
Teacher she has merged the
power of sound to create a
unique healing experience for
her clients. Her interest in
Numerology began in the late
80’s and blossomed when she
discovered a spiritual connection
to numbers.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 51.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:53:13 PM
Soul Awareness
Physical expression
2 8
D.H. profile:
Numerology profile based on the birth date:
October 28, 1961-1/28/1961
Birth date analysis: 1-28-1961=
1+2+8+1+9+6+1=28, 2+8=10/1:
Ruling number = # ‘1’
Grid Placement: showing the proper placement of
your birth numbers.
Ruling Number 1
This number is all about the lessons of self-autonomy
and finding one’s place in the world as a self-reliant
person. You will need to develop the qualities of
self-expression and leadership. Adaptability is an
essential attribute to be learned and can only be
learned through experience which can be often very
painful. Your survival skills will be honed. This creates
a diverse set of talents that will enable you to under-
stand and relate to many different types of people. It
all becomes worth it however, when we realize that all
we have learned and experienced can benefit those we
come in contact throughout our lives.
Chart showing letter conversions:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Page 52 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Numerology Prole for D.H., a
Name analysis for D.H. (based on total of vowels in
the full name)
Soul Urge # 11/2
The number11 is considered by all numerologists a
Master Number. It signifies a highly developed
spiritual nature and its importance at this time in our
world is highly significant. Very advanced souls with
carry-over qualities of psychic and spiritual develop-
ment come in with this number and have important
work to do in this field. I sincerely hope you learn to
properly develop the important tools that are a part of
this field such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and
clairaudience. Intuition is the start point only, and you
need to go much further with the guidance of an
ethical earth-teacher or etheric guide to assist you in
the navigation of these realms.
Personality # 8 (total of all consonants in name)
This shows your propensity towards organizational,
business skills and a highly advanced proclivity to
running the show. Embrace this, as persons with highly
developed ethics are very much needed in these fields.
You may find yourself led towards the more progres-
sive fields of health management and would do very
well there. Able also to assist with ‘trouble-shooting’
and teaching and you are strongly pulled towards
empowering others to be the best they can be.
Integrated Self # 10/1 (total of all numbers in name)
Here, it all comes together with the number 1 calling
you again to leadership. With your unique blend of
skills, D.H., you will likely have a very interesting and
worthy life filled with growth and divine companion-
ship to lead and accompany you. The teachers and
helpers from these heavenly realms will keep you
grounded in your duties here on earth and their
companionship is worth every bit of effort you put into
that focus. You can do almost anything, if you remem-
ber that your strength and guidance comes from the
divine part of your being and not your ego-self.
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 52.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:54:01 PM
Soul Awareness
Physical expression
1 4
J.M. profile:
Numerology profile based on the birth date:
February 20, 1942 – 2/20/1942
Birth date analysis: 2-20-1942=
2+2+0+1+9+4+2 = 20
Ruling Number = ‘2’
Grid Placement: showing the proper placement of
your birth numbers.
Ruling Number 2
As you can see, JM’s ruling number is a 2. I know this
lady personally and she is a wonderful example of how
a person can truly fulfill their karmic destiny when
they are in alignment with their life’s purpose. She has
naturally gravitated towards areas of service through
most of her life and eventually found an organization
she strongly believes in, and continues to serve.
It certainly helps that JM is so intuitively gifted
because this ability led her along the paths that have
fulfilled her life and eventually led to her meeting the
wonderful man who is now her husband. Both have
given their time in active service for many years,
furthering the continued growth of an organization that
offers much insight to a great many people in the way
of spiritual growth. To this day, she and her husband
offer their time and home in the service of others.
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 53
Numerology Prole for J.M., a
Chart showing letter conversions:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Name analysis for J.M. (based on total of vowels in
the full name)
Soul urge # 6
This vibration strongly affects home life, artistic
endeavors and these people are known as healers and
councillors. It is perfectly suited to JM’s way of life as
her home is filled with beautiful art, much of which is
her own creation and there is no other number more
fitting for this intuitively gifted hypnotherapist. She
obviously was listening to her soul-speak when
choosing this profession.
Personality # 3
This number assists the vibrations of the intellect with
quick analytical thinking and as part of the mental
plane; it sits at its trailhead. Persons with this number
love to entertain and socialize but do not like to be
around alcohol and loud raucous energy, as there is a
refinement to their artistic nature that is very much at
odds with those vibrations.
Integrated Self # 9
This is the combination of the #6 and the #3. It is a
very powerful number with the force of idealism that
marks an advanced soul with an important part to play.
She does this best by giving others the lead whenever
possible as their talents and abilities are as important to
her as are her own. I think that JM has managed to
weave her way through life and live up to and beyond
her life purpose very well. By learning to wisely use
the psychic abilities she brought with her into this
lifetime, she has beautifully fulfilled her cosmic
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 53.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:54:45 PM
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 54.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:55:37 PM
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 55
HEATHER K. ELRIX resides in Chemainus where she has worked
actively in astrology, massage and the healing arts for many years. She
shares her astrology readings on the next two pages. 250-246-1447
© -
As the Wheel moves...the
Earth...and Her People...are
– Larger, closer than ever
As Humans we have fought
WHAT!"; with a Historical
WHY?...all to cover the lie...
We ARE Shifting...from a
time of inhuman atrocities to
that of Humane Responsi-
Mid-June saw Mars & Venus
conjunct, Romancing each
other in Taurus...then
becoming Intellectual &
together in Gemini through
July...While Mars
stayed...Active & hopefully
Athletic, Venus slipped into
Moon Mother Cancer
where she resumes her
Psychic & Nurturing self.
Mars enters Cancer in an
attempt to catch Her at the
end of this month...& when
he does...Venus runs off to
Leo seeking attention...
creating a Smokescreen of
Emotional Steam!
by Heather K. Elrix
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 55.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:56:24 PM
ARIES–Fire-Action, Combustion
Ruled By–Mars
March 21–April 20
Key Phrase–I Am
An Individualist...You KNOW your own mind. Your "Way" is imminent.
Independence is strength...& though outstanding: temper it with co-operation!
Allow for more Heart (Feeling) and less Brain (Reaction) in your do not always understand
the emotional turmoil of others.
Stick to sensible's kindness that matters in the end.
TAURUS–Earth-Manifestation Ability
Ruled by–Venus
April 21–May 20
Key Phrase–I Have
The Balance of Reason...Gives you Power with People, look for The Balance & cultivate
The Power!
Worldliness brings you success in your chosen eld...Explore the Arts, Business,
Environment & People...with Patience & a great Energy.
Always remember...Personal Pride has a Cost!
Ruled By–Mercury
May 21–June 20
Key Phrase–I Think
Running on High Voltage...Remember to ground so you don't burn out!
Flame in the wind that you can be...Romance jumps into Possibilities...and
speeds to Exit Stage-Left just as quickly.
Relax...Your nerves need resting...or your Health will be a factor!
Your Entrepreneurial Sense of Self is potentially becoming realized.
Accomplishments become You!
CANCER–Water-Ocean of Emotion
Ruled By–The Moon
June 21–July 20
Key Phrase–I Feel
Self Protective & still Sensitive...One can defend Oneself from the Intrusions
of the World..."If You're a Hermit Crab!!!"...In case you're an
Inspirational, Demonstrative, deep Soul, who creates an Artisan's way...reside
happily within your Kingdom!
KNOW You have Executive potential...Your Best Always does well...Let the
world in...Even One Drop At A Time. Remember..."Courage To Stay
Sensitive" A Quality to Honour.
Ruled By–The Sun
July 21–August 20
Key Phrase–I Will
Deeply ambitious, with Impersonal passion, you are either one minute "Warm & Cuddly", or
the next, "Cold & Detached", while Pride or Vanity sorts the admiration personally satisfying you.'re dierent...a kind-Cat...whose Grand Humanitarian Outlook radiates high purpose
—AND… seless behaviour Giving Back Threefold. Well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...August means
Greatness...this is YOUR TIME!!
Ruled By–Mercury
August 21–September 20
Key Phrase–I Analyze
Intellectually Motivated, You become Sentimental later; rather than Romantic...YOU analyze that, You're
Better at Thinking than most... Is it "a high sense of discrimination"...or..."are we Hob-Nob's" now? Why do
you feel to be "Radical" oends "Society"...? As the intellectual, can you come up with "right action
Remember the First Principle..."Mentalism embodies the truth that—ALL IS MIND"
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 56.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:57:17 PM
LIBRA–Air-I Can Fly, I Can Touch The Sky
Ruled By–Venus
September 21– October 20
Key Phrase–I Believe
Your Mystic Faith in Romance makes you one of Our Favourite People. Deeply connected to those around
you...with Love that ignores Dierences & gratefully accepts the unique qualities of others. SOMETIMES
Where do Others end & You Begin? & Vice Versa...For every cause there is an eect!
SCORPIO–Water-Deeply moving Emotion
Ruled By–Mars
October 21–November 20
Key Phrase–I Desire
Enormous energy & Imagination help you express your creativity. Are You just unconventional
(Yeah) or...are they really erratic ups and downs? Find your rhythm...from Inside...then Out.
Informed, Involved & Inspired, You introduced incongruence…oh Transformational One!
Here's to Our Awakening!
SAGITTARIUS–Fire-Smouldering Coals
Ruled By–Jupiter
November 21–December 20
Key Phrase–I See
Working ideology into your life is very Spiritual, your strong point. So lead
us to Utopia, dear Philosopher...we BELIEVE You!
It's just Spiritual & Warrior together...takes time for the Common Man
to get used to...Some basic people are just that...BASE...stuck in a lower
Chakra...Don't let others hold you back...there is no need to Fight…just
Lead!! Growing in Grace, Intimacy & Trust.
CAPRICORN–Earth- Divining Destiny
Ruled By–Saturn
December 21–January 20
Key Phrase–I Use
Polarizing your Earthen Nature to success, Everything is dual, Everything
has two Poles & Everything has its Opposite. YIN/YANG As You direct all that
is manifest, each has two sides—two aspects...Everything IS & ISN'T at the
same time. As a Principle of the Kybalion, "all paradoxes may be reconciled."
Don't just gain with authority...use Your power for the greater good of all.
Your amazing power of "Personal Responsibility."
AQUARIUS-Air–Rainbow Seeker
Ruled By–Uranus
January 21–February 20
Key Phrase–I Know
Don't let your bent be Critical...discrimination is a valued trait...Though you are extremely
idealistic & romantic now...Your innate nesse leads you to a Partnership of your choice.
Preferred by most, your company excels in a crowd. Get Over...RULING or QUITTING
as your only options. Cooperation is your new key to understanding Mankind...learn a new
way to Communicate!
Ruled By–Neptune
February 21–March 20
Key Phrase–I Believe
At times you are so highly introspective it makes you strangely Reality, all wound up
inside, your timidness creates withdrawal instead of encounter. In an exceptional could have
Tact & Sensitivity lead you to a position of authority...for Moments anyway! Then swim away on another
current, staying intangible is your internal existence. Alternating aggressive & reticent, your expansive
personality belies....IF one could look below the surface, there are deep pools of consciousness few are
aware of...on occasion You JOIN the few!
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 57.pdf 1 01/07/2009 8:57:53 PM
Maurizio Cavallo Jhlos”
In 1981, Maurizio Cavallo’s contact began with a group of very
human-looking alien beings from the Aquila star system. Their home
planet of Clarion is three galaxies away – a mind-boggling distance of 150,000
light years, which takes them approximately 72 days to travel via electro-
magnetic wormholes.
I have now re-read “Beyond The Heavens” a third time, more
wide-eyed and in total awe with each reading – Maurizio Cavallo’s
tortured soul cries out from the pages of his compelling “journal” which
he scrawled deliriously in a desperate attempt to keep what remained of his
sanity during those initial months, which mutated into years. The book
reads like a primal scream of unimaginable anguish erupting from the
abyss of madness – desperate to escape the incomprehensible nightmare
his off-world “Star Lords” had turned his reality into, Maurizio came very
close to suicide.
Cavallo’s extraordinary ability to verbally paint vivid, surreal
strokes of otherworldly colours, geometric shapes and soulful moods in the mind’s eye is hypnotic – his naked and
writhing emotions reverberate through the mind like a colossal celestial bell and will resonate to the very core of
your soul. It should be no surprise then that his awe-inspiring paintings also seem to visually sate our conscious-
ness and speak directly to our Higher Self in the cosmic language of the multiverse – thus I find myself drawn to
his website in the early dawn and immerse my psyche in his gallery of otherworldly masterpieces.
The altered realities and time/dimensional travel he experienced had Maurizio fluctuating erratically
between agony and ecstasy which mercilessly spun him dangerously close to the event horizon of insanity’s black
hole. In a desperate effort to retain some semblance of reality, and prove to him that this was not some nightmarish
psychotic breakdown he was undergoing, Maurizio took Polaroid photos of his Clarion abductors. He also photo-
graphed other aliens that are part of the “Intergalactic Confederation” – these self-appointed “Watchers of the
World” included inhabitants from Alpha Centauri, Orion, Zeta Reticula and Pleiades.
The aliens asked him not to publish these for at least 10 years, and he kept his word – some of the photos
can be viewed on his website: Along with the photos, he made feverish jottings of
events within the maelstrom which had become his life – this provided him with a tenuous grip on “reality” and
kept him from ending his life.
The relentless strain of the abductions/contacts caused Maurizio to withdraw into himself, and become
remote to his wife and two children – this culminated in the breakup of his marriage and further exacerbated his
delicate mental state. At the beginning, it was a nightmarishly painful and humiliating experience, but he now
stoically accepts his “destiny”. Once his mind accepted the reality of a new paradigm, he became very close to
these “Creator Beings” and now has a great love for them.
In an interview with renowned Italian-American photojournalist and investigative reporter Paola Harris,
Maurizio explains: “Also in my book I say that those who were my controllers, I call them abductors, those who
imprisoned me, were the same ones who gave me my freedom”.
He goes on to say: “They showed me that Cosmos is not what we believe, that life is not what we live, that
everything we call reality is a pure illusion. They opened for me a window on Cosmos, they brought me to the
edge of madness and they destroyed the Maurizio of the past. The old Maurizio existed no more, they had skinned
him, lapidated him but they had permitted the new Maurizio to look beyond the borders of what we call reality.
They gave me an immense gift – they gave me freedom”.
Page 58 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 6
Worthwhile Reading
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 58.pdf 1 01/07/2009 9:01:03 PM
Maurizio Cavallo feels he’d been trained for this before and realizes nothing happens by chance, as his
mother had also been abducted when she was a young girl. When Maurizio was seven, these “Lords of the Stars”
warned his mother to quickly leave their home – the house burned to the ground that night, and had his mother not
heeded their warning, all would have perished. The Clarions told Maurizio this was done so that he could fulfill the
destiny they had in store for him.
Maurizio announced to me that he is hard at work on a second book, detailing all that has transpired since
“Beyond The Heavens” was published and will expound on the inhabitants of Clarion – when I asked him the
title, he teasingly replied “I decided, but I don’t say it now because I want to make you a surprise!”
Maurizio continues to have contact with the Aliens on a regular basis. In a recent email, he mentions that
“they” are still contacting me, and my life is now in a fragile equilibrium, although we’re not the same after such
an experience”… then mysteriously adds “as you too know”.
“Beyond The Heavens” is a mesmerizing and revealing assault on our concept of reality, and at the same
time, an enlightening mind-feast for all seekers of cosmic truth - an unforgettable journey into Maurizio Cavallo
Jhlos’ reconstituted psyche and through him, we may better comprehend our Universe and as a result, ourselves.
Maurizio’s ominous words may indeed foreshadow our looming future: “When mankind will be able to look
through this other window and will look at reality with new eyes, perceiving the real universe we live in, we will
go insane or we will evolve. There are no alternatives”. This book is not to be missed.
by Edd Uluschak
Picture above “Merkaba”
to the left “Canyon”
Art created by “Jhlos”
Volume 1, Issue 6 - True Blue Spirit - Page 59
Worthwhile Reading
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 59.pdf 1 01/07/2009 9:02:17 PM
Directory & Events
Animal Whispers
Stephanie McColl
Bridge the gap of communication
between you and your animal.
Heather K. Elrix
Astrology, Massage &
Healing Arts
Cowichan Valley
Higher Self Channeler &
Pleiadian Healer
“FEEL” the irresistible frequencies
Gently dissolve & release separa-
tions re-aligning you to be
“UNITY” within!
Vancouver Isl.
Conscious Living
The Practice of Conscious Living
Dr. Sterling Desmond / Rea Ciera
Also providing Acupuncture
& TCM Services
1842B Comox Ave - Comox, BC
Phone: 250-941-8777
“The gateway to health
and transformation
Call Millie 250-746-7390
Future retreats for your full
Mystic Insights
Shanon Wills
Reiki Master & Sound Therapist
Intuitive Readings:
Tarot & Oracle Cards
Numerology Profiles
Natural Health Retail
Victoria - Douglas
2950 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
Victoria - Cook
343 Cook Street
Victoria, BC
Sidney Store
9767-5th Street Unit C
Sidney, BC
Barbara Adelborg CMH, HT
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Techniques: EFT, TAT, Hypnosis
Cowichan Valley
Intuitive Guides
Ahrina K Nielsen
Intuitive Reader, Energy Clearing
and Healing, Clairvoyance
Nanaimo - 250-816-2434
Metaphysical Retail
INFINITY - Gifts for your Soul
Gift store including
and Tarot/Angel card readings
113 Hirst Ave E
Parksville, BC
Gift store, beads, crystals and
much more!
#5-120 Alberni Hwy.
(behind the Chevron)
Parksville, BC
tarot, incense, candles,
jewelry, books, crystals,
gifts, classes, cauldrons
106 - 3 Fan Tan Alley
Victoria, BC V8W 3G9
ph: 250.380.7212
fx: 250.380.7412
WISHES - For Conscious Living
125 Station Street
Duncan, BC
Health Food Store
9738 Willow Street
Chemainus, BC
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Directory & Events
Natural Health Retail
Lynns Vitamin Gallery
#4, 180 Central Avenue
Duncan, BC
Spiritual Centres
Continuous Light
Carol Spencer
Ordained Minister
Salt Spring Island, BC
Cowichan Spiritualist
Church of Healing
and Light
Rev. Patricia Gunn
Ordained Minister
Duncan, BC
Two Worlds Spiritualist
Ann Woodward
Nanaimo, BC
Volume 1, Issue 5 - True Blue Spirit - Page 61
Multimedia Video
Herbal Apprenticeship Program
With Victoria Herbalist - Betty Norton
Come join us in this exciting apprenticeship program. The
program will take you on a ten-month adventure into the wonderful
world of herbs. Each month we will explore the world of plants, their
properties and the conditions they support. We will also be exploring
our local garden and forests focusing on local plants and their many
uses. “It is important to me that by the time my students have nished
the course they have a good understanding of medicine making and
identifying local plants. We will also be touching on vitamin supple-
ments and nutrition. Here is a look at the lessons:
Sept. Adrenal, nervous system, herbal preparation, decoctions, Infusions
(lunar, solar). Fall harvest.
Oct. Mental support, digestive system, herbal preparations (oils and
Ointments) Fall plant identication, wildcrafting, wild food.
Nov. Immune system, herbal preparation (syrups, tinctures, pills) and
Dec. Gifts, ower essences, herbal rst aid, spirituality, spiritual Wisdom
of plants and aromatherapy.
Jan. Pick a plant and research. Liver, allergies, and hayfever. Winter plant
identication and medicine making.
Feb. Heart circulation, plant press, drying, harvesting, and storing Herbs.
Kidney health.
Mar. Children, Spring plant identication, growing plants and wild Food.
Starting seeds and planning the garden.
Apr. Women, urinary, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.
May Natural cosmetics, botanical plant identication, harvesting, Drying
of wild food.
June Mens health, summer plant identication and wild food collection.
Registration information: We will meet every Thursday
evening beginning on September 3rd , 2009 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
Fees are 150.00 per month and should be handled with post dated
cheques. Discount for returning students. Fee includes all classroom
and eld instruction.
For more information and registration
Call Betty at 250-818-2362
Established Metaphysical business
located in beautiful downtown
Osoyoos BC - for sale.
Owners would like to retire.
Terms are negotiable.
Phone 250-809-2602
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“Uniting two lives in the miracle of love”
Available to perform your unique and meaningful
ceremony. This sacred contract that reflects the
special qualities of two individuals will enhance
your special day.
Carol Spencer, Ordained Minister
The ORGANYC line
of organic cotton products
For even the most
sensitive skin.
~ Non-irritating
~ Protective
~ Secure
~ Gentle
~ Soft
100% PURE
True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
Mary J. Gillis
Tom Masters
Tiffany Abram
Editorial Assistant
Tessa Engst
Editorial Assistant
Edd Uluschak
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Island Music … Island Life
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 63.pdf 1 01/07/2009 9:05:41 PM
TBS Volume 1 Issue 6 Page 64.pdf 1 01/07/2009 9:07:24 PM