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St. John’s UMC
January 2017 Journal
St. John’s United Methodist Church
515 S McDuffie St
Anderson SC 29624-2330
Phone (864) 224-6563
Rev. Dr. Kitty Holtzclaw
Fax (864) 224-8330
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St. John’s Journal deadline: 3rd Monday By Noon
St. Johns Journal
Page 2
For a couple of years, I gave up
on making New Year’s Resolu-
tions. The list of things that
needed “resolving” was too long
and the changes loomed too
large. After all, how many times
had I made the same resolutions
on Dec. 31 only to have them
forgotten before January ended?
But there really are some things
in our lives that would benefit
from a fresh start. The problem
is wanting something to be bet-
ter doesn’t make it happen. Yet,
as Christians we just can’t give
up! How can we make sure next
time won’t be like the last time?
On January 8, I’ll be starting a
series addressing some real-life
challenges to starting over that
we all face. The series is called
Re:Solutions. During those
weeks, we will look at some of
the false assumptions we tell
ourselves, how we can trans-
form our actions by rethinking
some of our past experiences,
and the need to let go of the
past so that it doesn’t own us.
This is also a great time to invite
friends and family to come and
worship with us.
As we stand on the eve of this
new year, I would like to thank
all of those who have been so
generous in sharing their time
and talents during the busy holi-
day season. George and I appre-
ciate every card, gift, and good
wishes you have shared. May
God bless us all as we continue
to live into the future God has
planned for us together.
Calendar Items:
January 15
Installation of Officers and
Blessing of Ministries
January 21
Bishop’s Forward Focus
Tour, Clemson UMC
Church Council Members
Please Save the Dates!!
March 3rd- 5th
SHIFT Conference
More details to follow closer
to the conference.
Emergency After Hours Crisis
Line for Parishioners
Pastor’s Corner
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 3
St. John’s Happy Group Travel News
It is a Happy New Year and a great time to explore! We are planning
a trip to Columbia, SC, for a tour of the State House and a visit to the
State Museum. The State House construction began in 1855 and
withstood General Sherman’s march on Columbia in 1865. The State
Museum houses a diverse collection of art, history, natural history,
science and technology. The planetarium features a laser light show
and a NASA gallery with artifacts from SC astronauts. Lunch will be in
the Crescent Café and you may shop for SC gifts in the Cotton Mill Ex-
change. More information will be available at the HG luncheon on
Tuesday, January 10 and in the church bulletins, Facebook, and e-
mails. Or you may call Ben and Marion Hursey (864) 261-6642.
We will study about the fulfillment of God’s
promise to restore Israel to her land after the
seventy years of captivity in Babylon. Also
the unique story of a young woman who was
in the right place, at the right time, and
saved her people from destruction. This is
part of the Genesis to Revelation Series. Tuesday, January 10, 2017,
at 10:00 a.m. in the Library. Nancy Earnhart, facilitator
Looking for a summer camp? Now is the time to
look into Asbury Hills United Methodist Camp,
located in the Appalachian Mountains above
Greenville. Camps for elementary, middle school,
and high school students are all about fun, faith,
and fellowship. Campers form new friendships,
participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities,
deepen faith with small group devotions, and experience powerful worship. For
more information, look at the Asbury Hills web site at or email Ron
St. Johns Journal
Page 4
*Denotes member of CHURCH COUNCIL
Lay Leadership 2017
PASTOR: Dr. Rev. Kitty C. Holtzclaw*,
PASTORAL CARE: Rev. Herbert Franklin
ENCE: Dr. Rev. Sinclair Lewis, Dr. Rev. Michael Vandiver
DIRECTOR OF MUSIC: Dr. Bob Heritage*
LAY LEADER: Marshall Pickens, Jr.
McAdams, Dewey & Jean Niles
ALTERNATES: _________________________________________
Faith Formation Committee: Joey Hawkins (Chairperson) *
Church School Superintendent: Wes Welborn
Assistant Ch. School Superintendent: Chris Finley
Church School Secretary/Statistician: Linda Lowery
Disaster Relief Coordinator: Matt Anderson
Stephen Ministry Coordinator: Marlene McClain, Cynthia
Care Team: Gloria Elrod (Chairperson), Jane Briggs (Asst.-
Chair), Miriam Pettigrew, Mary Rowell, Dot Fant, Gene Row-
ell, Portia Franklin
Sunday Morning Fellowship Coordinator: Mary Lake Grant
Children: Kelly Dunlap*
Faith & Fun: Toni Eunice
Disciple Zone Coordinator: Amy Kimbell
Youth: Joey Hawkins*, Team Member: Sarah Anderson
Campus & Careers: _________________________(Chairperson),
Sinclair Lewis
Adults: Jennifer Wilson*, Moyer Albergotti, Danielle Roberts
Happy Group: (President) Dick Franklin*
Health & Wellness Committee: Angela Reeves (Co-Chair)
Bitsy Pickens (Co-Chair)
Worship Committee: ________________________(Chairperson),
Ada Moorhead, Molly Rich, Jean Zorn, Evelyn Farr, Mary
Lake Grant, Jan Vestal, Lana Brock
PLUS, the following:
Communion Coordinators: Ken Ruinard, Janice Ruinard
Usher Chair: Chris Finley, Asst. Chair: Donnie Brock
Acolyte Coordinators: Emily Hazel & Jean Niles
Sound System Coordinator: Chip Reaves
Ex-officio: Music Director
Evangelism Committee: Louise Trammell (Chairperson)*,
Jane Allen, Moyer Albergotti, Shannon Jones, Wesa Neely,
Reggie Gay
Missions Committee: Chip Reaves (Chairperson)*, Randy
Reeves, Robert King, Jr., Bill West, Helen West, Bob Yon,
Frieda Yon, Kathy Smith
Committee on Finance and Stewardship:
Sam Albergotti (2012) (Chairperson)*, Pastor*, A Lay Member
of Annual Conference (Del McAdams) *, Chairperson of
Church Council (Mike Smith) *, Chairperson of Staff-Parish
Relations (Mark Blakey) *, A Representative of Trustees
(chosen by the Trustees), Lay Leader (Marshall Pickens, Jr.),
Treasurer (Dewey Niles) *, Marshall Pickens, III (2015), Cathy
Golson, Pam Mebourne.
Ex-Officio: Senior Pastor, Administrative Assistant
Nominations and Leadership Development Committee:
Class of 2017: Emily Hazel, Jennifer Wilson
Class of 2018: Marion Hursey, Moyer Albergotti
Class of 2019: Chris Harpe, Maren Reaves, Carole Cochran
(NOTE: Lay Leader* is also a member of this committee; Pas-
tor is Chairperson)
Committee on Staff-Parish Relations:
Class of 2017: Toni Eunice, Mark Blakey (Chairperson)*,
Jimmy Kimbell, III
Class of 2018: Ernie Trammell, David Lowrey, Andrea Harpe
Class of 2019: Nancy Simpson, Don Haynie, Debbie Duna-
(Lay Leader and a Lay Member to Annual Conference:
are also members of this Committee)
Board of Trustees:
Class of 2017: Michelle Pickens, James Eunice, Josh Allen
Class of 2018: Sharon Allen, Charlie Jones, Susan Thomas
Class of 2019: Tommy Dunaway, Gil Smith, Portia Franklin
Ex-Officio: Facilities Manager*
(NOTE: This Board elects its own Chairperson from among
Its Members - Chairperson* is member of Church Council)
Endowment Committee:
Class of 2018: Brodie Brigman (Chairperson), Ernie
Trammell, Dewey Niles, Charles Clary
Class of 2019: Howard Stammerjohn, Kirk Oglesby, Robert
Board of The Child Development Center:
A representative from the Board of Trustees and from the
Finance Committee PLUS the following:
Class of 2017: Sterling Allen (Chairperson*)
Class of 2018: Welta King, Cathy Farmer, Cheryl Jones
Class of 2019: Beryl Barclay, Jake Rowell, Chris Harpe
Class of 2017 or 2018 (New Vice Chair*), Ex-Officio: Director
of Christian Education*, SPRC (TBE)
(as needed throughout the year) * - member of Church Council
Changes may be made throughout the year upon Church Council
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 5
St. John’s CDC
It is a brand new year! The CDC is
very excited for what the second se-
mester of school will bring.
This month the children are learning
about hibernation and winter
months. We have a special “Wildlife
Geek” coming to the center to inform
the children about conservation of
The CDC wants to thank those of you
that joined us for our Annual Christ-
mas Program. The children did an
amazing job with their performance
and there was a great turn out of
family and friends. We want to give
a special thanks to Chip Reeves for
running the sound system for us.
In closing, we really appreciate the
support that the church has given the
Child Develop-
ment Center
throughout this
past year.
January Mission of the Month
We often think of January as the time of year to
make a clean start to the new year. Clean Start, a lo-
cal Anderson mission, gives homeless people the op-
portunity to make a clean start, not just in January
but throughout the year. Since its inception in 2006,
Clean Start of Anderson has strived to offer those
living on the streets a way to clean up and start
again. Finding a job can be hard enough, but not
having clean clothes and a shower can make the task
nearly impossible. By providing showers, laundry
service, clothing, and basic hygiene supplies, clients
are encouraged to better themselves.
Noreen Smith, Clean Start coordinator, will join us
in worship on January 29th to say a few words and
receive a check presented by the St. Johns Missions
committee on behalf of the St. John’s congregation.
In addition, we can help Clean Start by providing
needed supplies:
Bleach toothbrushes
laundry detergent toothpaste
Rubber bath mats mouthwash
Paper plates & cups(8oz) Shampoo
Disposable razors Paper towels
Toilet paper small soaps
Trash bags (13 & 30 gallon) small deodorants
White socks underwear
Financial support may be sent to CLEAN START
219 Townsend St. Anderson, SC 29625
To volunteer call (864)716-0766 or email
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 6
The St. John’s Happy Group will be meeting Tuesday January 10, 2017 at 12:00 Noon. Come
early for social time at 11:30 a.m. Our meal this month will be a covered dish featuring the
four “eSSes”, Soup, Sandwiches, Salad & Sweets. Please bring your favorite “S”.
The program for this month will be our own Sam Albergotti. Sam is traveling to Italy to trace
his family genealogy which perhaps goes back some thousand years. He will have pictures to
share and stories to tell. It will be an interesting program!
We hope you all had a blessed Christmas and we are looking forward to a wonderful New Year!
Members will be called for reservations and non-members and guests are asked to call Presi-
dent Dick Franklin or Portia Franklin at 864-642-9698 for reservations. Reservations are due
by Friday, January 6th.
Please Welcome our Interim Director of Christian Education, Rev. Ron Bentley.
Ron comes to us with great experience and a love for the UMC. We are blessed
to have you with us!
D 1998, SC: 1995 First UMC, Conway, Director of Program, 1999 Belin Memorial, Director of Youth/Program,
2000 St. George, Minister of Education and Youth, 06/04/01 Carteret
Street, Minister of Education, Youth and Children, 03/25/02 LOA,
2002 Macedonia, Mullins (3/4), Parish Minister, 01/01/2007 Macedo-
nia, Mullins, Parish Minister, 04/08/07 First Church, Easley, Minister
of Programs, 09/10/2014 Transitional LOA.
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 7
In memory of Betty Lewis
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Betty Lou
Charles & Grace Clary
The McLay Family
In memory of Bryan Gay
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Charlie Jowers
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Charles Pannell
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Dan Brown
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Eddie Thomas
Charles & Grace Clary
Carole, Evans, Carole
Cochran & Will Phillips
Glenn & Martha Padgett
Stewart & Deborah Borders
Mr. & Mrs. W. Lee Propp
Ben & Bonnie Emanuel
David King with Mutual
Investments Club
Russell & Connie Street
Thornehill HOA
Bill & Weenie Martin Daniel
Louise Pat Martin
William & Kathryn Manson
Leila Noble
James & Kim McPhail
David & Sheila King
Frances Hart Garden Club
Goody Thomas, Jr.
Gerald & Mary Alice Terry
Ernie & Louise Trammell
In memory of Jane Chamblee
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Mary Frances
Charles & Grace Clary
In memory of Paul Garvin
Charles & Grace Clary
In honor of Dr. Joe Dean
Miriam Pettigrew
In honor of Ivan Armstrong
The McLay Family
In honor of Joyce Griffith
Sonia Santschi
In honor of Linne A. Otter & Joel
Rich & Mary Linne Otter
In honor of St. John’s Staff
The McLay Family
In memory of Bob Hoover
Doris Hoover
In memory of Bonner Brown
Thomas & Katrina Harrison
In honor of Josephine Brown
Thomas & Katrina Harrison
In honor of George & Ann
Margaret Scoggins King
In memory of Betty Lewis
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Betty Lou
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Betty Stuart
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Bill Fant
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Bob Hoover
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Bryan Gay
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Charlie Jowers
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Dan & Ada Brown
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Eleanor Mabry
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Glenn Gurley
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Jane Chamblee
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Jesse Finley
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Pat Sullivan
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Linwood Findley
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Louise Cousens
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Mae Garrison
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Nancy Bobo
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Paul Garvin
John & Evelyn Farr
In memory of Nancy Bobo
Tom & Debbie Dunaway
In memory of Wilma Solomon
Joan Mattson, Rick Spletter &
Bob Spletter
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 8
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
3:30p Wortham/McWaters Wedding 2:30p Happy Group Executive Mtg. 11:00a CDC Chapel
Osteen Bldg. 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open
Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
8:20a Instrumental Rehearsal, Sanctuary 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Bible Study, Library 2:00p Bridge Club, Church Library
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, Parlor
2:00p Circle 2 Mtg.,TBD 12:00p Happy Group, Fellowship Hall
Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
2:00p Circle 1 Mtg., Church Library
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary 2:00p Circle 5 Mtg., Parlor 6:00p Task Force Mtg.
5:00p Youth Choir, Sanctuary Fellowship Hall Resv. DCM
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC
Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 11:00a CDC Chapel Fellowship Hall Reserved
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, Parlor
10:00a Bible Study, Library 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open DCM Meeting
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
5:00p Youth Choir, Sanctuary
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC 6:00p CDC Board Mtg., Osteen Bldg.
Journal info is due by Noon Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
5:00p Youth Choir, Sanctuary 5:30p Finance Committee Mtg., Parlor
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC 6:30p Church Council Mtg., Parlor
Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 6:00p Younger Adult Class, Rm 412
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 6:00p Children's Choir (Gr.1-5), Chapel
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, FH
10:00a Bible Study, Library 6:00p Youth Group, F.A.C.
10:30a Morning Worship, Fellowship Hall 7:00p Chancel Choir, Sanctuary
5:00p Youth Choir, Sanctuary 7:30p Hand Bell Choir, Hand Bell Rm.
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC 6:00p Trustees Mtg., Osteen Bldg.
January 2017
St. John's United Methodist Church, Anderson, South Carolina Mission of the Month is Clean Start- Pat Smith
(Frequent changes are made to the monthly calendar. Please check the weekly calendar in the Journal & Bulletin for confirmation of events.)