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Paparazzi by Melissa

Everything is $5 or less!!! Necklaces, bracelets, rings, headbands, hair clips


Sammy Age 5 with SPD and Epilepsy, Pending ASD and ADHD evaluation
Xander Age 4 Mainstream
Holden Age 2 with Speech Delay/Sensory 

A4L was born 2 years ago when Samuel started making bookmarks to cope with fine motor control loss. Since then his brothers have joined. All monies go toward the extras special needs implies and to various fundraisers we all decide together to work on. 

My son Samuel has epilepsy and sensory integration disorder.. He and his younger brother Xander are the first "students" of mine to explore learning through texture. They currently create bookmarks and pipecleaner art. :) In August 2013 they added bead creations to their repertoire. 

Artist Samuel Martin- is a 5 year old with SPD, SID, epilepsy, and possible autism. He makes and sells bookmarks to earn pocket money and to learn self-sufficiency. (He usually gets some sensory toy.. or more bookmark supplies)

Artist ZsaZsa Paulsen- is a 4 year old brother to Samuel. He makes fuzzy rings from pipe cleaners and various animals from pipecleaners. he uses his funds to get bunny related items. 

Artist Holden is a 2 year old brother to Samuel. He makes various things from finger painting to beaded creations. He uses his 50% for dragon items typically.

Mommy is their sales agent. :) 

Tactile and Sensory Learning through an Artistic Medium

Reason: To fulfill the gap for those who do not "fit" mainstream society while providing an outlet to release energies and to help influence focus and goal setting. 

Target Market: age 0-12
Location: CO with more locations to follow

This page is to follow my journey as I complete the steps necessary to see the dream come to fruition. 

Art4Life Care



Pink Zebra; Sarah Whipple: Independant Consultant

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Simmering Sensations

We have homemade necklaces,bracelets,headbands, crocheted hats and plushies.
We can make almost anything your heart desires if you don't see a sample of what you want here on my page just ask me and I will see if I can make it for you.
If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask either on the wall or message or email.
Also if you are hard up on money I will work with you on the prices just let me know.
Blessed Be!

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