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Holly's Baby Shower - Being an integral cog within the ADG team, we wanted to celebrate Holly's new venture into motherhood in style with lots of fun games and snacks! 

Welcome to the first addition of the Antwerp Dental Group Journal!







Smile Month Awards - A look back at our successes during last years smile month campaign and the benefits it has had on our local community.

The Arrival of Clock House Dentistry! - The rise of our fantastic new practice in Linton!! Why have we chosen to move? Acknowledging the team that have worked hard in contributing towards making the move a success.

Why Consider a Dental Implant? - What are the benefits? What does the treatment involve? How long does it take? All the information you need to consider should you be contemplating a dental implant at ADG.




''Antwerp House Group was recognised at the Dental Awards 2016, scooping 2 awards including 'Best National Smile Month Event 2016' and Apple Tree Dentistry's very own Beth Sievewright winning 'Receptionist of the year 2016'. A Fantastic achievement.''

Within the Antwerp Dental group we have a team of dedicated and motivated individuals, striving to

make a positive influence on the oral health of all our patients. We have seen first-hand how the

National smile month campaign can provide education, encouragement and communicate effective

methods of improving oral health. 


For this reason, as a group, we wanted to be a part of this fantastic project, raising awareness and engaging our local community to join in and ultimately have some fun!!


We developed our ideas for National Smile Month with the support from a selection of

qualified Oral Health Educators, as well as the large team of staff that we have spread over 7

practices across Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. We envisaged promoting and educating the

importance of good oral health within a large cross-section of our local community. This would

include; school visits, workshops within offices/children’s nurseries and several open day events.

The Antwerp House Group National Smile Month Campaign. 

''Our wonderful staff all got involved with the campaign, promoting a healthy mouth. Such a smiley bunch! ''

We managed to round up a vast number of enthusiastic individuals to get involved in our campaign.

A variety of staff members were involved, designing colourful and eye-catching displays for each of

our practices, outlining topics such as effects of gum disease, diet, smoking and advantages of

visiting a hygienist. Each individual played a vital role in the promotion of good oral health,

encouraged by our group ethos of motivating individuals, providing positive messages and educating

the importance of a healthy mouth.


We had a great turn-out for each event, as well as receiving lots of positive comments on our social

media page. However, we view true successes to be a continuation of educating and motivating our

community to improve their oral health.

As a group, we are continuously committed to this cause and hope to have had a positive impact on what already is a hugely successful campaign.

''Christina, our dedicated Oral Health Educator, teaching youngsters how to brush... It's important to get it right from a young age!''

Why choose to have an implant?...

Firstly, what is an Implant?... 

Thinking about having a Dental Implant?... Look no further! Here's all the information you need when considering this outstanding, innovative treatment at ADG.


1. Closest thing to a real tooth - Strong and stable, a dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. Other options can lead to bone deterioration, and may interfere with eating, smiling, speaking and other activities of everyday life.

2. Built to Last! - If properly placed and cared for, Dental Implants can last a lifetime, whereas other appliances such as a denture or tooth supported bridge will almost certainly need replacing. 

3. Retain your natural smile and face-shape - Avoiding bone deterioration and a sunken/sad looking face.

4. Dental implants allow you to keep your teeth where they belong – in your mouth! Wihout worrying that your dentures might fall out!


Visit our Antwerp Implant Dentistry page for a more comprehensive look into the great Implant services we offer here at ADG!

A dental Implant is in place to serve as a complete tooth replacement. They are generally composed of three components: the post, abutment, and restoration/crown.


The dental implant post looks like a screw. It is normally made of titanium and integrates into the jawbone like a tooth root.


The abutment is attached to the post, and the restoration, or crown, is attached to the abutment.

The cost is relative, determined by the number of implants placed, the type of prosthesis recommended and your particular case. Over-time, an implant may be deemed more cost-effective simply because they generally last much longer than a fixed bridge or denture. At ADG we offer a clear pricing structure, with extended payment/finance options if needed. Contact us on 01223 247690 for further info.

Once a dental implant has fused to the bone successfully and it is functional, it should last many years. If cared for properly, a dental implant can be in place for more than 40 years.

''Are Dental Implants Expensive?''

''How long do Dental Implants Last?''

'Frequently Asked Questions When Considering Dental Implants...'

Anesthesia is used during the procedure to eliminate any discomfort. Once the anaesthesia takes effect you shouldn't feel anyhting. The dentist and dental assistant are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

Rejection of an implant is very rare, but it can happen. Occasionally, if it doesn’t fuse to the bone the first time, it may have become infected or developed a capsule of fibrous tissue around it instead of fusing to the bone. In either case it is simply removed and the site is allowed to heal. A new implant can then be placed, which should integrate with the bone as normal.

''Can my body reject an Implant? If so, what then?''

''Is the treatment/surgery to place the implant painful?''

General good health and adequate bone in the jaw are the key requirements. Within ADG we offer fantastic rates for a comprehensive consultation where your eligability will be discussed. We also have experienced treatment co-ordinators who can assist you with making your decision through a free no-obligation visit or an informal discussion over the phone. Follow this link to find out more!...

The entire process usually takes about two to nine months, depending on your treatment plan. In terms of healing; it varies from individual to individual, but Implants typically heal in about 4-6 months. For any further questions or info please visit our website or drop by one of our practices. We don't 'bite'!!!!

''Do I qualify to have a Dental Implant?''

''How long does the whole process and healing take?''