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Little Willie was made in autumn 1915.little Willie wasn’t liked the first time they finished him so they redid him so they would like him more.Little Willie was the first prototype tankEVER!The first version of willie could only go 2 mph.Both versions of Willie did not have turrets however the british made the same version of him and used it in WWI!


          President Woodrow Wilson was the one that brought us into WWI!The Government barrows about 1 billion dollars a year! EveryTime they had to pay for what they borrowed they had to borrow to pay for it!the limits for the Government is written in the constitution.when the Government owes money they get it from nice lenders.



The Spanish Flu was  also known as the purple death.The flu could kill a man in hours! There was no cure at to all they could do was hope they wouldn’t die.Some researchers believe it started in China but no one is sure.the flu had spread at an alarming pace.


                                                                           In WWI dogs were used to sniff enemy

soldiers, and to carry messages in armies.

In Hampshire they made a school to train them.Some countries even used dogs to move  machine guns!Most of the dogs had been  recruited from families!In WWI watch dogs never barked instead they used low growls.