The Untold Story Of Klymaxx From Bernadette Cooper, the founder, and producer of the all-girl-band Klymaxx and Madame X. This story is a loving, but tragic tale of family, friendship, illicit sex, crime, drug addiction and murder. Enjoy the beautiful scenic journey and soon you will arrive at the adventures of Bonnie and Bernadette... Clyde. This novel is whimsical but a surreal view of sisterhood struggles and the power of two women with a shared vision, to achieve a dream by any means necessary. The aftermath of one friend's journey for the better and how earth-changing the decision of the other friends life turns out to be will keep you spellbound. Unveil the untold story of Klymaxx from Cooper, the creator of the band and the memoirs of the silent contributor, Bonnie Thompson. Novel Available August 2016