My booklet about using powerpoint 2016

Welcome to PowerPoint
5 tips for a simpler way to work
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Click Share to invite people to work
with you (You can save to the cloud
at this point).
When other people are in the presentation,
a marker shows who is on which slide…
…and the part of the slide they're
When you share your presentation with others, you’ll see them
working with you at the same time.
How it works:
Working together in real time
PowerPoint Designer suggests color schemes and layouts for
your presentation, based on the picture you add to your slide.
Designer is a subscription-only feature. If you have an Office
365 subscription, the next slide shows you how it works in a
new presentation.
Designs that fit the look of your picture
How it works:
Start a new presentation by going to File > New > Blank
When PowerPoint asks your permission to get design ideas,
click Let's Go.
On the very first slide, add a picture: Go to Insert > Pictures or
Insert > Online Pictures and choose the picture.
Hint: You need to be online when you add the picture, and the
picture has to be at least 200 by 200 pixels.
Choose a design you like from the Design Ideas task pane.
Designs that fit the look of your picture
Morph is a transition effect for making smooth animations,
transitions, and object movements across your slides.
Morph is a subscription-only feature. If you have an Office 365
subscription, you can try it yourself with the steps on the next
Hint: Effect Options gives you even more
options for Morph.
Duplicate this slide: Right-click the
slide thumbnail and select
Duplicate Slide.
In the second of these two identical
slides, change the shapes on the
right in some way (resize, change
color), then go to Transitions >
Return to the first of the two slides
and press Slide Show button and then
click Play to see your circle morph!
Try it:
Select the picture on the right.
Type animation in the Tell Me box, and then
choose Add Animation.
Choose an animation effect,
like Zoom, and watch
what happens.
The Tell Me box finds the right command when you need it,
so you can save time and focus on your work.
Try it:
You’re an expert with Tell Me
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Right-click in the word office in the
following phrase: office furniture
Choose Smart Lookup, and notice that
results are contextual for that phrase, not
Microsoft Office apps.
Just for fun, try Smart Lookup again by
right-clicking in the word Office in Step 2.
Smart Lookup brings research directly in to PowerPoint.
Try it:
Explore without leaving your slides
Click the Tell Me button and type what you want to know.
Visit the PowerPoint team blog.
Go to free PowerPoint training.
More questions about PowerPoint?