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ICBUSA is an Organization dedicated to the support of Bookkeepers




Pass ICBUSA qualifications to upgrade through our membership levels:



ICBUSA’s own syllabus and exams are helping to set a uniform standard for the bookkeeping profession in the USA.


Clients, CPAs, and employers will be able to opt for ICB Bookkeepers so they can have peace of mind that their business is being taken care of by one of the best.

Qualifications can be taken at any time and most are online to allow maximum flexibility.

Scroll through our Sample questions below to get a feel for our exam papers:


Bookkeeping Knowledge

1-John opens his business with $5000.00 in a business bank account, an automobile valued at $3000.00 and some office equipment valued at $1500.00. What will be the value of his capital?
a) 9500.00
b) 1500.00
c) 3000.00
d) 5000.00


2-Smith, Inc. is registered to collect sales tax and creates an invoice to Edwin, LLC for $560.00 plus sales tax (6%). How will the transaction be entered into Smiths's books of account?
a) Debit Sales Account $593.60, Debit Sales Tax Payable Account $33.60, Credit Accounts Receivable 560.00
b) Debit Sales Account $560.60, Debit Sales Tax Payable Account $33.00, Credit Accounts Receivable $593.60
c) Credit Sales Account $593.60, Credit Sales Tax Payable Account $33.60, Debit Accounts Receivable $560.00
d) Credit Sales Account $560.00, Credit Sales Tax Payable Account $33.60, Debit Accounts Receivable $593.60


Control Accounts

1-The Accounts Payable account for January contained the following information:
Opening balance $2850
Closing balance $3950
Payments to vendors $3500
Purchase returns $240
What was the value of purchases in the month?



"While I am a CPA, the heart of what I do is bookkeeping. I wanted to join ICBUSA because it promotes the bookkeeping profession and increase awareness around the quality of work that should be expected from bookkeepers. In order to be a truly good bookkeeper, you need a great education and years of qualified experience."

Cathy Iconis AFICB, CEO Iconis Group


"I joined ICBUSA because I wanted to be a part of an international organization that promotes the importance of bookkeepers everywhere. ICBUSA gives members the foundation to be great bookkeepers, and helps to let the business world know about these terrific bookkeepers."


Patty Carson FICB



Technology Syllabus Training Provider

Karine Woodman



This course is designed to give ICBUSA members the knowledge required to carry out the role of Bookkeeping Technology Consultant.


-The emphasis of this course is technology and how it is a requirement for business success.

-Students will be exposed to in-depth levels of study, such as data manipulation, the basic elements of automating a workflow process and the application and terminology of 3rd party applications.

-An overview of the basic concepts of Excel, integration with accounting software and troubleshooting will also be covered. 

-Associate ICB Membership and above recquired.








There is limited availability so be sure to RESERVE your spot today!




 Value Pricing & Mentoring Program for ICBUSA Bookkeepers 

 from Mark Wickersham, best-selling author and public speaker


-Mark is working with ICBUSA to bring his value pricing software and ethos into the USA bookkeeper community.


-His Cloud Pricing software is officially accredited by ICBUSA and members get free entry level version for life.

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-Mark has also created a 6-Week Video Traning Mentoring Program specifically for bookkeepers which covers pricing, selling, and other business advice and is half price for ICBUSA members.

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If you sign up to ICBUSA you will receive a discount code to take advantage of these offers, as well as the opportunity to be part of a select group of ICBUSA members taking part in his exclusive virtual mentoring program.


*ICBUSA Members receive additional discounts after joining.

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*ICB Members receive additional offers after joining.

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Special Canon Affiliate Program for bookkeepers

- enjoy access to great discounts for yourself and your clients, as well as opportunties for passive income. 

- discounts on Canon scanners enabling you to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve efficiency in your business. 

- To join the Canon Affiliate Program please visit:


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If you want to learn more, please visit or get in touch at and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Affiliate: if you are certified by an approved software partner
  • Membership application to ICB Associate +: if you have 2 or more years related work experience, you can skip ICB introductory levels and papers

Please note: QuickBooks ProAdvisors should visit for their special route through to ICBUSA membership