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222 NORTH 20TH STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 19103 P 215 448 1163 F 215 448 1314 www fi edu AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE As a condition of consideration of my volunteering I hereby authorize The Franklin Institute to investigate my background history I understand that this background investigation will include a criminal background and child abuse check through the Pennsylvania State Police and I hereby consent to The Franklin Institute obtaining such information in connection with my volunteer intern application I will fully cooperate in this investigation to the extent additional information consent or waiver forms are necessary to complete the investigation I acknowledge that the information obtained through this investigation may be used to determine whether an offer of a volunteer intern position may be extended to me or rescinded by The Franklin Institute __________________________________ Signature of candidate Date
222 NORTH 20TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103  P 215.448.1163  F 215.448.1314  AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE As a ...

Nathanael Jean-Louis                     05/16/17