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Buddihsm and judaism  


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judaism history

judaism started around 3500 years ago in mesopotamia

buddhism history

Buddhism started around 400 bce. This was when the enlightened one(the buddha) lived.The buddha was a indian prince that lived the way of peace.With the silk road the idea of bubhism was spread to china and japan.

founded 2500 bce                               founded 520bce

montheistic                 not monotheistic or polytheistic 

 14 mil inheriotors                             360 mil inheritors




Yom kippur

this holliday happens on the tenth day of the seventh month or July 10th. Yom kippur means day of annointment. This is the day when you connfess your sins of the last year.On this day many jews don't go to work and go to the synagogue.


 jewish rites of passage