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Everglow Consultancy Sutton Coldfield
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Telephone: 07804794251
Dear Parents,
At Everglow Consultancy we are passionate about supporting the
mental health and wellbeing of young people.
Nearly every day we hear a shocking new mental health statistic or
hear a story about a young person feeling lost, stressed, anxious or
worried about not fulfilling their potential.
Everglow Consultancy was established to provide teenagers with an
exciting opportunity to access positive psychology coaching. This is
a unique and stimulating opportunity for teenagers to really indulge
and spend time learning about themselves.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Everglow family!
Warm regards,
Laura Byrne (Everglow Consultancy Founder)
What is Positive Psychology?
Positive Psychology is the scientific study of how we can all live life more
fully. It asks questions such as ‘what works?’ rather than ‘what doesn’t?’
or ‘what is right with this person?’ rather than ‘what is wrong?’ Positive
psychology nurtures strengths, talent and potential and helps people live
their lives more authentically.
What is Coaching Psychology?
Coaching is a form of work that helps people to change or improve one
or more aspects of their life. Through goal setting, motivational support,
empowerment, problem solving and a combination of tools, techniques
and strategies, coaching can facilitate the fulfillment of potential.
“If we all did what we were capable of doing, we would literally astound
ourselves.” Thomas Edison
Upcoming Events
Summer Positive
Psychology and Coaching
Psychology Academy for
Venue: Sutton Coldfield
Grammar School for Girls.
Option 1: 12 hours spread
over 4 weeks. Dates:
Wednesdays, 9
, 16
, 23
and 30
August. 9.30am
Option 2: 12 hours all in the
same week. 21
, 22
, 24
and 25
August 9.30am
To book: please email, text or
call to receive a registration
form. Spaces are limited and
will be offered on a first
come first served basis.
This program is suitable for
teenagers aged 13 to 19.
Note: 25 people (max) per
class & 15 (min) to run a
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4 day program overview
Day 1 (3 hours)
Today we will explore the science of stress, how to cope with life’s
ups and downs and even use stress to our advantage. We will
cover topics such as mindfulness, growth mindset, autopilot and
CBT techniques.
Day 2 (3 hours)
Students will have the opportunity to learn about their values and
strengths. They will have taken a strengths assessment which we
explore in depth and relate to subject / career choices. We will
also discuss the science of engagement and flow.
Day 3 (3 Hours)
We will get stuck in to some positive psychology tools and
interventions. All students will have the opportunity to complete
assessments that will highlight their preferred interventions that they
will enjoy and benefit from most.
Day 4 (3 hours)
We bring together what we have learnt and use coaching tools to
make plans for the future. We will learn about visualisation,
motivation, autonomy, grit, resilience and support seeking. We will
also critically explore the habits of highly successful people.
How much does the program cost?
The total cost for the full 12 hours is £78. This is a very special
introductory price and works out at just £6.50 per hour! You will
have the option to pay in two installments the first installment of
£39 will reserve your space and the second installment will be due
2 days before the first class commences.
Note: this price includes the 12 hour summer academy, positive
psychology and coaching psychology tools, tasks and
interventions to try at home, email support in-between sessions
and also lifetime access to a private Everglow Community
Facebook group, which I update regularly with positive
psychology coaching news, tools and inspiration!
About me
Hi my name is Laura Byrne. I am
a qualified teacher, positive
psychologist, coach and I will
be teaching the summer
positive psychology academy
for teenagers.
Note: I have a full DBS
clearance and any workshop
assistants are also required to
have DBS clearance.
If you would like to find out
more about my story please visit
my website!
FAQ: What happens if I need to
miss a week?
Please email me to let me
know. I will be available for 20
minutes before every session to
provide and talk through missed
handouts and activities.
Is this program just for teens who
are stressed or anxious etc…?
No! What you will learn can
definitely help address these
issues but overall this program is
about a process of self
discovery and self
improvement. You will discover
more about who you are and
what motivates you. Therefore
this program is for everyone!