Leviticus XXV Financial, was built with the vision of servicing each client with the potential need for a total life reset. Complete with a rehabilitative plan for financial stability and a comfortable lifestyle. From Consumer Rights and Education Services to Credit Repair & Rehabilitation, Business Plans, Marketing and Branding Identity and a new and improved Custom Lifestyle... We Do It All! View our Leviticus XXV Booklet for a full understanding of what we can offer!

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PACKAGE 1 PACKAGE 2 PACKAGE 3 $75 $375 $1,500 Itemized Disputes 2 Month Credit Restoration  Up to 3 Rounds of dispute letters sent via certified mail to creditors  Financial Consultation  2 months of credit disputes  Budgeting Consumer  Consumer Rights Education 45-Day Credit Sweep  Financial Consultation  45-day credit restoration guaranteed Budget/Consumer Education PACKAGE 4 PACKAGE 5 $3,000 (Prices Vary) 45 Day Credit Sweep, Loan & Business Plan  Financial Consultation  45 day Credit Sweep  Budget/Consumer Education  Consumer Rights Education  Loan Approval  Business Plan Development Full Service Business Development  Financial Consultation  45 Day Credit Sweep  Budget /Consumer Education  Business Plan Proposal  Business Funding  Marketing and Identity Package 9|
PACKAGE 1  PACKAGE 2  PACKAGE 3   75   375   1,500  Itemized Disputes  2 Month Credit Restoration      Up to 3 Rounds of d...
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Reset your Credit History within 3-7 days with your new CPN (Credit Privacy Number)/SCN (Secondary Credit Number). 11 |
Reset your Credit History within 3-7 days with your new CPN  Credit Privacy Number  SCN  Secondary Credit Number .  11    ...
CPN and SCN’s Reset your Credit History within 3-7 days with your new CPN (Credit Privacy Number)/SCN (Secondary Credit Number). THE RECENT POPULARITY OF CPN/SCN’s USES The use of CPN’s and SCN’s are becoming more popular now that people are more familiar with its beneficial uses. People are finding out how easy it is to utilize a credit file for building instant credit and obtaining loans separately from their SSN and personal credit file. Take a look below and find out why! WHY WERE CPN/SCN’s CREATED First, let us explain the most common uses of a CPN and SCN’s. These alternative 10 Digit Credit Reporting Numbers were originally created for the use of government officials and high profile celebrities for the protection of safeguarding and keeping their personal information, personal assets, purchase history and business separate from their SSN- Personal identification file. There have been many rumors about the legal use and benefits of a CPN/SCN for credit reporting purposes but the second question most commonly asked is “ARE THE USE OF CPN’S LEGAL?” YES, THEY ARE! WHAT ARE THE COMMON USES OF A CPN/SCN’s The most common use for CPN/SCN’s are easily explained through the example of individuals who are Identity Theft Victims. Individuals who wish to maintain their privacy without the need to hide their identity from the Government and seek a fast solution to protecting and blocking their personal information and whereabouts from the public apply for CPN/SCN’s. With the government issue of these 10 digit numbers, these individuals are starting their life over with a brand new credit reporting file, tri-merged to their personal information and all three credit bureaus under a separate profile. Once their information is fully merged, they are able to conceal their personal identity to the public by using these 10 digit numbers to now do their banking, obtain cars and personal loans and SPECIFICALLY for Credit Reporting Purposes ONLY. This way they keep their private SSN and personal identity file separate from the public and begin building their new credit file by using their new secondary and credit privacy number for building a new credit file and receiving credit approval from their new credit reporting file. ARE CPN/SCN’s LEGAL? In order to protect your personal information and identity, the government allows any person who wishes to conceal their personal identity/credit file the LEGAL RIGHT to keep their SSN and personal Credit file private and separate by issuing a separate CPN (Credit Privacy Number) or SCN (Secondary Credit Number) – 10 digit number for Credit Reporting Only. The only time that a person’s personal SSN can be lawfully requested is for personal identity purposes in reporting to government officials or applying for federal loans (home/school loans). No one has the legal right or authority to ask you for your personal SSN to prove your personal identity or check your personal history but a government agency. Nor can any business or state official discriminate or deny any services for providing a CPN or SCN for any application use or personal identification in the place of your personal SSN and credit file. SSN’s and personal files are strictly for the use of personal identification and the purchasing of homes for consumer reporting to government officials ONLY. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DEMAND TO SEE YOUR PERSONAL SSN. Under these new 10 digit private credit reporting numbers, a person can reset and build a new history while adding new lines of credit to instantly re-build their FICO Score with excellent Credit status within 30-60 DAYS! Obtain the loans you needed with a perfect credit profile within 30-60 DAYS with new a new 10 digit number and lines of credit! Note: A CPN / SCN does not replace your current (SSN) social security number. The uses of a CPN/SCN: You will use your CPN /SCN as a tool to build credit and establish loans. They can also be used to apply for an apartment and to obtain car loans. The use of your (SSN) Social Security number: to report anything pertaining to your employment, driver’s license, taxes and state benefits. USE YOUR CPN/SCN RESPONSIBLY! Leviticus XXV is not liable for any unlawful usage of your obtained CPN/SCN. 12 |
CPN and SCN   s Reset your Credit History within 3-7 days with your new CPN  Credit Privacy Number  SCN  Secondary Credit ...
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