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AP Spanish Summer Assignments 2015 Sra. Lynch Students taking the AP Spanish Language class next year must complete the following assignments. You are being asked to complete these assignments in order to familiarize yourself with the exam itself, as well as maintain your Spanish over the summer. The work you'll be doing will keep your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills active and encourage you to develop good habits for improving these skills in Spanish. Please have all assignments done by 9/15/15. You will receive a grade for your work, so do your best! Have all work stapled together with your name on the front. The Assignments: 1) Speaking assessment: Log onto lingtlanguage.com/clynch. Click on AP Summer Assignment link and follow the directions. 2) Listening/Writing Podcast Assignment: Go to http://www.notesinspanish.com/ Choose the Advanced or Gold Level Listening. Once you click on either one, you will see a list of podcasts. Choose 3 podcasts to listen to. For each of them, fill out an "Análisis- Podcast" sheet. (attached to this sheet) 3) Reading/Writing: Go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo. Find 3 articles that interest you. Print them out, read them, and fill out the "Análisis del Artículo" sheet for each article. (attached to this sheet) 4) Grammar: Go to www.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/index.php and do the following activities. Write/print out and attach to receive credit. ​a) Present tense: regular -ar verbs, regular -er and -ir verbs, stem-changing verbs 1 & 2, ​present tense verb chart ​b) Preterite tense: Read preterite rules, do preterite chart, preterites w/ irregular ​meaning ​c) Preterite vs Imperfect: ¡Superhombre!, Ricitos de Oro #1 ​d) Future Tense: future tense forms ​e) Conditional Tense: conditional forms ​f) Subjunctive Mood (Present Subj): Exercise 1 subjunctive forms, Exercise 3 subjunctive ​forms, Exercise 12 subjunctive/indicative, self check verb conjugation charts, present ​subjunctive ​g) Perfect Tenses: present perfect tense, conditional perfect tense Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. clynch@stanthonyshs.org ¡Espero que se diviertan este verano! Sra. Lynch Análisis- Podcast Nombre: ​ ​ Título del Podcast: Entrevistados/Personajes: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Fecha:
AP Spanish Summer Assignments 2015 Sra. Lynch Students taking the AP Spanish Language class next year must complete the fo...
Título del Podcast: Entrevistados/Personajes: Fuente: (Advanced/Gold) Acontecimiento/Problema: Audiencia: Asunto/Tema: Propósito: Tono/Discurso: Impacto Personal: Análisis del artículo Fecha de publicación: Título: Autor: Fuente: Acontecimiento: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
T  tulo del Podcast  Entrevistados Personajes  Fuente   Advanced Gold   Acontecimiento Problema   Audiencia   Asunto Tema ...
Acontecimiento: Audiencia: Asunto/Tema: Propósito: Tono/Discurso: Impacto Personal:
Acontecimiento   Audiencia   Asunto Tema   Prop  sito   Tono Discurso   Impacto Personal