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From the twisted mind of Bernadette Cooper. Introducing, Julia La Fontaine. Take pleasure in the adventures of the sexually fluid; Harlem-born, Howard University, Magnum, graduate's, journey of self-discovery. Submit to Julia as she embarks on a new mission: to escape her haunting childhood and the jaded expectations of her mother. In concert with the search for happiness. Julia discovers that desperation is not a beautiful perfume when she dramatically falls for the licentious, all-American star quarterback, who annihilates her dreams, Julia's purpose, and sabotages her commonsensical life plan. On the path of her re-invention, the road was taken leads her to the discovery of sex, lies, and flash drives, the unearthing of a clandestine transgender love affair, role playing, and desire on another level. The bad theatrics of her past eventually guides Julia La Fontaine, the Harlem-based corporate executive, into an escalating, woman to woman dalliance. And in a sequel, she slowly falls into the supporting arms of a dominatrix rockstar. Novella, the enhanced Bernadette Cooper's audio book, and the mixtape available 2017. Adult content.