The Sakaguchi Family.

A long time ago when hunting monsters was an every day task.. being Werewolves, Witches, Vampires. All different races of monsters.. There had been a man named Kension Sakaguchi, He was the prince of the kingdom known as the city of lost dreams.. Reason being called that was simply because at the time, Humans seen it as a place only monsters lived in.. And once set foot inside that kingdom, you was good as dead.. This also lead to Kensions nick name, The Dark Prince.

Kension was a pure blood vampire, Raised and brought up to not only be royal but to be a fighter as well.  Many wars had been fought between the humans and monsters.. Nether side was winning.

About 10 years of war.. A Hunter by the name of Mei Renito, Sunk her way into the kingdom. She was brought up to be a cold killer in her families clan.. And thats what she had plained on doing, Killling the dark prince and bring a full end on this war, after all.. The monsters looked up to him, He was strong, Fearless.. He was treated like a god.

Mei had made it far into the kingdom, killing a hand full of his gaurds before Kension himself made his appearance before her. She didnt hesitant to attack him..


After the attack on him..


He had a few wounds on him, But she wasnt enough.. He had hurt her enough to the point she was on the door steps of deaths door.. But thats when something happen she never thought she would see..

Kension took Mei and aidded her.. He saved her.


Mei was lost from this, Being told Vampires and such were nothing but monsters, Demons in human skin that they only wanted to kill the human race..but this vampire was different.. He not only saved her, but protected her, making sure the other mosters didnt touch her, or even come near her..

Mei had many trust issues with these monsters.. But as that week past while she was healing, She found her self to be curious of him.

A month later... The two bonded.

A year later, The long war finally ended, Thanks to Kension and Mei.. They had fallen in love with eachother and showed that humans and monsters can live in piece. In resulted of the war ending, The City of lost dreams would become slowly in ruins, as the humans and monsters work togather to make a new kingdom, not only to Be a symble of new hope ...But to start was a good beginning.


But not everyone was happy with this of course...


some humans and monsters couldnt get over their differences .. And they would attack eachother.


This only lead to a rule strickly for the monsters.. That they are to hide what they are.. Not in fear, But to protect themselves. Thought the monsters seen it was unfair.. Most did so.


20 years later, Mei and Kension Had children.. a set of triplets vampires named Ji, Jinso and Jion.

The family had moved away to a home in the mountines, away from everyone else to raise the children away from the dark history.. But sadly with Mei being human, She had passed away from a sickness that had no cure in the time of age.. Kension had offered to turn her into a vampire, But she Rejected the idea.. For the fear of her children who may get the wrong idea.


Kension  was alone to  raise his three sons on his own.

Kension passed away at the age of 93, His son's being the ages of 26.. the brothers had been rather close until they hit their 50's. .. 


They all went their own ways.. starting families and fallowing their own beliefs from the stories their father told them of the dark days..



Ji became more of a business man.. He started his own business making toys for children and it ended up getting big as the time went on, how ever once he had hit 50.. He meet a women by the name of Kazumi Yushi. She was a human and just full of life.. Where Ji was lacking in having one while his business had taken over his own.


The two had fallen in love and with her age being around 30.. She wanted to settle down and have a family. 


Though Ji didnt care much for having children.. He agreed to the idea for her happiness. But before that he suggested they marry.. And the night of their honie moon, He told her what he was. She at first thought it was a joke.. but she soon he wasnt lieing. .. Frighten.. she slowly warmed up to the idea and accepted him


Ji was always gone, Mostly threw business trips, He told Kamuzi that he wanted to save enough money for them to be able to raise the family she dreamed of... how ever.. She found out she was pregnant and told him while he was out on a trip.


Durning the trip.. Ji found himself in bed one night with another women. He had one to many drinks that night and it was all a blur to him.. He couldnt remember if he was drinking out of celebertion of being a father, or the fact she was pregnant with 8 children...

The women he head slept with, Was human women named Rosa Orr..

She had been at the same bar as Ji that night, Drinking away from the news that she was very ill and wouldnt have a long life ahead of her.


That morning she was already awake when she seen Ji wake up, not only seeming lost on what had happen the night before.. But he almost seemed upset.


Rose and Ji spoke.. The conversation ended up letting them get to know eachother but Ji didnt mention his wife, but instead said that the night was a mistake .. But she comforted him.


They bonded in a way he didnt with Kazumi, Dispit Kazumi being the love of his life...


a week after that trip, Ji and Rose were more then friends.. But he and her didnt see eachother much after that. They get eachothers numbers but only left it as that while Ji would return home.


A Month had past that that week. Ji had put in his savings into buying a mansion for him and Kazumi to raise the family since they had 8 children on the way.. though due to the amoung, Kazumi had to be looked after as she carried the children.


Ji ended up hiring staff to not only take care of the mansion, But take care of her as well.

A few more months had went by.. That was when Ji got a call from Rose.


She was pregnant..


This had Ji speakless. Not only was he hiding that night from his wife, but Rose had no idea about his wife as well.. but now he had children from both..


He had asked her if she was sure it was because of him, She reasured him that he was the only man she had been with in five years... 


Ji had then left home as he told his wife it was a business trip. Since he had gone on a lot of them, it didnt look like a lie.


ji went to Rose, They spoke.. She asked him to stay but he gave the reason that he cant leave his business.. that was when she asked if she could stay with him.. He couldnt think of what to say to first. Ji how ever had just smiled as he kissed her, telling her that it would be to dangerous for her and the child since her health was in bad shape to go flying every week.. But he promised her then he would viste her once every other week.. 


It was upseting but she agreesed to it..


As the time had past.. ji kept to his word. He would go home and spend time with his wife for a few days.. then left for a business trip.. then that next week he would viste Rose to spend time with her. while durning that time he also told her what he really was.. but this didnt effect her.. She believed in monsters after all.. all the tails of them when she was a child, So she  just smiled and accepted the truth.



Everything was going well.. But then ji got a call from the hospital that Kazumi was having the babies.


Ji had rushed over to be there for her.. But as the children were being born.. It took it out on the mother. When the last baby was born.. Her life slipped away.


Ji was crushed, Heart broken.. Lost.


The children were given their names from Kazumi.. She had everything plained with the trips she made herself to the hospital for her check ups. they listed the babies as A B C D E F G H  and I.. That was where she had figured out what baby would be named what, and had it noted with her doctor.


After Kazumi had been taken away to the morge. Ji stopped by the room that held the children. He just stood there looking at them.. that was then when the doctor approched him. The Doctor explained that the son named Sora.. Had not been fully devolped, That he was in bad shape, Ji how ever, didnt pay any mind to it and only asked the doctor, Which one was the last born.


This confused the doctor at first.. the lack of care for Sora and more care on which was the last one .. But the doctor answered saying it was the one named Izo. Ji only nodded his head as he had left the hospital.


About four days later, The children were brought to the mansion, All but Sora. Ji how ever just watched from the distance as the staff took care of his children.. the only one he really paid mind to was Sora who was in the hosptial getting treatment.


Because of this.. He missed the birth of his Son Ayato, Who was with Rose. She had tried to get ahold of him.. but Ji never picked up his phone.

Four days after the children had been born, All but Sora had been taken home.. He was to ill to leave.


A Month had past as Ji never once bothered to call Rose back..


Ji had been staying at home with his children.. though he wasnt taking care of them.. He only sat back and watched as the staff did. At that time Sora was finally able to come home. but he was still in bad shape and had to be attened to quiet a bit.


That was then when Ji left to make his way to Rose who was home taking care of her son Ayato, who was sound a sleep when Ji had made it there.. only to be woken up from the yelling and fighting that took place between Rose and Ji.


Ji had explained that something had happen in short noticed, that a .. Family member had passed away and their had been a lot of things that needed tending to.. Rose was outraged still .. but she was to soft hearted to stay anger at him.


Rose accepted his apologie and that was then when Ji started spending his time with Rose and Ayato..


Rose ended up pregnant two more times as they were spending the time with eachother, where he would only viste his 8 sons on the hoilidays.. Rose ended up having a set of triplets then a set of twins.. Having 6 sons, Ji actually bonded with them. Where with his 8 sons, He only bonded with one.. The first born named Riku..


As it was he didnt spend much time with the 8 sons, So Riku enjoy what time he had with him.. Even if it was all business.. Since Ji seen that his first born should be the one who takes over the business.. And he was going to make sure of that..


how ever, On Christmas.. The 8 boys had now been 10 years old.. All they wanted was one gift from him.. And that was to tell them a story of their mother. How they had meet and just was she really as amazing as her journals and cook books say she was.. After all, all they had where her books, some photos and what the staff knew..

Ji had ignored their wish, but they wernt going to back down.. They demanded to know...

Thats when Ji lost it.. He went into the room the mother had spent so much time in, The room that held her books, her photo's.. Her Memories.. He destoyed it..


The room was burned as well as everything inside, leaving only ashes and only had one photo of her that was almost completely gone..

Then he told his children that this is what their mother is, nothing but ashes, She is dead, She will never come back and her memories should go alone with her.. That they are to never ask of her again.


This tore the children appart ..That was the one room they loved being in.. Since their father was never around, the books of their mother was  what made them feel as if they had a parent there.. that their mother was still with them.. But now it was gone.. And ji simply then left after that...


Three Years later....


Ji slowly was becoming more of a monster then a father to the 6.. He was becoming more violent from guilt.. He started to lash out at them.. But only one took the punishment.. Uko. Ayato tired to step in to protect his little brother.. But Uko pushed back.. He wanted his brothers to be safe.. and So Uko took in the abuse.. while their mother was already to ill to do anything else..


Rose had finally pasted away... Ji never bothered to show up for her when she was in the hospital.. Nor did he show up for when it was over.. He only sent the 6 children a letter with money and for them to take care of themselves.. Ji went back to his 8 children.. but to only spend time with Riku, Getting him ready for the business...


But as he did.. That was then when Riku turned Ji away, Telling him to get out of their lives.


Riku was already the father like figure in their lives, His been taking care of his brothers with the help of the staff no thanks to Ji and that their mother would be depleased by this.. Riku had even asked him, Why did you ever have us when you had no intentions on being a father.. To please a women and leave her to die?..


the last comment had hit Ji hard..

That night... Ji got a gun with pure silver bullets.. He had lost it, Riku blaming him for the death of his wife? It was Izo who killed her, Not him.. So he thought..


Ji had went into Izo's room, and thats when he started Abusing Izo.. Calling him out to be the monster who killed their mother, thats why he never spoke of her.. It was Izo's fault.. All while saying this he had a gun at Izo, ready to shoot..


Izo was scarred from this.. he was scared.. and hearing what was being said.. effected him hard.. but then as Ji was about to pull the trigger .. He just stood there looking at Izo.. soon then he just lifted the gun to his own head.. before taking his own life..


 ji wasnt all that heartless how ever.. He did leave a will for his 8 sons.. Leaving them the mansion, the money and leaving Riku the business.. but ayato and his brothers was left nothing. The only thing they recieved was a letter saying their father was dead and where the funeral was being held... There the brothers all meet for the first time.
They had been confused, shocked.. Raged.. But Riku and Ayato talked, Riku even though being as young as he was, He wasnt the type to let them be homeless because of their father.. besides they were family. RIku offered them to live in the manions  Under Riku's rules and Ayato could be a partner in the business so he would be part of the will more or less.. Though Ayato accepted it, Some things ayato and Riku just dont see eye to eye on.

Jinso had always been a hopeful and wishful thinking son, He learned a lot from his father Kension.


Jinso did a lot of traveling when his father past just to see the world for what it was.. He learned there are still parts of the world that are effected from the past but really the world was over all peaceful.. It was hard for him to see a world so dark that his father spoke of..


Once he hit around his late 40's Jinso had settled down with a women he had a run in on his trips.. He actually meet her as she was doing the same, She was wanting to see the world.. So they did it togather..


Her name was Mazuki Cazuu.


The two were always having fun and they rarely ever fought.. they were like the perfect couple.


They found out she had been pregnant, and thus started their new life of being parents... Though that was also when Jinso decided to tell her the truth of what he was.. For some reason ..

she wasnt scared

Or in shock.. But she ended up being excited from it.

Jinso and Mazumi Had a total of 7 children.. with only two sets of twins.


Their first born, Daiki, was a very bright child.. Who got to see some of the world with his parents before she got pregnant once more.

she had a set of twins.. then each year after that, She had one more son and one after that before she had her last set of twins.


The family was so happy, their was never a dull day for them.. They even offen Visted their ankle Ji and Jion.. The kids would play and have fun at those times.. But they all ended ..


Jinso had found out that Ji was living a double life.. and not treating his children they way a parent should.. Jinso was upset but he kept silent.. for the most part, He told his wife about what was going on with ji.. Mazumi insested they find the other women and tell her.. Jinso agreed


One day they told Daiki that they would be going on a small trip, To watch over his brothers for the week and they would be back. Daiki wasnt happy to hear this but he accepeted it.


Jinso and his wife then made their way to see Rose.. How ever on their way there.. they happen to cross paths with Ji at the air port. Ji's attention falling on them, He asked them why they were there, it was strange after all.. for them to travel again when Ji even knew Jinso was for ever settled down at home to help with the children.


Jinso didnt answer but Mazuki blurted out the answer that they were going to see rose and tell her, She deserved to know and Ji wasnt going to stop them. Ji said nothing.. Just watched as they made their way to the line before they would bored the plane..

Everything seemed fine.. But once they were in the air.. The plain started having "issues".. One of the jets blew up.. And the plane had crashed.. Killing everyone on bored.. But Jinso who was only badly wounded..


Everything was a blur to him.. it all happen so fast and his wife.. As he laid there next to her.. Seeing her so .. lifeless.

 Jinso tired to get up.. but then in the distance he heard foot steps Shifting over he then seen a blured figure... that soon shapped into Ji.. Jinso's eyes widen for that moment as he went to speak but that was then when he felt the air from his lungs ecape him.. He couldnt breath.. Ji was ending his life..


When Ji was sure Jinso was dead.. He walked away, leaving the fire to finish the job.. as he go away scott free.


Jinso's children were heart broken and lost when they heard of their parents death... Daiki went to his ankle Ji to ask for help.. But Ji just turned away, Not even bothered to look at Daiki or his brothers.. Daiki couldnt believe it..  Daiki tired then to get ahold of Jion.. But there was no reply from him at all.. It was like Jion was already dead as well..


This lead Daiki to get a job at the age of 14.. and to take care of his brothers.. But his other two Yuu and Yuki helped in any way they could.

Jion was always an odd one.. Though he was close to his brothers at once.. the moment their father Kension passed.. it was as if he just completely changed. He wanted nothing to do with Ji... And he only bothered to talk to Jinso here and there.


Jion had went to live his life .. looking for the kingdom of  lost dreams.. After hearing the story of his father and mother.. He wanted to see what that place had become.. honestly he didnt think it was fun that monsters had to hide.. It was in fear even when Kension said it was to protect themselves..


When Jion had gotten to the kingdom .. There really wasnt much left.. Everything was in ruins, only a few building stood.. and at that the castle was even still standing. Most of the place how ever was in ashes..


While walking around, He found himself having and run in with.. a girl?

At first he couldnt even tell, they were in all black and attacked him.

Though he fought back, using his powers at that, That made the attack freeze in place when they seen that Jion wasnt human..


They had unmasked themselved, It was a girl, but she wasnt so human.. Her scent was way to odd to be one. that and just the way she fought..


It turned out that she had been a werewolf. She had been staying in the ruined kingdom to find some clue as to where she came from.. she had no memory of her past.

Jion and Emily had hit it off, They bonded with in that one night and became friends.


Jion had told her about his father, how he used to be the king of the land they were in and how everything had happen, This had Emily stair in aweh.. She never had meet someoen who wasnt human as it was but to meet someone that was the son of a king? This was just amazing to her.


The town ended up staying the night their in one of the abonded homes..


 Since that night, The two never parted ways.. They lived their lifes there, Living off of what was around them. Making a new house, Farming and hunting food.. the only time they went to the city was to either viste jinso, or to get some clothing..


20 years they lived like that.. At that time, they then had a son, Named Hyde.. He was only Four but he was already learning quick on how to help out. Then they had their 2nd son named Jekyll.. Who was a burst of fun and life.. but for some reason.. He would have these out burst of rage..


They find a way to calm him but the outburts were always so random.. he always hurt who was closes to him when he had them.


As the years past the two sons learned how to hunt, farm and build. They lived so peaceful being able to be theme selves and having the freedom. The boys only meet their ankle Jinso and his three kids Daiki, Yuu and Yuki  three times before Jion had stopped.. He didnt want to risk Ji finding him or his family..


Though Ji and Jion had been close at one point.. one day Jion was drowning.. and Ji had just stood there watching.. He didnt have any fear in his face or ever showed he cared that Jion was dying.. Had Jinso not shown up, Ji would have been killed.. So he wanted his kids and his wife to be safe from the threat of Ji.. 


When the boys hit ages 18 and 14, They left to go see the world.. Where that then they were warned that humans do not treat monters well if they are found out.. To lay low and not show that they are different.

Hyde and Jekyll took their words to heart as they left.. The two ended up woundering around a lot in japan, Only then to find tokyo.. when they went into the town and seen the people.. they learned quick that things were a lot different then at home.


They ended up setting up in the woods.. where their they used what their parents tought them to make their own log house.  a few years had past, Hyde now 24 and Jekyll being 20, They still live in the log house they made, But they also work in tokyo. 


Hyde works an construction worker, making a lot of money  that mostly is saved up for just cloths and other things. Where Jekyll farms at home.. Selling some of his veggies to the city's market.. Since being around people for long tends to make Jekyll have his little break downs..


Hyde and Jekyll know they have family out there.. but because of what theyve been told.. They dont care to meet them. Their ankel Ji wasnt worth the time, Why would his children be?