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Since much of our products come from Holland, it is important to know it's culture. We want to know who we are working with.








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How our business interacts with the Netherlands:

At AJON Tullips we get most of our supply from the Netherlands. Since they grow plenty a year, we are able to purchase tullips for a cheap price. On Februrary 10th this year, we will be celebrating our 7 years of business with the Netherlands. We decided that knowing the culture of the Netherlands would be helpful to continue trading with them. 

Government and Language:

The government includes the King, the Queen, and the Cabinet: State Secretaries and the Minsters. The King and Queen as of today is Willem-Alexander and Maxima. 


 The language spoken is Dutch. Here are some common phrases:

 - Hello and Goodbye is Dag or Doei

 - Nice to meet you is Aangenaam kennis te maken

 - How are you is Hoe gaat het





Culture: Well mannered when it comes to eating/dinning. People invited to eat do not sit down until the hostest sits down.

Food: Stroopwafel and coffee

Foods, Traditions, Holidays, and Customs:

 Holiday: Remembrance Day gives respect to those lost in World War 2

 Tradition: Deep-fried dougnuts on New Years Eve

Foreign Born American Citizens: