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Our AIMS Analyzer software has been developed and refined through working intimately with global rail operators and rail engineers for over 20 years.

Rail organizations must ensure that their networks are compliant with standards that govern transit space, as well as accessibility for passengers with disabilities.


It is critical to know about potential compliance issues before they become major problems, but understanding where a network is non-compliant at any point in time is a challenge.


Modern surveying systems produce dense LiDAR point clouds that can be used to take measurements without leaving the office. But LiDAR is also a powerful dataset for checking network – wide compliance.


A specialist software – AIMS Analyzer – takes LiDAR data and converts it to profiles for network-wide, rapid analysis of the true relationship between infrastructure and trains.


AIMS Analyzer can deliver rapid reports across networks to highlight areas of non-conformance before they become a considerable problem to solve.


Camera mounted externally are individually housed in a secure and protective environment - incorporating GT’s Spinning Frog rain deflecting lenses. 



Each camera and housing has dimensions of 12 x 9 inches and weighs 9-11 Ibs.

A clearance of 18 inches is required from the train facade (or other obstructions) to the bracket mounting points – this will allow sufficient field of view and space for cabling and housing access.

Typical Mounting Arrangement

Mounting Requirements