Homecoming has been a tradition at UCF since its earliest years. It has become a staple of fall programming at the University. Many students, student organizations, university departments, even off campus businesses plan their fall calendars around this week of events. Traditionally, Homecoming is an opportunity for Alumni to revisit and reconnect with their Alma Mater. However, at UCF it is equally important to current students. It is a time for students to exhibit their pride in their school, putting aside other affiliations and raising morale and spirit. Go Knights!


Visit http://osi.ucf.edu/homecoming/events/ to get the full details of Homecoming Week events.

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   Project BEST

UCF Events to Note!

9.21.16 Budgeting & Tracking Your Money

Student Development and Enrollment Services

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Howard Phillips Hall 208




Oct 2016

USF & LECOM Graduate Tour Recap

UCF Campus Spotlight:

Career Services

UCF Career Services contributes to the university's goal of offering high quality undergraduate and graduate education and student development by providing centralized, comprehensive and coordinated career development, experiential learning and employer relations programs. Please visit them in The Career and Experential Learning Building or visit career.ucf.edu to learn more.

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | sss@ucf.edu | trio.sdes.ucf.edu

Student Development and Enrollment Services

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | sss@ucf.edu | trio.sdes.ucf.edu

"Family Movie Knight"

Academic Deadlines

Academic Advising Week | October 10-21

Grade Forgiveness Deadline | October 31, 11:59PM

Withdrawal Deadline | October 31, 11:59PM

Student Spotlight

Jessica Renee

Project BESTer since Summer 2016

Jessica landed a medical shadowing internship with Pre-Med Fellowship Abroad in Almansa, Spain. She will be shadowing doctors at the Hospital Publico General de Almansa for a week. Jessica is a Health Sciences Pre-Clinical major with aspirations of becoming a Physicians' Assistant. The Study Abroad program offers opportunities every winter, spring, and summer in a variety of places from Russia, China, France, South Africa, and more!


Join the Project BEST staff as we host our 1st "Family Movie Knight" Potluck Style! Bring your favorite dish and grab a comfy seat as we get together to enjoy a fun featured film! This is an opportunity for scholars to socialize with each other and ease their active minds from the stresses of school. We want to provide a relaxing and entertaining environment to reward you for the work you have done. We are taking rentable movie suggestions so please click here to RSVP!

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Important Reminders!

Scholars please remind yourselves to log onto Canvas and complete some of the modules that you are required to. Per your Project BEST Student Agreement, you are required to complete 3 Canvas modules per year in at least 1 of the following areas: Financial Literacy, Financial Aid, and Academic Wellness.

Event Learning Community or Certificate Program Date Time Location

Where Did The Time Go?:

Tips for Managing Your Time

  Oct.10 2PM-3PM   SU220
Good Nutrition on a Student Budget  Financial Literacy  Oct.11  2PM-3PM  SU221 
Getting Connected in College 


Health Professions 

Oct.11   11AM-12PM SU221 
Graduate & Professional Schools Fair 

Grad School Preparedness


Health Professions 

Oct.12  10AM-2PM  Pegasus Ballroom 
"Family Movie Knight" Potluck Style    Oct.12  6PM-9PM  Neptune Multipurpose Room 
Investing Basics w/ FAIRWINDS  Financial Literacy  Oct.13  1:30PM-2:30PM  SU223 
Social Networking Strategies  Career Readiness  Oct.13   3PM-4PM  CSEL 121
Study Day Session    Oct.14   11:30AM-12:30PM SU222 
Applying to Graduate & Professional Schools  Grad School Preparedness  Oct.20  3PM-4PM  CSEL 121 
Academic Skills    Oct.24  1PM-2PM  SU221 
Alumni Panel  All Learning Communities  Oct.25  4PM-6PM  Fairwinds Alumni Center 
Test Taking Skills    Oct.26  12PM-1PM  SU223 


SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | sss@ucf.edu | trio.sdes.ucf.edu

Scholars we understand that your schedules are bustling with class assignments, extracurricular activities, tutoring sessions, nap time, and more! Here's a quick reminder of some of our events going on this month so you don't miss out!

October Events

Student Development and Enrollment Services