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Companion Book for

I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior

Author: Howard E. Wasdin



Matt Malec


HR: 133 -------------7/8 (A/C)











Chapter 1: The Road to Becoming SEAL.

Chapter 2: Missions and Mogadishu

Chapter 3: what?



Table of Contents

In this book, “I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior,” Howard Wasdin tells how he overcame a very tough childhood to live his dream and join the exciting and dangerous world of Navy SEALs. He goes on to describe how he eventually becomes a member of SEAL Team Six, the Special Forces snipers. Howard shares the story of his difficult childhood with an abusive father and the struggles he went through growing up.     Howard joins the Navy and pushes himself to master every challenge given to him, and he quickly moves through the best units in the military. He describes with astonishing detail the accounts of his time in Somalia and how he barely escaped death in The Battle of Mogadishu. Throughout his journey with the SEALs, he is faced with many conflicts involving the person he was when he joined and how his thoughts and views about life, death, politics, war, and humanity had changed.  He eventually becomes a chiropractor and feels that was the intended path for him.

   In this companion book, you will read about the circumstances that lead Howard to join the Navy and the reason for his powerful motivation to succeed at being the best in everything he does.  Throughout his SEAL Training, Howard’s craft introduces the reader to the extreme physical and mental demands used to transform an ordinary soldier into a Navy SEAL. You will also experience through Howard’s words, detailed accounts of the dangers and horrors of war, his career-ending wounds and his medals obtained through excellent service. Whether he was parachuting at high altitudes with little oxygen or using his sniper skills to make an 846-yard kill, Wasdin makes the reader feel like they are on a mission with SEAL Team Six.  Finally, Howard reflects on what he learned during his time as a SEAL Team Six warrior and how these valuable life lessons affected the path he chose after his Navy career.  This powerful book gives you personal accounts of the training and combat experiences from the first-hand perspective of an ex-SEAL sniper. It’s impossible for any reader not to walk away with a massive amount of respect for the sacrifice and dedication of all SEAL Team Six members.




SEAL Team Six. Who are they? Do they exist? That's what we're going to find out today. SEAL is a special forces branch of the U.S. NAVY. SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land. This particular branch can strike an enemy from any from any part of the Earth. SEAL's specialize in Land warfare, diving, parachuting, undersea warfare, etc. SEAL Team Six does in fact, exist. But not many people know that the SEAL Team Six exists. SEAL Team Six does not want you to know that they exist. SEAL Team Six is a secret SEAL team. SEAL Team Six does everything a regular SEAL Team would do.


        However, SEAL Team Six takes it to a whole new level. To avoid being detected by an enemy, planes have to fly at very high altitudes. This elite group of SEALs are trained in the very dangerous HAHO, High Altitude - High Opening. For example, when parachuting at high altitudes with little oxygen, a SEAL Team Six member has to practice parachute canopy stacking which means that they have to line up in mid-air while the parachute is descending. This type of parachuting is extremely dangerous! They have to avoid crashing into each other at G-Force speeds! The lack of oxygen and speed can cause the parachuter to black out and lose consciousness. SEAL Team Six members practice these parachuting exercises over and over again to become experts so when they are called upon for a special mission, they will be ready. This is Howard Wasdin. A SEAL Team Six Warrior. Howard starts his life with Leon. A very abusive father who would abuse Howard all the time for no reason.

Chapter 1: What is SEAL Team Six?


No matter what type of upbringing you came from, good or bad, if you work hard and persevere you have the power to achieve anything you can dream of. Howard Wasdin gives the reader a lot to think about as he struggles himself with the thought of forgiving his stepfather for the abuse he suffered as a child as well as forgiving himself for the acts he committed serving his country as a SEAL Team Six warrior. Throughout his adult life, Howard is reminded of the motivational motto from his years as a SEAL, “The only easy day was yesterday.” Keep this motto in mind when stressful times come. Could this be the motivation that you need to keep moving forward and never give up?