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Urgent Care Integrated Network has contracted with industry-leading vendors to offer significant savings on urgent care equipment, supplies, and professional services. Join today to improve your bottom line and find out how we can be “better together.”

Your buying power just got stronger!


The urgent care industry is consolidating. The coming wave of health system and health plan directed ACOs along with significant urgent care acquisitions by hospitals, institutional investors and insurance companies present new challenges to which existing urgent care providers must quickly adapt.

To maintain your competitive advantage, you need to gain the purchasing and contracting advantages currently enjoyed by the large operators. By joining Urgent Care Integrated Network, together we can leverage our buying and contracting power to provide savings on nearly every aspect of your business.


Together we have the buying and contracting power to obtain competitive pricing on an extensive menu of value-added services and supplies offering significant return on investment potential.

There is no risk and membership is free. You simply pick the services and vendors you need. We will connect you with UCIN’s proven vendor partners, where you will receive discounted network pricing. 


We offer significant savings on medical supplies and equipment through our exclusive relationship with Physician Sales & Service, Inc.

-  Point of care lab equipment

-  Radiology equipment

-  Durable medical goods

-  Medical supplies

-  Prescription dispensing 

-  Equipment financing

Powered by:


-  Discounted legal services from a nationally known, top-tier firm

-  Urgent care consulting at a reduced hourly or flat rate

-  Full services laboratory consulting and medical direction

-  Discounted medical malpractice insurance, risk management and CME

-  Virtual patient care portal at a discounted rate

-  HR Solutions – reduce the cost of benefits

The SERVICES (cont.) 

-  Urgent Care site selection

-  High quality, low cost, digital radiology over reads 

-  Inclusion in the largest, most complete web-based searchable urgent care database at a reduced rate

-  Discounted fees on the premier EHR in the urgent care industry 

-  Discounted rates on revenue cycle management

-  Low cost biomedical waste disposal

-  Continuing education program


Single specialty networks have been in existence for more than 30 years.  If you would like to participate, UCIN offers the following components of a fully-integrated, single specialty network:

-  State of the art electronic health record and practice management solution customized for the urgent care delivery model

-  Single Tax ID health plan contracting

-  Revenue cycle management from the preeminent leader in health plan billing

-  ACO-centric population health management tools 

-  Cloud-based virtual patient care software


UCIN will leverage its bargaining power via our clinically integrated network to negotiate fair health plan contracts. We will use our state of the art, evidence-based clinical metrics to deliver improved and measurable patient outcomes through a menu of service offerings which include:

-  Patient outcome analytics

-  Continued patient engagement

-  Clinical outcome dashboarding

-  Enhanced patient safety

-  Customer service monitoring

-  Provider dashboarding

Join UCIN 

Join us; we are better together! There is no risk and no initial cost to join. Once you sign up, you will gain access to the discounted rates and fees of our panel of world class vendors and partners. You simply pick the services, products and partners you need.

There is no upfront charge to join and the first 3 months are free. If you want to continue accessing UCIN’s vendor discounts, the fee is $95/clinic/month for services, equipment and supplies. If you decide to join the clinically-integrated, single specialty network, the cost per month will increase to help cover the joint contracting and credentialing costs.

To request an agreement or for more information, call: 480-247-9223 or email us at:

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