The ultimate goal of Kinetisense is to provide practitioners and trainers with a standardized tool that will forever change the way they issue assessment.

Dr. Ryan Comeau, CEO

Kinetisense is a research-grade analysis tool that captures human motion without the use of wearable sensors. Kinetisense has revolutionized the way that rehab practitioners and fitness trainers acquire human biomechanical data. The accuracy, objectivity, and efficiency that Kinetisense provides, have made it the world leader in 3D motion-capture.


Kinetisense combines award-winning practitioners and a Microsoft MVP development team to produce this advanced patent-pending assessment tool. Kinetisense integrates the affordable Kinect for Xbox One sensor with a computer and the Kinetisense software.

Kinetisense is the only real time posture analysis system on the market. Practitioners can use this system as more than a diagnostic tool because the data is displayed in real time. Real time analysis enables immediate correction through postural exercises and poses. The instant biofeedback that Kinetisense provides is invaluable in posture rehabilitation. 


Kinetisense is the most efficient and effective solution for analysis in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes in the body. The real time Kinetisense Posture System provides data on joint position, joint axis tilt, and joint axis rotation. The system collects patient posture data with the click of a button and produces comprehensive reports and SOAP notes.

  •  Real-time joint capture
  • Patient/client positioning
  • AMA guidelines
  • Automatic Practitioner Reporting


  • Automatic SOAP notes
  • SOAP note copy and paste
  • Patient/client Profile

Kinetisense 3D Range-of-Motion eliminates the subjectivity of the goniometer and inclinometer. The system automatically locks onto the client or patient and allows ROM analysis of over 40 joint movements.


The system guides the client or patient to the initial assessment position and offers comparative analysis with American Medical Association guidelines for  ROM.






Until now, assessing multiple joints and joint axis  objectively and efficiently has been nearly impossible for practitioners. The Kinetisense Functional Movement system solves this problem.


Kinetisense acquires insightful movement data of the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of the body. Real time video recording makes Kinetisense the ideal tool to identify movement dysfunctions, and allow the practitioner to educate the patient.


With Kinetisense, you will be able to analyze a variety of functional and sport specific movements such as the overhead squat, the pallof press, the lunge, kicking, swinging, throwing, and gait analysis (walking, running), just to name a few. Kinetisense provides a variety of different views to provide the most accurate and efficient real time movement data.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you attend a Kinetisense Online Demo and purchase a license, we will give you a free Kinect for Xbox One sensor. During the demo, Kinetisense CEO, Dr. Ryan Comeau will demonstrate how Kinetisense will revolutionize your practice.


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