No problem to find Øster Højst, it’s on highway 435. I’m
looking for the church
I think I can find Øster Højst, because I have this map, and I
know where Tinglev and Heds are located.
Here is another view, but I still don’t see the church. Guess I
will have to go into town and look around
Good farming country around Øster Højst.
Very neat arrangement, and quite flat.
Øster Højst - Lundsgaarde, Arnå mod øst By Irmgard Lorenzen
It takes a lot of these little canals to drain all that flat land.
Nice farmland, near Øster Højst
Nearing Øster Højst, on the Adelvadvej road
The city limits, better slow down
Ruth told me she was both baptized and married in the church
of Øster Højst, so I thought I would go there, and see if I
could find the church, and get a picture of it.
The first house in town. Love the color of that tile roof. The
hedge needs trimming, though.
It looks like school is in session
Bus stop, gee, I could have taken the bus
Nice house, needs a better hedge, though
Coming to the main part of town
Not a very big town, but big enough for an auto dealer,
with a showroom
Creative fence design. Very unique
Here I am at the last house in town, and I still have not found
the church. Will have to go back and look again. Funny,
that looks like the same house I saw at the other end of town
Lots of flagpoles here. Might be a government building
Looks like they planted a grove of trees in the front yard,to
Give this house a little shade.
I found it ! There’s the church, on that side street
Øster Højst - kirken By Irmgard Lorenzen
Ved Øster Højst kirke, 24. maj 2014 By Papkassen
Ved Øster Højst kirke, 24. maj 2014
By Papkassen
View from our window in the inn of Øster Højst
September 10th 2016 at 7:07 o'clock -comment by Chris
My photo - same view, different time
Draved Mose 29.09.2006 By picotuna
It seems there are two places with the name “Højst”. That
confused me, until I remembered that “Øster” means
“Eastern” and “Vester’ means “Western”.
Learn something every day, when I visit Denmark.
Dravedskov By G.Ganderup Nice, looks like a nature trail.
Dravedskov By G.Ganderup - but, it’s not all that nice, this
may be the part that floods, when it rains too much.
Dravedskov By G.Ganderup
It seems that a Dravedskov is sort of a wild area, not farmed,
possibly because it is low ground that floods at times. This
one is not far from Vester Højst.
Church By © Ana García de Pablo
This is a church that tells us the time - the time now,
and the time when it was built - 1773