Republican Party

Platform Booklet 

A Booklet by Daniel Scuria-Herman

and Esteban Hidalgo Gonzalez


Class 705

        Donald Trump is the Republican Party's Canidate for President for 2016. But before you know the candidate, you should know the man behind the good looks.


The Candidate

         Donald Trump announced that he was running for president of the United States on June

16, 2015, and  everyone

knew that Hillary

Clinton would have no

chance against him. As

he showed that day, 

Donald Trump is more

than qualified for 

president. He will win

this election fair and

square against Hillary

Clinton with his vice

president, Mike Pence. He was successful in building his business, he will be successful in rebuilding this country.


             The Man

         Mr. Trump has done a great many things. He has built a business only on a small loan given to him by his father, and since then, built a company worth billions of dollars. He has made a great foundation for his wife and family. And he is the best man for the job of the presidency.



Who is Donald Trump?

        Wendy Long is the Republican canidate for U.S. senate against Chuck Schumer. She will help Donald Trump as president make a better Republican Party.


                 The Candidate

         Wendy Long believes that

we should rebuild our military

into an overwhelming American

force. Chuck Schumer can never

come up with the idea to do that. 

She knows that President Bush's

anti-terror strategy succeeded in

keeping us safe from harm and

from foreign threats. Because of

the terrorists out there, we need 

a very strong, up-to-date military.

To make them efficient in battle,

Wendy wants to ban gay

marriage within the military. 

Whatever it takes to make 

America great again.


The Woman

         Mrs. Long was a lawyer before she was a candidate for U.S. Senate, and she still is. She married a man named Arthur S. Long in 1998, and lives in New York City with her two children. She is more qualified than Chuck Schumer to be in the U. S. Senate, because she is a lawyer and knows how to get things done.


Who is Wendy Long?


           The Republicans believe that the

American people deserve to be secure from

threats coming to us from overseas and at home.

           National security needs to be fought on

multiple fronts. To do that, we need superior

aircraft and armored vehicles, with good 

surveillance/unarmed security system. Above

all, we need overwhelming force to strike fear

into the hearts of our enemies. We can't do

without more security-based army vehicles, but

not too big. The government will also need more money for the U.S. anti-bioterrorism unit. If we are going to fight ISIS, we'll need more missile defense and more tools for law enforcement and CIA. 

         Since the catasrophe of the Twin Towers on 9/11, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was formed. But it was never perfect. So we also need to reform the TSA.

        Finally, Americans must feel secure in their own homes. For example, police must respect our Comstutution's Fourth Amendment, so if people's houses and papers were searched, their rights would be protected. The Republican Party wants our Constitution to remain the way it used to be.



         "We will take out ISIS." That was what Donald Trump has been saying for a while now. And is he living up to what he said? 

          Mr. Trump's plan is to make countries in NATO pay their fair share for the alliance. NATO says that its members have paid $900 billion dollars for the alliance -- but the U.S. on its own has paid a whopping $650 billion dollars out of that amount. And Mr. Trump plans to make NATO go into the Middle East with surrounding nations to get rid of ISIS.

          Another plan of his is to update our fleet of bombers. Once they are upgraded, we will make China solve the North Korea problem. Because even though America is the greatest country in the world, some things are better done by others than for us to do ourselves and get precious soldiers killed.

The Republican Position





















Donald Trump's Position

National/Homeland Security


          The Republican Party believes that illegal

immigrants are stealing jobs from hardworking,

middle-class, U.S. citizens.

           Working-class American have to live off of

their jobs, and protect and feed their families. So

we can only respect immigrants if they come to 

the country legally, even if they’re not citizens yet.

Because a legal immigrant is always better than

someone who is here illegally. The U.S. should

support legal immigrants coming here because

the United States is the best place on Earth. The Republican Party thinks that President Obama’s immigration policies are not good for nation. So many illegal immigrants come here to ruin our country. We just need to take our country back from these aliens on American soil, our soil.





             Illegal immigrants are coming into our country. They are shooting people randomly. This must stop. We must stop these Chinese, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Mexicans from coming here to our land and killing our people. That means we must take weapons away from African-Americans and Hispanics. They are the ones viscously murdering our law-abiding citizens. This is just not right. The bombing in Chelsea, Manhattan, for example, was committed by a Muslim. These great disasters are caused by these terrible people.

             Sometimes, immigrants who are here legally are good people. They can become our cops, join our army, work on our streets, doing the right thing. So that's why in Donald Trumnp's resort Palm Beach, Florida, there is no discrimination against black and Muslims, and there should be more places like that one. Our country is a center for greatness to come alive. We can only reach that level if we end illegal immigration. We just need to make sure that there's no bad mixed with that good.

The Republican Position

















Donald Trump's Position




          The Republican Party believes that we

as a nation should protect the right to bear arms.

           That right is in our Constitution, the

Second Amendment, so why shouldn't we 

protect it? We have to stay true to our set of

rules, which we have followed for more than

two centuries, to get us through the crises we

face today, including crime and terrorism.

So the the government should not require

federal licensing and national gun registration

of citizens. We need a stronger nation, and we

need to protect ourselves. We say that federal licensing of guns is a violation of our constitutional rights.






            Donald Trump says we need to

take guns out of the hands of criminals,

especially illegal immigrants running

gangs, who shoot people randomly. We

just can't give guns to illegal aliens, or

criminals. That's just not right. The police

in Chicago are too afraid to do anything

to stop gang violence. So we should take

action on these violent criminals who are

constantly breaking the law. 

The Republican Position

















Donald Trump's Position




       Middle-class Americans

work hard for their paycheck

every week. The Republican

Party believes that they and

other productive citizens

should keep as much of

their earnings as possible,

with fewer taxes, to keep the

American economy stronger.

       The typical American

has to pay so much already, that getting a letter in the mail saying that his or her taxes will increase is very stressful. There should be no increase in our taxes, and we should double the child tax. In addition, we do not want higher taxes for our highest earners, because these leaders in our business world drive the economy and should not get taxed more than they already are. The Republican Party believes that religious organizations should not be taxed. We also want to eliminate the marriage penalty because you should not have to pay for love. 

      They say that the only things that are sure in life are death and taxes. By eliminating the death tax, we Republicans hope we can get rid of that saying. In this day and age, we cannot have random over-taxation. All Americans deserve a house that's affordable to raise a family, and they deserve a better economy that would be posssible with a better, fairer tax system.



       Donald Trump has said that jobs are going to places like China and Mexico, and we must stop them from leaving our country. He has also said that China is devaluing its currency to help lure jobs, which our government must prevent. We should not let jobs leave in the first place, and we must create more jobs.

      In addition, we need to deduct the state average cost of childcare, with rebates for poor parents and savings accounts. Women in business need six weeks of maternity leave. Another goal for Mr. Trump is to reduce taxes from 35% to 15% on our financial leaders. 

      Mexico has a value-added tax, or VAT, which is similar to a sales tax on goods and services. Mr. Trump says we need this type of tax for our nation. We also should no longer support NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, because of the tax it brought to us and the job loss it has caused. For a stronger economy, we need to reform our relationship with the rest of North America.

The Republican Position




















Donald Trump's Position

Taxes and

The Economy


       The Republican Party

would like to help poorer

people in our country. We

want tax changes to

enable more poor people

to own a home. The party

wants  to start and add the

“American Dream Down

Payment” program, which

will allow families who

draws federal rental help

to become house owners.

The Republicans would

also like to increase the

supply of affordable

housing by starting the

Dream tax credit. Republicans want to also help end child poverty by starting faith-based charities.  








         Donald Trump has

contributed to a lot of charities

and will keep giving to help

reduce poverty. Mr. Trump

wants to help child poverty and

wants to help educate them. You

do not see Hillary Clinton doing

that as much as Mr. Trump does,

do you? He wants to give

knowledge to people so they can



The Republican Position




















Donald Trump's Position

Poverty and


         The Republican Party does not support abortion. They believe that the fourteenth amendment

applies to unborn fetuses.

They want to keep the

pledge to the first guarantee

of the Declaration of

Independence. The unborn

child has a fundamental right

to live. They support the

human life amendment to

the Constitution and endorse

the law that the 14th

Amendment’s protections

apply to unborn children.

Their purpose is to have legislative and judicial protection of that right against those who perform abortion.  They oppose using public income for abortion and will not fund organizations who support it. The Republican Party would like to ban abortion, and to do that, they need to add a constitutional amendment. In all, they do not support abortion and would do anything to take the right to do it away.






The Republican Position




















Donald Trump's Position



        America needs to progress. We have not done much of anything since the last Republican president. We will defeat ISIS. We will stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country. We will let the people that deserve a gun own one. We will lower taxes. We will stop the homeless problem. We will let the fetuses that haven't even become babies live to maturity

and on. We will give the

average American a good

system of healthcare. We

will help women get better

jobs. And we will do all of

this soon. We must. But only

if we plan correctly and look

at all of our assets. NATO.

U.S. military. The legal

immigrants in our country.

The people who are currently

homeless. Our new generation

and their mothers. Our people, cops, workers, everyone. But we need to see what we have around us, utilize it, and come in for the win. Disasters, threats to our country have happened. Many of which on our soil. San Bernadino, California. Chelsea, Manhattan. Orlando, Florida. These are just a few of the bombings and shootings that take place in our world today. We cannot just stand by and watch. We need to take action. We will. As a nation. As NATO. As a military.

         The Republican Party believes that what we propose should commence as soon as possible. We can’t wait a few years until ISIS takes over America and then, only then do we send out our fleet of bombers to stop them? We can't wait until we can't pay back our trillion dollar debt until we have no more money left at all. We can't ban firearms and then propose a plan to better regulate them. We will not wait until every single homeless person in this country dies of hunger before we build better shelters. We cannot wait until abortion is regulated before we uproot it. Those are not smart ideas. We need to do everything ASAP.

          We need to protect our homeland and those in it to the best of our ability. We cannot send out wooden planes to defeat ISIS. We need to send titanium planes with highly deadly nuclear missiles. We will not let every American become homeless and die. We stand and fight. As America. As the best country in the world, led by Donald Trump, elected in 2016.

Going Forward