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Multimedia By Tahmid Selim

By Tahmid Selim



Text definition: 

 Text is data seperated by white space characters. It’s  a series of ones and zeroes,


Sans and Sans Serif difference:

Sans serif font is smooth font which is beter for presentations. Serif font is more rough with tails at the end of the letter.

 sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced:



Non Edited Music

Edited Music

Graphics Data type:

A graphical item displayed on a screen.



Morphing is a special effect used on images that changes one image into another through a transition.



Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion and shape change.


Visual multimedia source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture.






Is the dialogue that occurs between a human and a computer program. Interactivity is important because it connects us humans to others and the computer itself.





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