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Nano reflective particles in sunscreen and the effects of UV light

nano particles in UV light

how will nano particles in sunscreen be changed in the future?

ways it can be used



-cars (colour)

-tanning products


-contact lenses


who/what will stop this?

-the government

-other sunscreen brands

-global warming

-greenhouses gases


what will the future look like if this happens?

-there will be less sunburnt people

-less people will have cancer


what will the future look like if this doesn't happen?

-in the future there will be more people so there will be an increase in sunnburn and cancer

-the ingrediants in sunscreen are: inorganic particles, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, or organic components, such as herbal extracts or compounds like oxybenzone

-the particles in sunscreens provide physical protection against UV rays

fun facts



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By :

Loren, Tamika and Daphne :)