Grandma's Challenge.

By: Furqan.Ahmed 



Luis: The main




Victor: Luis bigger





Cynthia: Luis and


Victor's Grandma.






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"Ok Luis and Victor get up 


I Have a surprise for you


Both"Said their Mother.


They both raced to the 


breakfast table wondering 


about the surprise.


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After eating their breakfast their Mom, asked them to go visit their Grandma, "Why Momy" Luis asked. "If you want your Gift, You have to do this" Said their Mother.

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They both started their journey to their


grandma's house. They both were


excited but nervous because it was their


first time visiting their grandma's house


alone without their mom. "Here's the


Map, Use it if you are lost" Said Mrs.




Luis and Victor jumped


overthe over the leaves,


Around the Trees, And


throught the Spider webs,


To get to her grandma's




When Luis and Victor entered

the Forest the wind was too

heavy and angry that it was

too hard to walk. "I think the wind is running through trees and Lugging me backward forcing me to return back to my home, Why" Thinking and wonderign Luis.

Question: Why was the angry wind forcing Luis to go back to his Home?

Question: Why was the angry wind forcing Luis to go back to his Home?


Luis and Victor's Mother raced to the telephone and called Cynthia Luis and Victor's Grandma. "They both just entered the forest" Luis and victor's Mother bawled at the telephone to Grandma that her ear was nearly going to ignite.  

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