Hero's Journey

Einsteinium: A Heroic Man 


         There is one man named Einsteinium. Einsteinium was a very powerful superhero. He has powers that can do unnatural things to the Earth. Einsteinium shines with a silvery color around his body. He was always a mysterious person and many didn’t know a lot about him.



            One day, he sought to do something bigger than any men on Earth. He saw a huge group of people in trouble and he wanted to help them. There was a war going on between them. Seeing this conflict between people made Einsteinium very angry. People were making fools out of their selves and doing evil things.



            Einsteinium knew what he was going to do in order to help his people. He decided to take a stand and to go outside. When he came outside, he made a loud roar with his presence and many saw how he shined in a silver color . Then he said unto the people, “Why do you make bad examples out of yourselves?” “You, my people know that you can do better and be a better people.” When he said this, some of the people looked at him with confusion, but eventually, others were able to catch on.



            He also said unto them, “You, my people need to change yourselves and to be reborn again.” “Start all over again and change your whole life.” When the people heard everything he was saying, they gave him all of their attention. Einsteinium was trying to help get his people back together.



           For over a period of time, others started waking up and they eventually started teaching as well. They started dressing differently, changing the way they looked at their selves, and their bad ways in order to be a better people.



            But, there were always wicked people that didn’t want to listen and continued to do evil things. Einsteinium said unto the rebellious people, “Why are you so rebellious?” One of the men said, “I don't understand what you are teaching us.” And Einsteinium said unto them, “The reason why you don’t understand is that you have been lied to and brainwashed.” When Einsteinium said this, several of the rebellious men left. Even though the men left, Einsteinium and the rest of the men continued to wake more of their people up. He knew that certain men just didn’t want to listen and they would be stuck with a hard life forever.



            Over more time, the men continued to make more progress. They were all starting to head in a new direction. Although, they still faced more challenges.



            After a while, Einsteinium and the rest of the men were able to gather all of their people together. They all knew what they had to work on. Einsteinium knew that the other men including himself would have to do something bigger. They would have to build and do everything for their selves.



            Then one day, something serious happened. He saw more of his people being hurt and attacked. This was the last thing that made Einsteinium turn in great anger. He gathered all of his people together safely and they went farther away. He used his powers in order to destroy the land where evil was taking place. As the people saw him, they had great fear and they heard his loud roar. He used his hands and the great power that surrounded his body in order to destroy.  Big bombs full of radioactivity were being blown in the lands and fire was everywhere. He used his powers in order to kill others that did harm to his people.



            After that day, Einsteinium and the rest of his people were able to make it out of the lands where destruction ocurred. They traveled to a new land and they lived there forever. The people were able to build their kingdom and so were they called a nation. They lived in happiness and they did great things for their selves. All of them were able to continue to live on and to shine out of the rest of the nations on the face of the Earth.