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       3 General Stages of the Buying Process

Home Search





Take Title

A  good Realtor will prepare you for each step, and provide the necessary resources to accomplish them.

And Lots of Steps Within Each Stage 

 TO Do's:


Set Goals (house size, location, schools etc), Review Finances with Mortgage Professional, Analyze Market Data, Compare Neighborhoods, Preview Homes With Your Real Estate Agent, Obtain Pre-Approval, Agent Writes and Presents Offer, and Negotiates  Price and Terms.

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The longest, most important phase of the home buying process 





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Your Home Search

Once the contract is reviewed and approved by both party's attorneys, the inspection phase of the transaction begins.


The inspection process is meant to protect buyers by having their own licensed professional inspector inspect the structure, the electrical  and plumbing systems, test for the presence of termites, radon, and any evidence of mold or asbestos or other environmental hazards in the home. If the general inspector feels there is evidence of potential problems with any of these items he will recommend they be inspected by a specialist who can further evaluate the issue.

  The Home Inspection

After all inspections issues are settled, the title search us complete and the lender has finalized your mortgage commitment it is time to take ownership. The closing day requires signing alot of important documents. The property is yours once they are all signed. 

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Taking Title

Tax advantages you will have as a home owner