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We strive to provide the most appropriate environment with our facilities, programs and personnel, for the Integral Formation of young men as Chrisitian Leaders.  Our education is rooted in living the Catholic tradition of academic excellence, personal integrity, high moral standards and a spirit of service to others.

Oaklawn Academy is . . . 

Oaklawn Academy is an international boarding school for boys, grades 7 through 9.  Our facility is located near Edgerton, Wisconsin, about two hours from Chicago.

Human Formation

Through attention to human formation, students acquire mastery of themselves, developing good behavior, values, self-confidence, and respect.  Building good personal living, social and study habits is stressed.  

An essential part of our students' formation is virtue formation. The students are encouraged to internalize the virtues they are asked to practice and make them a part of their own life principles.  

Oaklawn students are encouraged to develop good habits, by example of their peers.  Deans are on staff to monitor student conduct and discipline at all times.  Through incentives such as group competitiions, students learn that discipline is a serious issue and is not taken lightly.


For living quarter assignments and grouping for weekly outings, students are assigned to sections according to age and maturity.

At Oaklawn Academy we receive students from many different backgrounds and educational experiences.  We strive to meet the individual needs of our students through our highly personalized English Immersion  program.


Upon arrival, each student is tested in English and Math.  This provides us with a base on which to build their experience. Due to the nature of our English Immersion program, the students are grouped primarily by English ability.  Here they are able to learn in a safe environment, which helps them to develop English and course related skills.

We offer small class sizes (often 1:15 or 1:20 teacher to student ratio), which allows the teachers to understand the needs of each student.


Students in need of extra assistance or challenge are enrolled in guided study hall, which is a small group tutoring program offered by the teachers to assist students in learning English, completing classroom tasks or to further motivate the excelling student.

Our student assessment program is based on teacher created, as well as standardized / normed tests.  Each teacher is responsible for assessing the abilities of the students through formal and informal evaluations.  Grades are reported at the conclusion of each of the three terms and progress reports are given at mid-term.  Each student participates in the TOEFL Junior Exam at least twice a school year.  This test measures English language proficiency, and is typically given at the beginning and end of the students’ course.    

Our Dean of Academics monitors student performance closely. Conferences are held with struggling students, and performance counseling occurs often.

Students are paired with an Academic Advisor who provides assistance in their assimilation into life at Oaklawn, as well as goal setting, grade monitoring and academic success strategies.

The academic program of Oaklawn Academy follows the standards found in the Common Core, as well as those put out by ICIF. Teachers adapt materials to fit the ever-changing needs of our English Language Learning population, so that an Oaklawn graduate can proudly use his English Language skills outside of the academy.


Spiritual Formation

The Integral Formation method of education aims to help each student fulfil the mission for which he was created, developinga personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  Christ becomes the ultimate motive for all the student's choices and actions.  The student's intellectual and human growth moves closer to perfection through God's grace and the student's spiritual efforts.  Spiritual formation is an  ongoing process of conversion.  The goal of the spiritual formation program is to help all students develop an authentic spiritual life.  Their thoughts and actions are influenced by a Christian view of the human person and of the world.

Apostoloic Formation

Apostolic Formation enables the students to go into society to serve as Christian leaders and apostles, actively responding to the needs of the Church and humanity, creating a civilization of justice and love.  Through serving others and a vibrant apostolic life, each student discovers Christ, becomes more like Christ and experiences His love more profoundly.  The objective of apostolic formation is to develop in our students the heart of an apostle, a heart sensitive and responsive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others.

Why Choose Oaklawn Academy?

Overall, Oaklawn academy offers  a challenging, rigorous program that is carefully designed to meet the needs of our students, while continuously moving them forward.


For more information feel free to contact us 

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