2015 Fall Sideboards & Buffets Preview




Serve up some serious style with one of the Sideboards from our 2015 Fall Collection. The food won't be the only thing with good taste. 

Serious Sideboards

If you love Mid Century Modern, then the Alma Sideboard is sure to please. You'll have all the modern conveniences with multiple storage compartments, plus a retro vibe that blends with just about everything. 

Alma Walnut Sideboard


So industrial modern is your thing? Good. The Tiburon Sideboard is just for you. It has robust metal legs and a raw wood finish that's completely on trend. It's a perfect complement to your decor.

Tiburon Sideboard


Drift Sideboard


The best of both worlds. The wood block cabinet of the Drift Sideboard makes this a very contemporary piece, while the legs give it a Mid Century flair. Drift becomes the focus in any room. 

Shaken or stirred? The Vincent Sideboard is made for dinner parties and cocktail parties. Dark wood trimmed in brushed steel gives this cabinet a sophisticated, polished look. Be careful not to spill your Cosmopolitan on this one.

Vincent Sideboard


Timo Sideboard


The Art Deco period produced some of the most beautiful designs and the Timo Sideboard reflects that. Made with veneer and brushed stainless steel, this Sideboard exudes a timeless elegance that will be a wonderful addition to your decor.

Colvin Sideboard


The Colvin Sideboard is a perfect way to add that Farm House look to your home. It's a smart choice to bring the right amount of rustic modern charm to any space. 

Bolton Sideboard


The Bolton Sideboard has Scandinavian appeal. You will first notice the clean lines, gorgeous wood and steel legs. Then you will appreciate the ample storage that guarantees you will serve up a good time.