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Summer Intensive Training and Symposium for Solution-Focused Coaching


Accredited Trianing for CCPC and/or ICF certification


July 11th-26th 2014

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Better conversations with those around you - at home, at school, or in the workplace - bring a positive and deepened relationship. A small conversation can make a significant, difference. Your ordinary conversations could inspire extraordinary differences.


CCBC exists to offer a space to inspire the extraordinary.



1. The Community provides a vibrant hub for

     dedicated solution-focused practitioners. 

2. The Clinic offers coaching services specialized

     in solution-focused brief practice. 

3. The Institute delivers education and

     training program for solution-focused coaching,

     leadership, and organizational development. 

Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching (CCBC)-The Host of BRIEFFEST

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A festival of Solution-Focused Coaching hosted by the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching (CCBC)!


From July 11 to July 26 2014


Three parts of ‘coaching festival’ :

                         I. Certificate Program

                         II. Train the Trainer

                         III. Symposium


Solution Surfers and Brief Academy will share their knowledge and insights in Solution-Focused coaching with practitioners, potential coaches, and the interested public.


ICF-qualified trainers will create a learning environment that is sure to inspire coaches, counselors, educators and leaders from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.

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What is Solution Focused Coaching?

The Solution-Focused approach has been widely accepted and applied in various disciplines and organizations as an effective method for counseling, training, and management.

Solution-Focused Brief Practice is an innovative approach to coaching and counseling that has been proven for its effectiveness in creating meaningful solutions in a time-efficient manner.

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Sucessful Case-Small Solution for Big Problems

The following story is one of the sucessful cases that shows the power of small differences that can make a big difference.  It is the power of amplifying positive deviance.  It is the power of having a solution focus.  


To READ the story please CLICK here.

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Program/certificate courses


For program description and registration 

please CLICK here.

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Part I


BRIEF I: Foundations

                 July 11th-13th


BRIEF II: Intermediate

                 July 14th-16th


Independent Project

                 July 17th-18th


BRIEF III: Advanced

                 July 19th-20th


BRIEF IV: Masterclass

                July 21st-22nd




Part II 



July 23rd-25th

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the certificate program

Training materials designed here will be presented at the BRIEF symposium.








July 26th

BRIEF Symposium is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other SF practitioners as well as to learn about the most current developments in SF practice. Admission open to public.



Application form for external presenter

Click here for the Application form for potential trainers for Tain the trainer

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All kinds of people are attracted to  the solution-focused approach in order to discover ways to promote positive change and growth within themselves and also without in their families, schools, communities, organizations, and workplaces.  Some of the people who are finding the solution-focused approach useful include students, parents, teachers, nurses, consultants, counselors, coaches, social service workers, therapists, doctors, educators, leaders, and managers.  



1. Who may benefit from attending BriefFest solution-focused coaching modules?

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2.  I have no idea what solution-focused coaching is. How do I know if this will be useful to me?

You have lots of options to try it! You can sign up for the first module and experience the positive differences of the solution-focused approach for yourself.  You may do a little research and contact us with questions.   And you are warmly invited to join us at our weekly gathering of solution- focused practitioners, known as The SF Lounge, and experience the positive changes a brief conversation makes. Admissions are free and light refreshments are served. For more info and registration, visit here.  

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Yes. All are welcome regardless of previous coach training or experience. And thanks to the experiential nature of the program, you will be able to conduct a solution- focused coaching session by the end of the first module: BRIEF I Foundations of Solution Focused Coaching.  



3. I don’t have any previous training in coaching. Can I still register?


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4. I’ve had a little bit of training in solution-focused coaching, but I’m not sure which level I should register for. What should I do?

Email us at

and describe your training in solution- focused coaching.  We may ask you to send us a video sample of a coaching session or to set up a brief interview with us to assess which level best meets your needs.


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5. Who is eligible to register for the BriefFest masterclass?


The masterclass is designed to be the final module which evaluates competency in solution-focused coaching.  At the Faculty of Social Work, the masterclass is normally completed as the 6th module in the Solution-focused Coaching Certificate Program. At  BriefFest, the masterclass is the 5th module in the program. If you have not yet completed the required number of modules prior to the masterclass, and would like to participate in the masterclass, please email us at

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They are both excellent training programs in solution-focused coaching. There are different advantages to each program. The following chart  highlights the differences:


6. How are the certificates from the Centre and Faculty of Social Work different?

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For more information on CCPC Certification, visit here.

For more information on ICF Certification, visit here.

What is the difference between the CCPC Certification and the ICF Certification?

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7.  I have questions about the Train-the-Trainer Program.  What will I learn by the end of this program?  What are the admission requirements and application procedures? 

This is a unique, dynamic, and intense three day solution-focused training workshop. Participants will explore ways to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences without prescribing a set agenda for their learners.  Over the course of the three day workshop, you will design and develop your own solution-focused training materials relevant to your interests, needs, community, and organization.   Participants must have completed a recognized certificate in solution-focused practice or be a certified coach prior to attending.  For additional information, please take a look at the special section on Train-the-Trainer Admissions.

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*Customized Programs and Workshops

Executive Leadership Package

  • Executive Coaching Profile and Training

  • EQ-i Assessment and Training

  • SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) Assessment and Training

For any in-house trainings and customized workshops, please email us at



*Weekly Coach's Lounge:

We invite you to join our small group of practitioners to learn about solution focused brief coaching in depth together. The meetings take place once a week, and we read together, watch a demo video together, practice peer coaching, and try out different training ideas together. Deepen your coaching practice at the lounge hosted by Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching, sponsored by University of Toronto. There is no fee for your first month, just your promise to show.

Register for Weekly Coaching Lounge at

If you have any questions, please email us at

*We are passionate about conversations that inspire positive changes in our families, schools and workplaces, and we believe you are too.


*Join our international speakers and world-class facilitators for the intensive, interactive, and invigorating learning opportunities!  

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