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Find out why TowFLEXX is the better ROTV and Aircraft Tug Product Line

ROTV (Remote Operated Tug Vehicles) and Hand-Guided Tugs for Aircraft up to
40,000 lbs. (18,000 kg)
ROTVs & Tugs for Aircraft up to 55,000 lbs. (25,000 kg)
ROTVs & Tugs for Aircraft up to 220,000 lbs. (100,000 kg)
Why is TowFLEXX
the better and
ultimate Aircraft Tow Tug?
Perimeter Fence
Perimeter Fence
Perimeter Fence
ROTVs (Remote Operated Tug Vehicles) provide many Advantages.
One major Benefit is the Ability to generate additional Parking & Hangar Space.
Moving an aircraft the conventional
way with a tug and towbar, or a
traditional towbarless tug, requires
a lot of space. In order to steer the
aircraft considerable movement is
required. Turning the nose gear can
only be achieved by moving the air-
craft forward or back. Extreme cau-
tion is required to prevent nose gear
oversteering and to avoid damage
to the sensitive nose wheel landing
gear. The aircraft must be moved
several yards before the nose gear
can be turned and to steer in a new
direction. This conventional method
requires significant space during
aircraft maneuvering.
Area required to
turn an aircraft 90°
with a conventional
tow bar & tug
Example 1
with Conventional
Example 2
Unmatched flexibility thanks to the revolutionary and proprietary
360° turn feature. You can park and position aircraft by utilizing
available space thats not reachable with a conventional tug.
+ 75% + 20%
Example 3
ROTVs (Remote Operated Tug Vehicles) are more flexible and
simultaneously protect your Aircraft like no other Product in this Category.
Area required to
turn an aircraft 90°
or 360° with
Difference! Thanks to the proprietary and pa-
tented 360° 4-axle steering technology with pendulum floating
axle and soft capture wheel coupling, TowFLEXX
can turn any
aircraft literally on the spot. Thats revolutionary, highly innova-
tive, unique and unmatched compared to any other product in
the market.
Unique and best-in-class”. The 360° technology compensates rotational
resistance and equalizes transverse forces. No gimbal mounted platform
and no hydraulic compensators are required.
Most other tugs available in the market are much more restrict-
ed and do not provide the same level of steering flexibility. The
risk of nose gear oversteering is a real peril when towing air-
craft. TowFLEXX
is the only ROTV that is equipped with intelli-
gent steering control.
ROTVs (Remote Operated Tug Vehicles) generate more Hangar
Space like no other Product in this Category.
Hangar Wall
Conventional Tow Tug with Towbar
Towbarless Tug
Exit Path
Exit Path
Exit Path
Hangar Space
Hangar Wall
Hangar Wall
Difference! Operating in tight areas,
and generating additional hangar space is the hall-
mark of TowFLEXX
. Utilizing conventional tow trac-
tors with towbar, or towbarless tugs (most of them are
designed in the 60’s but still widely used on many air-
ports), is cumbersome and time consuming.
Turning the aircraft and maneuvering without over-
steering the nose wheel and without moving the plane
a considerable distance forward or backward is im-
possible with those old technologies. Conventional
tugs also require significant room for an exit path.
That makes it virtually impossible to position any air-
craft with its nose close to a wall or in a corner.
Hangar operators are not utilizing available hangar
space and valuable real estate. Older and outdated
technology prohibits to reach full hangar capacity and
to increase revenues for FBOs and hangar owners.
is the perfect solution to optimize hangar
space and to increase aircraft moving and re-
positioning effectiveness and efficiency.
is providing unmatched flexibil-
ity and generates additional hangar space.
product line is suitable for more
than 98% of all aircraft in the market. There are also
specific solutions for aircraft types with very
peculiar and unique landing gear designs. For
example the Mitsubishi MU-2, Aero & Turbo Com-
mander and Westwind Jet Commander aircraft.
No other ROTV (Remote Operated Tug Vehicle)
manufacturer is offering a range of tugs that can
be used for airplanes with very low ground clear-
ance and highly unique nose gear designs.
is also designed and capable for tail
dragger aircraft towing solutions.
Jet Commander
Aero & Turbo
Hangar Wall
Hangar Wall Hangar Wall
Tail Dragger
Hangar Wall
Advantage! Towing and maneuvering Aircraft with TowFLEXX
is easy, much safer, and definitely the most advanced Method of handling Fixed
Wing and Helicopter Aircraft.
Turning the ROTV, turning the nose gear, and moving
the aircraft are three different actions. The patented
360° steering technology feature makes
the difference. Overall this results in much less space
requirements and elevates the hangar and apron utili-
Exit Path
Tow Tug
with Towbar
Exit Path
The conventional method of hangar utilization. The very same hangar utilizing
The hangar is under-utilized and not used at full
capacity. The hangar owner is losing revenue.
Thanks to TowFLEXX
, hangar utilization and
revenue can be increased up to 40%.
the Aircraft Interface, Coupling and Lifting is an easy and
automated Process. Docking is performed in a few Seconds. The Universal Soft
Coupling is gentle, safe, and very convenient.
No Need for cumbersome Straps, Winch-
es, Adapters and Tools. They increase
Risk for Damage and Mistakes.
No Need for extensive manual Labor,
greasy Hands and dirty Uniforms. Tow-
only requires one Person.
No Need to maintain a large Selection of
onerous and expensive Aircraft Towbars.
No Need to disconnect Linkages and to
apply various greasy Adapters.
No Risk of Oversteering, and expensive
Nose Gear Damage / Repairs are com-
pletely eliminated.
No more Hangar Rush and Aircraft Damage
caused during Moving, Towing, Staging,
and Parking.
Just imagine what you dont need anymore and how much easier it will be with the TowFLEXX
one Person can do it all. The Operator is mobile, not tied to a
Tug Driver Seat, and he is Wing Walker while controlling and steering all
simultaneously. Multitasking made very easy.
No Need for Wing Walkers and additional Staff. Personnel Cost can be significantly reduced. TowFLEXX
increases your Efficiency.
Visual Area Visual Area
Visual Area
Visual Area
The Operator is free to
move around the Air-
craft while moving and
re-positioning the Air-
Extreme Flexibility
All Around 360°
Peripherally View
Easy to operate
No Driving License
you can operate on wet Surface and in harsh Winter Condi-
tions. Optimum Ground Contact Pressure is guaranteed.
Approx 8,800 lbs. (4t) Nose Gear Weight / Pressure
3,300 lbs. (1.5t) TowFLEXX
Tare Weight
12,100 lbs. (5.5t) Total Combined Weight / Ground Contact Pressure
The average conventional tow tug in this size range has a tare weight of approx. 8,000 lbs.
A tug with tow bar cant utilize the aircraft nose gear weight & pressure. With the Tow-
solution you have 52% more ground contact pressure and therefore a much bet-
ter traction.
TowFLEXX® ROTVs are designed
for commercial applications and
24/7, 365 days around the clock
usage. Real drive tires are a needed
prerequisite for winter operations.
The tires can also be equipped with
snow chains.
Caster wheels used as drive
wheels are well known for
their limitations under cer-
tain conditions. They are
mostly used indoors (e.g.
production floors, ware-
houses, etc.), and not al-
ways suitable outdoors.
ROTVs can be used in Winter Conditions
Example with Model 5.0 (the same applies to Model 600 RC)
TowFLEXX® ROTVs are equipped with real Optimum Tread Depth and All-Terrain Drive Tires, not with caster
wheels as used by others. Caster wheels dont perform well on wet, icy, or snowy surfaces.
All TugMAXXE ROTVs come with optimum sized Wheels.
you dont need to be concerned about Functionality and
Systems Quality. Our Tugs are made for Durability and Longevity.
Better Control, and built for Flexibility
Better Power & Force Control
Hydraulic Systems are sized correctly
Electromechanical Systems are fully integrated
Designed with Low-Maintenance in Mind
Robust Chain Drive
No direct shaft drive with motor and gearbox directly
connected to the drive wheels, also commonly known as
"Final Drive"
Chains are reliable, last a long Time and are very easy
to maintain
Direct Shaft Drives require more complex Maintenance
Chain Drive Systems smoothly absorb Shock Loads
from Acceleration, Braking or Road / Tarmac Surface
Chain Drives absorb Vibrations and assure that those
vibratory Effects are not transmitted to the Nose Gear
and Aircraft
A Chain Drive provides better Torque Characteristics
Direct Shaft Drive Failures can be catastrophic and
with little Warning resulting in high Repair Cost
provides a more robust and more reliable drive technology. There
is a reason why 95% of all industrial floor-borne vehicles, as well as other
mobility vehicle products are equipped with chain drives.
State-of-the-Art Hydraulics and innovative Clean Electromechanical Power
ROTVs, Tugs, & Components are manufactured in most modern,
sophisticated State-of-the-Art Factoriesand assembled in the USA.
TowFLEXX® is engineered in Germany. The Tugs are assembled in
the United States.
When you buy a TowFLEXX
you receive a product thats made
100% by us, and we dont sell ROTVs that are made in outsourced
third- party factories, as practiced by other suppliers. Just ask other
vendors where their products are made, and whether they own the
manufacturing plant. You will be surprised.
there is no Outsourcing or Third-Party Manufacturing
as practiced by other ROTV Vendors.
ROTVs are designed by highly qualified Engineers and made
by skilled Craftsman in our own Factory.
is made with the highest top quality components, carefully
assembled and extensively tested.
TowFLEXX® products are designed and manufactured
in compliance with United States UL, SAE International
technical standards and best practices, including ARP
recommended guidelines, as well as all applicable
ASME and ANSI standards and codes. Where applica-
ble our products also conform with OSHA standards
and safety rules as well as applicable mechanical engi-
neering standards and recommended practices. Tow-
is in compliance with all applicable ISO stand-
Our factory is managed and operated compliance with
ISO 9001, demonstrating a commitment to consistent
We manufacture our Aircraft Tow Vehicles to the high-
est standards in the industry. We are in compliance
with: DIN 15641, 15018, 18800, 4112, 4132, 1055, 10025,
1543, 1013, 17210, 10149
CE, EN 12895, 61000, 292, 418, 954-1, 95, 1050, 60-204,
60-529, 1175, 18349, 1915, PR-12312-7, 51000 (SAE
J551 equivalent), IAF, DAkkS
products are extremely durable, reliable
and designed to provide years of trouble free usage. In
the unlikely situation that requires a technician on-site,
a network of trained field service representatives all
over the United States is ready to provide quick tech-
nical support.
are designed and made as UNIVERSAL ROTVs (Remote
Operated Tug Vehicles). The larger TowFLEXX
models can handle all air-
craft the smaller models can tow. Thats unmatched flexibility.
is made with the highest Top Quality Components, carefully
assembled and extensively tested.
is recommended for, and extensively utilized by many Aircraft
Owners, Operators and Manufacturers as listed below.
has been tested and is used by various air force and military
branches in several countries.
Aero Charter USA
Shoreline Aviation USA
Standard Aviation USA
Cool Air USA
Dumont Aviation USA
Madison Chemical USA
Columbia Collier USA
RMH Aviation USA
Lease Corp Aviation USA
CROWN Australia
Woodside Australia
Maxem Australia
Sky Shop Australia
Global Jet France
Tyrolean Austria
Amira Air Austria
Voestalpine Austria
Hofer Austria
Bejing Capital China
Alba Italy
Stratus Sky Italy
Belgium Airforce Belgium
Cirrus Aircraft France
OK Aviation Czech Republic
Gazprom Russia
Execujet South Africa
Air New Zealand New Zealand
Cessna Service Center Germany
Beechcraft Serv. Ctr. Germany
OFD Airlines Germany
A small Selection of Operators that purchased
TowFLEXX® and / or whose aircraft have been
handled with a TugMAXXE® product:
DLT Airlines Germany
Aero Dienst Germany
BMW Germany
Wuerth Germany
Augsburg Air Germany
Taunus Air Germany
GFE Dental Germany
DRF Luftrettung Germany
Siemens Germany
Bayer Germany
Evonik Germany
Otto Bock Corp. Germany
Atlas Airfield Germany
Volkswagen Germany
Oldenburg Germany
Barmettler Germany
CD Aircraft Germany
Cirrus Aircraft Germany
Air Plus Germany
Siegerland Airport Germany
Lubeck Airport Germany
German Coast Guard Germany
Engadin Airport Switzerland
TAG Aviation Switzerland
Vista Jet Switzerland
Airport-Buochs AG Switzerland
Pilatus Switzerland
RUAG Switzerland
Swiss Airforce Switzerland
Cirrus Aircraft Netherlands
Eclipse Aerospace Netherlands
is available at TNA Aviation Technologies headquartered in St.
Augustine, Florida.
TNA Aviation Technologies is the official TowFLEXX
Factory Outlet, Assembly Facility and exclusive
Distributor. When you deal with us, you are talking directly to the factory.
At TNA, we know that successful outcomes depend on integrated, well-conceived solutions. That's
why our focus is on the distribution, service and support of the best high-tech and high-quality equip-
ment for aircraft moving and re-positioning, for companies and customers that are seeking the
ultimate and most cost-effective solutions. TNA products always offer superior value and are backed
by proven technologies. We are focused on delivering effective, efficient solutions for your tough-
est challenges.
Based in St. Augustine Florida and operated by experienced executives and passionate pilots, the
company is a well established and recognized organization with a strong capital and financial back-
ing. We dont hide behind an LLC in order to protect ourselves.
Our airport home base is the Northeast Florida Regional Airport of St. Augustine where we also
conduct our aircraft tug operator training classes.
TNA - Aviation Technologies
A Division of Turwitt, Nielen & Associates, P.A.
4475 US Hwy 1 South, Suite 202 - Plaza South
St. Augustine, FL 32086 - USA
Tel.: +1-904-217-0496