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huge feelings

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I want

what I want

which is to give you

what you want

but I don't want 

to ask you what you want

because I want for that to be

that you want me 

-- I won't compromise


It seems as though

you've got a man on the inside

and he's really turned this place around.


under new management

my parts are committed to this new obsession

my heart works day and night

on a proposal for our love

my eyes demand longer watch hours


my brain paces its quarters

strategizing againt my pride

I dream of us together

the longest kiss

I wake up

feeling softer


I dream of playing with your enemies

I wake up 

feeling thrilled


I reach in every direction

trying to find one


I want you to know

I'm not looking for a way 

to pass the time.


I'm looking for 

a second sunrise.