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Susan Neal My Learning Journal C Power and Voice in Adult Education


My Learning Goals Now Some of the goals for this semester together are you will know yourself a little better know your own truth know how to build a relationship know how to listen and be able to think critically Another goal is that you should understand this process well enough that you can build it into whatever you teach after you C leave us We want you to not only strengthen your own voice but also those of all you come in contact with while you are teaching You will also learn about various major learning theorists that have had the most influence on the development of adult education in this country
Module 1 Questions to guide my reflection and writing Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions Questions of context ask us to understand connections between our information and people s lives of purpose ask us to define our task of information ask us to look at our sources as well as the quality of the information of interpretation ask us to examine how we are giving meaning to our information of assumption ask us to examine whatCwe are taking for granted of implication ask us to follow out where our thinking is going of point of view ask us to consider other relevant points of view of relevance ask us to discriminate between what does and does not bear on a question of accuracy ask us to test for truth and correctness of precision ask us to give details and be specific of consistency ask us to examine our thinking for contradictions of logic ask us to how we are putting the whole of our thought together
Module 1 Results of Myers Briggs Inventory My results were ENFP and after reviewing the description that followed I found many things that accurately described me such as the desire to contribute and being an idea and people person There were also not so positives as the tendency for procrastination and distraction and the tediousness I find in the small details I was a little surprised by the high extrovert result at this point in my life as I am in the least extroverted situation opportunistically now in terms of working from home combined with online study and a relatively new move I have taken several of these types of personality inventories in the past but this study really zeroed in on certain aspects of my personality in more detail that I could really identify with For example I found the description that ENFPs are global learners where close enough is satisfactory to the ENFP which Cmay unnerve more precise thinking types to be eerily on target Another description that really stood out to me is that I do have a tendency to have strong viewpoints on making the world a better place that present a challenge for me at times to temper down when discussing with friends and family especially with this current volatile election The implications for my coursework are many from my typology For example in the Adult Education program it explains why I struggle with detail such as documenting references in the many APA papers required Or my enjoyment of working in groups where there is more interaction and opportunities to focus on working with my specific areas of strength in the overall project In my teaching experience I found that although I can be shy in some social situations I can be a total extrovert when my mission was to help someone learn For professional activities my typology also influences why I enjoy designing instruction where a major role for me is putting forth ideas for solutions and developing creative approaches to learning
Module 1 Personal Reflections for further learning on my Myers Briggs Inventory What are the negative implications as well as positive of my recent transition from an extroverted environment to my current situation What is the best way to find a balance for my extroverted tendencies and present environment to ensure it is a positive experience Will my continual efforts at building relationships joining clubs and getting out there be enough Cto offset the changes found in working at home How do I better recognize the need to adjust my close enough attitude as well as applying techniques when dealing with colleagues that require extensive detail Although I have improved my procrastination tendencies by parceling out smaller tasks over a larger period of time what other strategies might be effective to avoid procrastination and the tediousness I find with the small details How can I more effectively communicate when advocating for issues that I deeply care about
Susan Neal My Learning Journal C Power and Voice in Adult Education
Module 1 Notable Classmate Reflections on Myers Briggs Inventory Gino I believe its important for all of us to recognize our bias tendencies preferences myself included because they let us know more likely than not how we will handle a given scenario Learning takeaway Ties back to the importance of recognizing and addressing your biases towards learners that have very different personalities than yours when developing learning opportunities C Darlene Many people in our world often mistake meekness for weakness when in actuality people who are meek and humble are very strong I heard a preacher say that meekness is strength under control Learning takeaway Ties back to the importance of providing learning opportunities that enable the introverted to exercise the strength found within
Module 1 Notable Classmate Reflections on Myers Briggs Inventory Alesia I think it s very easy to assume someone doesn t care or isn t engaged when they are not constantly speaking up or are reserved it s very important for us to recognize they may just process information differently Learning takeaway Ties back to the importance of recognizing and addressing differences between C personality barriers to learning and motivational issues Heather I will likely struggle working with a partner should I really be admitting that here I will have to be cognizant of my partner and make sure that I schedule time to check in Learning takeaway Emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing differences between partners and the importance of communication about these issues to develop a plan in advance
Module 1 Readings Biographical Learning The Biographical Learning reading supports my strong desire to increase my understandings in the powerful areas of informal and situated learning C What can be done to speed up the research as we are still missing a systematically elaborated theory of biographical and situated learning If people construct different forms of learning through biographical and situated learning experiences then how can a facilitator best ascertain the learning that have occurred in those experiences to build further learning
Module 1 Readings Death to the Syllabus Death to the syllabus addresses the importance of the connection between autonomy and the motivation to learn T he Death to the Syllabus reading validates the importance of my assuming a facilitator role in the learning process to promote motivation for the learner C Questions for thought and further exploration If the syllabus represents the didactic style of teaching how should the representation of a syllabus appear for a facilitator role What could be a satisfactory replacement technology inspired for the traditional syllabus It is important that it still have learning goals and some form of structure built in for the learner
Module 1 Readings Power in Practice Power in Practice article presents that adult education is a political endeavor that have previously had three d ifferent conceptions o f p olitics in the field T he p roblem is that they n eed to b e linked together to b etter u nderstand p ractice in adult education In order to realize these possibilities however we need to focus attention at the heart of practice to understand how power relations in the C wider society are being enacted in the specific locations of adult education We know that adult education has a role in the distribution not only of knowledge but also of social cultural and economic power If adult education did not have these material effects no one would care very much about it Questions for thought and further learning I need to gain a clearer understanding on the three different conceptions social cultural and economic power and their role in the field of adult education How do we best unite d need to gain a better understanding these conceptions with the role of practice
Module 1 Video The bell hook s video addresses the power of culture to influence as well as inhibit the important attainment of critical thinking skills in order to transform one s life educationally Bell addresses the necessity of Adult Educators recognition of prioritizing the development of those skills rather than basic survival skills She then outlines the power of utilizing popular culture for inspiring students to develop those complex skills with an added bonus of cautioning that there are repercussions from different messages that effect the student s perception of their C future Questions for thought and further learning What role has the media played in the lack of development of critical thinking skills knowledge for the public What solutions exist How can we recognize and overcome the damage done through messages that negatively influence students perception of their future How do we balance the teaching of necessary basic survival skills with teaching critical thinking skills In the current educational environment
Module 1 Insightful Classmate Reflections on Readings Matt Each one challenges us to find ways to break past limitations that are not always discernable creating agents of change in oppressed populations in the process Andrew I feel the biggest connections between the readings are the impact of the environment on learning as well as how ethics come in to play with political power C Gino The main connections between the readings that i noticed was the relationship that power and learning had between one another Edie Whether they be social political economical institutional or personal structures it seems as if all learning is subject to some sort of structures sometimes multiple simultaneously The important take away from these readings is how to move forward within these structures
Module 1 Final Reflections on Module 1 I focused on the unknowns presented in the readings and I do believe that adult education is in its infantile stages in terms of our understandings of its politics and practice critical thinking situated learning informal learning and motivation However we re in the here and now and as Edie noted the important take away from these readings is how to move forward within these structures I like the way that Peter Alheit 2009 describes our limitations C within the structures He says that none of us have all conceivable possibilities open to us but within the framework or a restricted modification potential we have more opportunities than we will ever put into practice I believe the key is to recognizing those opportunities is to push forward with improving our understandings of what we do know about politics and practice critical thinking situated learning informal learning and motivation despite the limitations that the unknowns present In these areas my learning so far in this class has pointed out the limited understanding I do have about the political nature of adult education and the importance of continued exploration of existing knowledge to improve my practice as well as to give to others
Susan Neal My Learning Journal C Power and Voice in Adult Education
Susan Neal My Learning Journal C Power and Voice in Adult Education