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Thailand is situated just north of the equator in the heart of South-East Asia. The country is the third largest in the region and its shape resembles an axe, the handle being the long peninsula to the south. It is a place that can be visited at any time of the year with a variety of ethnic cultures and traditions and a wealth of natural attractions.


Thailand is divided into four main regions detailed below:
Central Plains: Twenty-four provinces make up central Thailand with Bangkok as its centre. The rain-fed network of rivers and canals makes this the most fertile part of Thailand, supporting vast fields of rice, sugar cane and a variety of fruit. Some of the oldest settlements are found here along with some of the most dazzling temples, day and night markets, and historical ruins.


North: The North’s hilly ranges are home to most of Thailand’s hill tribe population. These mountain ranges have vast rugged vistas, waterfalls, and footpaths where one can discover these remarkable features, wide range of traditional culture and architecture.


Northeast: know as the”I-San” region, traditional Thai customs continue to flourish in this area. The area rests on the Khorat Plateau. The people retain the same friendliness that is found throughout the Kingdom. Both Lao and Khmer influences can be seen and felt within the ancient temple ruins, distinctive food, architecture, and the region’s dialect.


South:  Bound by the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, the south is a beach person’s paradise. Scattered islands off the coast accentuate this tropical haven. Brightly painted fishing boats catch a myriad of seafood, and long stretches of white sandy beaches beckon. The world seems brighter and more serene here, and one’s childhood dream of tropical beauty is within a few hours reach.  


Thai People: Smiling faces, shinning eyes, warm hospitality, and gentle talk – you can find them all as you take your first steps into Thailand. Most people live in the central region containing Bangkok but there are various other groups with their own characteristics, traditions and languages residing in other parts of the country.


Thai Language: Thai is the official national language, a tongue that is rhythmical and pleasant to the ear. Its tonal characteristics – high, middle, low, rising, and falling – make it difficult for Westerners to learn, often causing a smile when using the wring tone. Most Thai phrases and sentences are politely ended by the use of “khrap” by men and “kha” by women.


Eating Customs: The charm of Thai food is the variety of ingredients that combine harmoniously to please not only the palate but also the nose and eyes. Thai food is regionally diverse but rice is the staple food at all meals, it being a food deeply embedded in Thai culture. After the main course, Thai desserts and tropical fruits are served to complement the meal.


Climate and Attire: Thailand is situated in the tropics with a temperature range throughout the year of 18 to 34 degrees Celsius. The monsoonal climate produces 3 distinct seasons – hot and dry, wet, and cool. The most suitable choice of fabrics for clothing are those made from natural fibers such a cotton and silk – cool and lightweight.

Plan Your Trip to Thailand

So numerous and varied are Thailand's attractions that you cannot possibly see them all on one visit. Planning your trip requires careful consideration, and it is best to tailor an itinerary to specific interests such as the beach, in preference to national parks and the countryside.

Bangkok is the usual gateway for most travelers, and you should plan on three to five days in the capital.

This allows sufficient time for seeing the major sights, taking perhaps one out-of-town day excursion (Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi are top choices), and exploring Bangkok's dinning and shopping possibilities.

If a beach vacation is your priority, Bangkok could be followed by a week at Phuket, Krabi or Samui Island, which offer the most exotic settings. Should your time be limited, the resort Pattaya and HuaHin are closer to the capital.

For a different scene, Northern Thailand affords plenty of scope for both cultural sightseeing and refreshing escapes into the countryside. Chiang Mai is the best base for exploring the region, with a stay of three or four days a good introduction. If you have more time, overnight visits to Chiang Rai are well worthwhile.

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