Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

By Ryan

Hiawatha is really really mad. His family has been killed and his village has been burned by the war started by the evil chief Tadodaho. He thinks of revenge on Tadodaho but first, Hiawatha finds a spot in the forest far away from the battlefield to sleep for the night.


In the morning he wakes up to find a misty white shape that is moving towards him. As the shape comes closer, he realizes that it is a man. The man introduces himself as the great peacemaker. He tells Hiawatha that they have to stop the tribes from fighting.

First, they go to the mohawk tribe and they join them. After they go to the Mohawk tribe they go to the Cayuga tribe, the Seneca tribe, and the Oneida tribe and they all agree to join them.

Then they go to the Onondaga tribe where the evil chief Tadodaho lives. When they enter, then see Tadodaho sitting in his chair with his two guards standing by his side.

They go up to Tadodaho and the peacemaker says: “ we are here to declare peace with you. Please do not attack us”. But Tadodaho does not listen and tells his two guards standing nervously beside him to attack them. 

When the chiefs standing beside the great peacemaker heard this, they quickly drew out their spears and fought back. Then the great peacemaker began to feel nervous and walked away into the dark without anybody noticing him...


Suddenly, the sound of a flute starts to play and everybody starts to stop fighting and they all turn to see that the great peacemaker is standing in front of the sun so his shadow casts on everybody including Tadodaho.


Tadodaho then becomes scared and tells his soldiers to keep fighting. “Destroy them!” he says. His soldiers do not respond beacuse they too are really scared of the peacemaker.