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Of teenagers, for teenagers.

Raquel, Erika, Carla and Judith

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What's up?


What might seem content chaos , that really is not it ! Each of us knows how to fill all those spaces left blank with the arrival of the new season , completing your clothes of garments with those we most identify or styles that are always faithful.


The spring clothing:

Become the most advantaged. Take note!

Comfort, functionality , freshness, renewal ... As we watch the winter, we make room in our closet to that moment of transition in which the crudest coats manage to live with dresses and jeans. 

Eat all, very healthy but occasionally fat, not many. Our body needs everything to function, therefore, we have to give everything. Fats, occasionally, they do not hurt anyone. Provided, of course, you take care, you do sport ....


There are lot of diferents types of sports, people today do not sport, it's because they do not want.

The sport is great for many things, can help you let off steam, to get rabies from within, to relax, to be healthier ....


Baroque music, which is gaining strength in recent years, will also have a place in the cycle, hand Les Musiciens du Louvre set. "I have not make this repertoire and that we were among the first to bet on their interpretation with original instruments, something that is so fashionable now," he says. Other highlights are Bcn Clàssics cycle, which begins in October, and will include six concerts at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona and fertilizers of six concerts from 195 euros. In addition, the brushstrokes are already outlined the 2017-1018 season with Simon Rattle leading the Berlin Philharmonic and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra with Daniele Gatti.

Actuality, in Britain, most youths listen are, punk, garage, rock, pop and R&B.



Leisure is what we do for fun , it's what we do in our spare time.

According to the French sociologist Christine Chevalier :         " Leisure is a set of occupations to which the individual can completely surrender voluntarily, to relax, have fun and  to develop their information."



in England the teenagers enjoy chatting to and texting friends on their mobiles, listening music on their MP3 players, shopping for the lastet fashions or watching movies in television or cinema.






This is a happy time arrangements, but also a period that demands of you patience to see solutions that can have some setbacks or difficulties in your love life and your relationship. Have a little calm and not immediately express what you think until you've seen enough. This handle everything will be easier, including reconciliation, if there were problems.



21 of June -

21 of July



20 of April -

20 of May




While it is important that you define what you want to do, and separate yourself from what you can because otherwise you would find in the middle of a somewhat compromising position. You could lose a great opportunity to make money if you put your affairs in order and you just go by false promises of friends or people who are not reliable. You are in a cycle of prosperity and you must use it, but not Flags- in your enthusiasm but today something does not go as you wish. the issue that bothered you a sentimental problem associated with someone who loves you solved, but has not dared to express feelings of guilt.

Situations will occur that will help you better understand what you can expect from that person who is now on your side. It announced a short trip, and everything points to a quick journey. Have ready your papers, passports and luggage because there is a major movement in your astral horizon that is also related to your love life. Solutions that seemed unattainable reach your side unexpectedly. Do not fret, there are times when it is better to remain silent before complicated by something.




    21 of May -

    20 of June





23 of August -

22 of September

Money and fortune do not come easily and you face setbacks are part of the process, and a way to help you learn in it. Leave behind the fears and boldly apply your ideas both in your love life, as social and economic. Remember that nothing can separate you from achieving your goals if you propose to follow up the final.Un friend you trust something that you admire. Perhaps it is a sentimental statement or confide in you you find out someone you are looking for, and whom you have not paid attention.

You are feeling attracted to a person from abroad, or someone older than you. If that happens you take it as highly positive you should explore to its logical conclusion. There may be a serious, very positive and happy for you romance. However, you might be somewhat challenging, perhaps too much. Never try to impose your ideas, but to convince with arguments. If you do not work in team you will not achieve anything.

You'll be facing an unexpected situation in the sentimental and unexpected declaration of love. Despite your initial confusion you may begin to take it seriously. Not a bad idea to explore this possibility. The important this day is the balance and practice empathy, that is, put yourself in the place of others before judging or express opinions.


23 of September -

22 of October


22 of July -

22 of August

Your presence will change factor that will attract you happiness and allow you to solve many problems hitherto thought were insoluble. Your personality is wrapped with a peculiar magnetism that increase your seductive qualities. If you've been wondering whether or not you should declare your love who you are attracted to, do it directly and without hesitation, your way, doubts and enjoy once you see how they end and for all what life you've been deparando since time, and not just see clearly.


22 of December -

20 of January


23 of October -

21 of November


It is very possible that in your work you surprised with an unusual proposition. Do not discard or reject outright though not entirely convince you initially. Often what we do not like at first then it becomes an engine for our growth and welfare. Keep it in mind. The secret of health is stable equilibrium or balance so try to live as harmoniously as possible without exaggeration in what you do not let circumstances stop you see beyond your present.


In your love life is attracting you who once played a significant role in your privacy. However, you tend to be a little restless, or anxious. Impatience can ruin a relationship so work carefully. If you rush to conquer without being previously sure what you want to do possibly fall into a sentimental mistake. Express your opinion because otherwise your silence could become complicit in a good situation and nothing hurt you.


22 of November -

21 of December

If you feel inspired to play a number or enter a contest listen to your inner voice and follow your hunches in which you'll find a number for a casino, now that your intuition is strengthened. very promising business ahead. This is a time of hunches and intuitions and if you still find love in someone you met recently and has stolen sleep.


21 of January -

19 of February


21 of March -

19 of April

The confused situation will be clarified in this period. Though I have not gone well in a relationship that no longer share, leaving aside the lamentations and fresh new show yourself to the present, which is, in the end, what matters. You tend to experience what is called "lightning last," that is, memories that disturb you. Calm, take a deep breath and continues forward with your life.

If you were thinking that that person is no longer going to communicate with you'll notice with joy as everything changes, but this temporary withdrawal should serve to check your way to proceed and seek balance in everything you do.


20 of February -

20 of March