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 Your Health


 By Jessana Akehurst

How I could improve my diet:

-I could start adding more of each food group to my diet and increase each portion. 

-I can add more fuits, veggies and protein to my everyday diet.

-I can also make sure to get enough of each food from the Canada Food Guide and follow the guidelines provided. 

-Also I could add more snacks to my day with good, healthy foods if I want to keep my meals smaller.

-It's difficult to eat healthily on a busy schedule like I have with theatre, but one way to help that is to preplan your meals and prepare them the night before if possible.

My Diet generally consists of three meals and one snack in between. 

Breakfast: usually of a decent size.

Some general breakfasts I eat:

-hot cereal and toast


-blueberry pancakes

Lunch: I usually don't eat very much since I'm at school, but I most likely eat small portions. 

Usual lunches: 

-sandwich and carrots

-crackers and cheese

-an apple and some veggies

Dinner: I usually have a larger dinner with better portions as my family makes it. 

Usual dinners: 

-pasta of some sort

-meat and rice



All my life, media has always been an influence on me. Since I was a little girl, there has always been media around me. In magazines, on the interent, on TV and more. Telling me what to buy, what to like and what I`m supposed to look like. The media tells people, especially girls, that we`re supposed to look a certain way and act a certain way. I`ve always felt a bit self-concious about things like that, but with the media beginning to show a more positive side for women, I`ve learnt to love myself more. 


Dealing with


A lot of the stress that I feel has to do with school work and how to balance it and the rest of my life. I used to do theatre as well, which was a huge part of my stress. Now that it`s over, I should be having less stress in my life, at least compared to what it used to be. Sometimes I procrastinate though, which is a big cause of my schoolwork stresses at times. Without procrastination, I`m sure my life would be a lot less stressful.



Some ways that I can reduce stress in my life is firstly, planning ahead and creating to-do lists for my days and weeks. I feel that it could help create a whole better environment for me because I work a lot better if I have a plan beforehand. Another thing I could do is to start my work as soon as I get home for school or on the friday night. I think that planning ahead will help this. Also, this way I won`t have to worry about not getting my work done. Doing all of these things could defintely help decrease my stress levels.



Physical activity plays a decently big role in my life as a a teenager. I try to work out and exercise as much as I can, and I can be found sometimes exercising and doing something else at the same time. What can I say, I`m a good multitasker! I like to be as healthy as possible and live my life as well as I can, so exercise is a good way to keep that outlook on life. I do admit that I could be working out a little bit more, but now that it`s nice out, I`ll be going for runs and leaving the house more, thus leading to more physical activity. I love to feel good about myself, but who doesn`t! So exercise helps me to achieve this feeling as well. 

IS MY LIfe balanced?

Looking back on the relections I made for this assignment, I would have to say that I think my life is pretty well balanced. I have pretty healthy eating habits, I have a decent amount of physical activity in my life, I have a control over my self and I manage stress decently well. According to these standards, I believe that I have a well balnced life.