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November 2016
Principal’s Den
Dear Lowell Community,
We have officially completed our first quarter for the 2016-2017 school year. I
look forward to seeing you all this week for parent teacher conferences. We
are hoping to achieve 100% attendance. We have appreciated the team
approach in helping us educate your children. I love parent teacher
conferences, because it gives parents/guardians an opportunity to engage
with your child’s teacher and hear about your student’s academic progress
and areas of need. Conferences also, provide ideas on how you can support
your child’s education from home.
In addition, the 11th month brings us the Fall Dinner and Literacy Night, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and every 4 years,
the US Presidential Election. November also brings cooler weather. It’s important to remind your students to dress for
these cooler days. A friendly reminder regarding school policy which states, “Shorts may be worn to school during the
months of August, September, October, April, May and June.” As a result, students should no longer be wearing shorts
to school. Please help your child come to school dressed for the colder weather. Students will be outside for recess and
before school, as long as the temperature is 20 degrees or above with or without a wind chill. Warm coats, hats and
gloves are encouraged.
There are many events taking place this month. Please make sure to check-out Lowell’s main calendar in order to plan
accordingly. Lowell’s main calendar is located on our school webpage along with many other supportive resources, such
as this letter. Lowell’s webpage can be located by typing in the following address: In
closing, thank you for your continued partnership in making our Lowell Community a special place for our students.
Kind Regards,
Adria David
P a g e | 2 November 2016
Parent Survey
Please help us better meet the needs of your student by filling out our yearly
parent survey @ Parent/Guardian Survey.
We appreciate your feedback. Thank you!!
Eight Habits of the Heart Character Trait of the Month: Responsibility
This month we will be focusing on Responsibility.
Responsibility means showing and encouraging a personal commitment to each task.
-Clifton Taulbert
Annual Fall Dinner and Literacy Night
P a g e | 3 November 2016
Recognizing Lowell’s Safety Patrol Members
Lowell’s Safety Patrol students are selected because they have demonstrated to their teachers that they can be
responsible, courteous, dependable, and have shown leadership potential, while also having good attendance.
Being a member of the Lowell Safety Patrol means they have agreed to take on the responsibility of arriving early before
school starts and staying late after school ends. Patrol members constantly demonstrate good citizenship and are
courteous while on duty. Meet our October Safety Patrol members, Maude M. and Aiden I. what they had to say
about serving, as well as comments from Mrs. Merrick.
Maude M. - Maude is a dependable, experienced sixth grade patrol member who takes her job
seriously. She is a great role model for other students and represents our school well while on
Safety Patrol duty. Lowell is fortunate to have this responsible student serving our school as a
crossing guard!
Maude states, “I like being on Safety Patrol because I enjoy helping people across the road since it
can be very dangerous for smaller kids. I think Safety Patrol is very important, and every student
should consider joining.”
Aiden Aiden is a fifth grade patrol member who is responsible and enthusiastic about being on
patrol. I can depend on him to be on time and ready to go! Aiden is polite and respectful to
students and parents, and we appreciate his dedication to Safety Patrol.
Aiden states, “I wanted to be on Safety Patrol to help people get across the road safely. I look
forward to doing it before and after school.
P a g e | 4 November 2016
Wahooz Fit For Fun
Exercise 20 hours and get a FREE Wahooz ticket
Fit for Fun is a fitness incentive program for elementary school students. It rewards kids for
being physically active outside of school. Each student who completes 40 half-hour
exercise sessions during the months of October & November will receive a Wahooz Fit for Fun ticket (Indoor Incredible,
$24.99 value!), including unlimited:
NEW! Laser Maze
NEW! Twister
NEW! Frog Hopper
NEW! Bumper Cars
XD Dark Ride
Laser Tag
Bowling, including shoe rental
Kiddie Cove (max 48" tall)
$5 Game Card
It Is Easy
1. Students return completed Fitness Logs with parent signature to teacher no later than Friday, December 2,
2. The PE teachers will distribute tickets the first week of January.
Veterans Day Music Program
Lowell’s Veterans Day Music Program
Performance By: 4, 5, and 6
When: Friday, November 11th
Time: 10:30AM and 2:30PM
Where: Lowell’s Gym
Lowell Book Fair
Please come and see the new titles this year!!
Tuesday, Nov 1
from 9:00AM - 4:30PM
Wednesday, Nov 2
from 8:30AM 8:00 PM
Thursday, Nov 3
from 8:30AM 8:00PM
Where: Lowell Library
P a g e | 5 November 2016
Lowell Food Drive
Lowell will be participating in The Salvation Army Food Drive
from November 2nd-November 16th.
P a g e | 6 November 2016
Fun Facts about Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
Did you know?
10 cool things to note about the Lowell PTSA
1. The PTSA is a partnership between Parents, Teachers and Students of Lowell
2. The Lowell Music Park was donated in part by the Lowell PTSA, along with a NENA FINE grant
and the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
3. Lowell PTSA supports the Lowell Garden and fun family events such as the Fall
Dinner and the Idaho Steelheads night
4. The SUPER FUN fall carnival is a PTSA event that raises nearly $2000 for Lowell each year
5. PTSA funds go toward classroom supplies and staff appreciation
6. The PTSA is raising money to support technology. The goal is to have a computer for every student
at Lowell!
7. Box Tops for Education are collected and turned into FREE CASH for Lowell because of the
work of PTSA members. This money supports celebrations such as Lowell Pride
8. The cookie sale earns nearly $6000 for Lowell projects like classroom field trips
9. The PTSA volunteers put together the cool YEARBOOKS each year
10. Your PTSA membership helps make Lowell a GREAT PLACE! Join us for meetings
the second Thursday of every month at 4 PM in the Lowell library
Visit our Facebook page: Lowell Elementary PTSA
Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
Please show your Lowell school spirit by joining our PTSA! The Lowell PTSA meets on the 2nd Thursday of
each month at 4:00 pm in the library. You do not have to be a member to come to the meetings. However, if
you would like to become a member it is only $10.00. Forms to become a member are located on Lowell’s website
at, For more
information on Lowell’s PTSA, please contact Amber Bennett, Lowell PTSA President at
P a g e | 7 November 2016
Box Tops
It’s that time again.
Please save Box Tops and donate them to Lowell!
Box Tops come on all sorts of products!
Don’t forget to look for Box Tops on Kleenex tissues and Hefty trash bags!
Downloading the Box Tops App can earn MORE MONEY for Lowell Elementary!
The classroom winner of the Fall Box Top collection will be announced soon.
Save your Box Tops for the next collection in the Spring.
Lowell PTSA thanks you for your support!
P a g e | 8 November 2016
Donate Pop Tops
Pop Tabs!
For Ronald McDonald House
By: Student Council Members
Lowell Student Council organizes pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House!
What’s Ronald McDonald House you say? It is a place you stay if your child is in the hospital
and you want a place to stay for free to help with the high cost and stress of the situation.
Collect now and keep collecting through the summer. Bring pop tabs into your classroom. We
have a goal this year of collecting 10 containers or 10,000 pop tabs. When you collect pop tabs
for the Ronald Mcdonald, you are helping kids and parents
that really need help!!
Thank you for being part of a caring Lowell Community.
Miles Bailey
Finola McLain
Important Dates and Events
Book Fair
ALL Month
Holiday Food Drive
Fall Dinner and Literacy Night
10:30 & 2:30
Veterans Music Program (Grades 4, 5, 6)
Picture Retakes
9:30 & 10:00
Student Digital Citizenship Assembly
Lowell Pride Assembly
Thanksgiving Break
Looking Ahead
10:30 & 2:30
Band, Orchestra, Choir Winter Concert
Lowell Pride Assembly
10:30 & 2:30
Holiday Music Program (K-3)
22- Jan 3rd
Winter Holiday Break
P a g e | 9 November 2016
From the Kitchen Staff
Lowell’s Holiday Meal
What: Families are invited to join their student for lunch to enjoy the Holiday Meal.
Cost: Adults meals are $3.70 and child meals are $2.40.
How to Purchase Tickets: Food and Nutrition Site under Parents Tab on Lowell’s website.
Roasted Turkey w/dinner roll
Country Style Chicken
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
Harvest muffin w/frosting
Salad Bar
District Bus Drivers Needed