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The people have found out that there is 62 different languages in Mexico there is lots of people in Mexico and most of the Mexico move to USA for a better life for them or for their families. Nahuatl has the biggest population of people that speak Spanish. The Second place that has the most population is Maya with about half million people there. When there are lots of different language in one place the world can’t understand them all and help them.(“Barbezat”)


The land in Mexico are mostly covered with crops. Mexico has lots of farmers and the grow plants to sell and make money for their families. The farmers also have Cow, Pigs, Chicken,  etc. the farmers sometime have to kill the animals to get meat so they can sell it. Some animals are good for a long time like the cow because they produce milk for us. Most of the farmers go to the USA for a better life and to make more money for their families and most of the farmers are Mexican.(“mexico “)


This all started when this old guy was walking to his house after going to the town and the Virgin Mary Appearance was in front of him and she told him to go back to the town and tell the people to build a church, so the old guy went back as fast as he could and he told them but they didn't believe him and they told him that he was crazy. They told him to go home so the guy was going home when the Virgin Mary called him again and asked him what had happened and he told her that they called him crazy. Virgin Mary then told him to go to the hilltop and pick flowers but the old guy told her that there would be no flowers at the hilltop but she told him to go so he did. When the old guy finally got the to the hilltop he saw lots of flowers. So the old guy ran to the town and show them the flowers and the Virgin Mary Appearance appeared in the flowers and all the people were speak less so they all stated building the church.  (“OfficeHolidays”)

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